As plants and trees are changing their colours and losing their leaves, it is time for them to silently retreat. And so it is for us! The summer is slowly passing away and fall is coming up.

It slowly will be getting colder and it’s time for us to start cocooning and taking the journey back inside.

And I know, because of some virus, a lot of plans have gone to waste. But don’t let that kill our inner process.

If you didn’t have a summer, let’s have a look at some after summer retreats. And maybe you’ll be lucky for some Indian summer temperatures during your trip.

These will take place in the US of A and therefore easier to reach for people already on the northern American continent.

Let’s have a look at some retreats that are completely to relax and unwind from those summer days (and away from the C-Virus for a second).

#3 Fall Yoga Retreat In New York

Even though New York was the city that got hit the hardest, we will be looking at a retreat in the town of Ellenville. You won’t find Ellen Degeneres there, but you will encounter some great nature.

Earthmind Wellness Center
Prices from US$ 780
Available Sept. – Dec.

This 3-day retreat will be focusing on wellbeing. There will be a little spa for you to use as well, so make sure that you bring your bathing suite!

The itinerary is quite packed in the morning, full of fulfilling activities, while your afternoons will be free.

The activities itself are quite diverse and that’s what I always enjoy a lot about a retreat. You will be getting a little bit of everything and that’s what we are often looking for.

I mean, how awful isn’t it when you go to a retreat and the style of yoga doesn’t really fit you… If it’s only yoga they offer, you are already excluded from 90% of the activities, and only eating activities are left.

Therefore, on this retreat you’ll not just be getting some yoga, you’ll also be getting meditation, and meditative walks.

There are a couple of extras (like a massage) that you can book, just to give yourself that little extra.

The meals will be catered to the extreme detail. There will be a lot of variety, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t like it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the package.

Enjoy this quick getaway and when you come back, don’t forget to leave your experience in the comment section down below!

Fall yoga retreat in New York
Picture by Earthmind Wellness Center on

#2 Vegan Cooking And Yoga Retreat in Michigan

This retreat will be taking place in South Haven. Right near lake Michigan. It’s an ideal location if you are not an ocean type, but you’d like to be near water. Lakes are amazing to contemplate and don’t bring this restlessness when the tides are coming in too heavy.

So this retreat is great for people who are really sensitive to the weather conditions and such.

The Fishbowl
Price: From US$ 859
Available: September and October

This retreat looks so amazing, especially if you are planning to do some vegan cooking.

The retreat itself will last for 5 days, so it gives you plenty of time to learn a new skill. AKA, vegan cooking!

What’s so amazing about this cooking and yoga retreat is that they are banning oil and sugar from the menu. Very often vegan cooking gets dominated with a lot of oil and sugar to make up for the fat in eggs and milk. Which you don’t really need of course.

In this retreat you’ll learn how to cook vegan the proper way, without a lot of fat involved. And yes, even though coconut oil might be lovely to add to your diet, it’s still a fat.

Another great thing to mention for this retreat, they are only open for maximum 8 people. In times like these with COVID, I can imagine that you don’t want to mingle with too many people, so 8 will be do-able!

And on top of that, if you are in a cooking class, it’s also nice to have some more personal guidance.

The accommodation where you’ll be staying is also from waling distance from the lake beach. So make sure that you bring some beach wear to relax at the beach.

And also remember that you’ll be going in the fall, so maybe it might be good to leave your bikini at home if you don’t want to swim in the cold water. If you do, go ahead. The Ice Man, Wim Hof, is doing it as well and it has a lot of benefits!

And if you book now through, you’ll be getting a free night’s accommodation!

vegan cooking and yoga retreat michigan
Picture by The Fishbowl on

#1 Aqua Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

Alright, I do have to say that I’ve been a bit biased while I was making this list. I’m not a big fan of the cold, making that the number one spot goes to the warmest place of course…

Hawaii is quite special temperature-wise. It’s quite constant all-year-round, making it ideal for those who are actually escaping the cold.

Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Center
Prices: from US$ 2,289
Dates: September – December

I know the price of this retreat is quite steep, but this is because it’s a full private yoga retreat.

This means that all of your classes will be tailored to your wishes.

Aqua Yoga Dance, is quite an amazing and new style of yoga. And by doing it privately, you’ll be getting the ins and outs of this style.

By using the water, you won’t only feel physical effects. The water supports your body in many ways and is much softer on the ligaments. Injuries are not so likely to happen and at the same time you’ll be training your muscles.

And on top of that, water is also the element of emotion. And therefore it’s also a great way to use water as a yoga practice!

And you don’t really have to wonder if the water is going to be too cold as Hawaii is quite consistent in temperature all-year-round.

The accommodation itself is in an ecological retreat center. Meaning that you might need to give up on some of your privileges and luxurious amenities. Although, this centre also has a more luxurious accommodation available off-site if you’d like to pay a bit more.

Meals are also tailored to your wishes and their recommendations. You’ll be getting 8 meals during your 8-day stay.

If you book now through, you’ll be getting an extra bodywork session!

Aqua yoga retreat hawaii
picture by Kripal Meditation Center on

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