If you are on the spiritual path, then you might not be aware that North-Carolina has a lot to offer! There are many retreat centers, so it was a bit hard to pick the best.

And even though there were many others that were probably equally as great, I’ve chosen those that are actually good for soul-searchers.

These centers don’t have facilities like hot-tubs or spas, but they offer something that is equally as good: meditation, yoga, tranquility, and more.

They are all located in the middle of the nature. So for those who love to get away from the city, And be surrounded by nothing else than nature. Then this article is the perfect fit for you.

Retreat center north carolina in nature

Indigo Nature Retreat

This center is a bit different than what you would have in mind of a retreat center. They offer retreats themselves, but they also open their space for retreats from other people.

The space itself is really beautiful. When you look at the tiny cabins, main lodge and the entire area are taken care of with love. Everything is finished off into the finest details.

When you are planning to offer a retreat at this space, you just know that you don’t have to worry about the venue at all.

The owner Lisa Garcia really thought about all the little details, sticking to the wood theme, which is almost like walking into a fairy tale.

I just hope the big bad wolf isn’t around to disturb things.

The retreats that they offer aren’t just like any other yoga retreats. They go real deep and they are always differently themed. I would suggest that you go and have a look yourself, but at this moment unlocking my superhuman sounds really great!

And if you are not into a retreat, you can actually rent the cabins privately as well on AirBnB.

These tiny cabins are ideal for people who are looking for some time away from everyone and everything. While you are in the middle of the forest, you’ll be able to go on walks, go for a swim in the river, or just sit outside on your porch doing nothing.

The cabins themselves don’t have any bathroom facilities, but you’ll be granted access to the communal building where they have two bathrooms and a kitchen for you to prepare your meals.

nature retreat center north carolina
Not actual footage of retreat center

OM Sanctuary

OM, the sounds that connects us all. What better name can you give your center than the OM Sanctuary?

This retreat center has a lot to offer. Especially if you are looking for more than just a spa and wellness retreat for yourself.

This center wants to hit your soul and give you some life-changing experience.

Therefore they are organizing activities like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and many more things. There definitely will be something that will completely resonate with you.

And if not, you can still enjoy the wellness part of it.

They have a wide arrangement of different massages that are included in some of their programs.

And if you are more for a hike in nature, that can also be arranged. They offer guided hikes and they also open their gardens for you to enjoy what nature has to offer.

If you are looking for the life-changing experience and you need some help, they also have some great coaches in their facility. You can go for grief and trauma release, or for something lighter as spiritual counseling.

Take the inner journey and besides the hard work you’ll be doing on yourself, you’ll also be able to enjoy and rest.

Let it all sink in and connect deeper to your soul.

Not actual footage of retreat center

Southern Dharma Retreat Center

This is not your everyday retreat center. Well, in a way it is as they honour a philosophy that’s over 2000 years old already.

In this center you won’t get pampered with massages or spas, this center is all about going into silence.

The moment you walk into the door you’ll be handing in your electronics to make sure you won’t be getting distracting during your stay here.

There’s not a lot to say about this center as it’s quite hard to talk about silence, am I right?

Then again, in the area that you’ll be staying, silence will probably come all naturally. This center is located in the middle of the forest where there’s absolutely nothing around you.

And even though Dharma is focused on going into silence, you’ll notice on the schedule that there’s also some bodywork. And no, I wasn’t lying before, there are no massages.

Every day you’ll be incorporating yoga or tai chi into your dharma practice. This will be accompanied by some silent walking meditation as well.

And even though Dharma is often associated with Buddhism, they are welcoming all types of religion. They don’t really say that they are part of Buddhism and they are looking at themselves as a philosophy or lifestyle, rather than a religion.

I’ve you always wanted to go in silence, then this might be your opportunity. They have many retreats to offer that might give you a lot of insight into yourself and how to deal with others from a loving and quiet space.

During this retreat you might not make a lot of friends, but you’ll be connecting to your soul, which is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Not actual footage of retreat center


That’s it again about some three amazing retreat centers in North-Carolina. They are great for a quick getaway from the city, or even for a longer period of time.

What I didn’t mention is that the last two retreats also offer a volunteer program. Which is great for people who are planning to stay a longer time and don’t have the funding to support a longer retreat.

You’ll have to do a couple of things in return, but what you’ll be getting from it is worth more than gold.

If you are looking for more luxury and a great spa, I wrote an article about retreat centers in Costa Rica that might pique your interest.

All that rests for me to say is:

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Lucas Moore

    You have saved me a lot of stress.
    Retreats have been events that has led to several breakthrough idea formation and also helped relax nervous tempers and off load on certain burden. Reviewing good places for retreat is an awesome idea and i can’t wait to visit the locations you have hinted us on. I would love to be a part of the volunteer program you made mention of

    1. Virendra

      Hi Lucas,

      Volunteering does give you the opportunity to be part of something great for a certain amount of time. With this retreat center it does give you the opportunity to go for an extended period of time in silence and at the same time facilitate this silence for others! Enjoy 🙂

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