It looks like a tiny, minuscule little virus is terrorizing the world as we know it, and we aren’t really aware how it’s going to affect our future. Luckily, there are already many yoga teachers changing their way of doing business and we are going to have a look at them right here!

The retreats that I’m going to review right here are focused on online and/or private yoga retreats. This because I believe that this year we will have to stay more at home or at least make sure that we don’t mix with too many people. Social distancing is going to be the norm for 2020, and these retreats will make sure that you won’t catch any nasty bug.

And of course, it’s also a great way to make sure that you can go deeper into your personal yoga practice. 

#1 Private Yoga Therapy and Wellness Retreat (Online)

online yoga retreat
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Let’s start off with an Online Yoga retreat, just for fun. Alright, it’s a bit more than just a little bit of fun. This Yoga retreat is focused on Yoga Therapy, so if you’re going through a bit of a rough patch this retreat is ideal for you.

What will you be getting from this retreat? Well, a lot of relaxation of course. The retreat itself will be entirely online, so you have a lot of freedom when you are taking the classes and discourses. In total you’ll be getting 3 hours of food soulfood, and this for three days long.

The instructor for this retreat will be Dijan, who is an experienced and internationally licensed Yoga Therapist. She has taken many courses in her life and she has been certified by YA as a EYRT-500. This means that she did over a 500 hours of training and triple the amount of teaching. So, I’m really sure you’ll be in good hands with her!

Click here when you are ready to dive into the world of Online Yoga!

Online Yoga Retreats
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#2 Life Transforming Yoga Sessions (Online)

With this retreat you’ll be able to design pretty much your own yoga retreat. During a month you’ll be getting 8 sessions of about an hour long. Calculated this means that you’ll be doing an average of two sessions a week. But luckily this isn’t all that you’ll be getting, as in between every session you’ll be getting some homework and some guidance as well when necessary.

During this month your instructor will be Mukta, born and raised in India. His father passed along his wisdom of Tantra Yoga and Indian Mysticism. So he’s practically been raised with all the knowledge one would need. Because of this, he already has over a 30 year of experience. What more would you long for in a great teacher?

Online yoga retreat with mukta
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And as an extra bonus, of you book through this link right now, you’ll be getting some food advice as well regarding to the Ayurvedic types. This is a great extra and it will sure be a great aid in your private online yoga retreat!

#3 Healing retreat Ireland

Are you ready for a weekend of private sessions to unravel the depths of your soul? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing during this retreat. During two days you’ll be away from everything and getting a lot of private attention from your host Teresa.

This retreat will be fully catered for the time that you are there and there is even an excursion included as well. I’m not sure where Teresa finds the time to include everything that she offers, but she seems to manage just fine :).

If you are looking for a place to fully retreat yourself from the outside world, this is the place to be. You’ll be getting your own cabin for one night and is therefore a great getaway for people living in the big city. Being surrounded by nature already is a great gift on its own.

Private yoga retreat in Ireland
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#4 Freedom From depression private retreat canada

In the beautiful nature of Albarta, Canada you’ll find this retreat center. They are focused on taking care of people who are suffering from a depression. And as this is a one-on-one Yoga Retreat, you’ll be getting all the attention that you deserve. 

For seven days long you’ll be guided by Paulinen, who is besides a yoga teacher also a personal coach. Those two will be going perfectly together and they will for sure guide you in the process of your depression. 

Privat yoga retreat for depression
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The retreat center itself is absolutely stunning and for 7 days you won’t only be enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer, you’ll also be bathing in luxury. The retreat center has the option between Loft Suite and an Oak Suite with river view. Both have private bathrooms so you won’t be sharing your toilettery with the host! 

#5 Individual Yoga retreat tenerife

To finish off, this retreat is a bit more affordable for a private yoga retreat. But that said, it also means that you’ll be getting a little bit less than the retreats I’ve mentioned above. But don’t be worried, I still feel it’s quite a lot for a 7 day retreat.

Every morning you’ll be gettinga 1,5 hours of meditation and yoga. And there is no greater way than to start your day! The rhyme was completely unintentional. But talking about rhymes. During your stay here you’ll also be getting a Mantra singing session! If you’d like to know more about mantra’s you can click right here. If you already know more about it, enjoy this session ;).

And on top of this, the retreat host Barbara also offers you Two Healing sessions during your stay at La Tranquilla. If that won’t make you completely relaxed, I’m not sure what will. 

This retreat is also an Eco Farm, so make sure that you read the guide here to ensure that you won’t be taking any products that aren’t allowed. Enjoy your adventure and be sure to check out their page to see on what I’ve left out in this article as a surprise for you ;).

personal yoga retreat tenerife spain
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That’s about it again for now, I hope I’ve mentioned at least one retreat that you might enjoy. and if not, you can always check out this website to see if there is something there for you! 

And for now,

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Henderson

    Well I guess when life gives us lemon, we try to make lemonade out of it. I have always been thinking that at the end of the day I would have to give the yoga retreat a try this year but it seems now that it won’t be possible because of the global pandemic but this is a great opportunity to ha e the retreat from my home. I don’t know why they seem to be a bit expensive still though. I’ll try it out. Thanks!

    1. Virendra

      Hi Henderson, thank you for your comment, unfortunately I assume that traveling won’t be a great option this year… So, there are some online retreats available online now, and they are going for this price as you have to take in account that you’ll be getting daily guidance and they are completely tailored to your wishes. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to spend this money of course, I can understand that not everyone is jumping to make some expensive costs at the moment.

  2. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. Creating something meaningful for people to maximize this lockdown and overcome boredom is indeed innovative. The yoga retreat is quite cool. Question I want to ask is that the fee for individual yoga retreat can it be pay twice, probably to balanced up before the end of the retreat ?.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Edah, thank you for this question. Unfortunately, this payment has to be fulfilled completely before the start of your yoga retreat. You can decide to pay by credit card though and then you can pay that off in installments, you just need to have a look at the interest rate with your credit company to see if it’s worth it.

  3. evans

    Marvelous article you did on putting up this article, its a fact that considering the ravaging pandemic that has kept everyone inside, many people has lost contact to various activities they have been used to such as yoga classes… But broughtbefore you are the various yoga retreats to suite your comfort.,, Just make your decision and get the best…
    Thanks for the review

    1. Virendra

      You’re very welcome Evans and thank you for your feedback!

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