I always feel that fall is an amazing time in Europe. The North of Europe is getting ready for winter and is slowing down. While the South still has quite some warm temperatures.

Europe during autumn is really amazing for a retreat. The big heat is gone, but in a lot of countries, you can still enjoy the beaches. And on top of that, the big masses are generally gone. So if nothing is keeping you from going on a retreat during September, October or November, these retreats down below might be something for you.

The best autumn retreats in europe

5 day Fall retreat greece

Corfu Yoga, Walking, Exploring, Swimming Holidays
Prices start at US$ 500
Prices available all-year-round

Corfu is a bit of a Valhalla for spiritual awareness. The past decades it’s been growing for spiritual tourism. In the summer you’ll be finding a lot of festivals here that are conscious driven like the Gayatri festival.

Take a lot of tourist on top of that and you’ll get a very crowded place. Therefore, if you aren’t that interested in mingling with the big masses, you can easily go during the fall season.

This retreat last for just three days, so make sure that you book some extra days in if you’d like!

3 day eco yoga and surf retreat in portugal

Golden Waves Surf and Yoga Lodge
Prices start at US$ 182
Available all-year-round

Just like Greece, Portugal is a bit similar. The weather in summer is amazing, maybe even too warm if you aren’t in a coastal city (as I’m experienced in the country site at the moment). However, Portugal has been a tourist magnet for years now and it looks like that’s not going to change soon.

Therefore, be sure that you arrive in the low season, prices are cheaper (a lot cheaper) and temperatures are actually better than in the summer!

This retreat focuses not merely on yoga but you’ll also be surfing. And actually, fall and spring are the better seasons for surfing.

Surfing and yoga in north spain

San Sebastian Surf Camp
Prices start from US$ 226
Available all-year-round

The Basque country didn’t always have a great and positive spot in the media. But luckily that has changed in the past decade. It’s been quite calm and it’s growing quite fast in regards to tourism.

It’s also been known as a bit of a surfer’s paradise. And the great thing is, that it isn’t that known for his beach tourists, so especially in the autumn you’ll be able to chill and surf here near and on the ocean.

Surf and yoga are an ideal combination, so get yourself warmed up with some yoga before you head towards the beach.

Tibetan Yoga Escape Ireland

Creacon Wellness Retreat
Prices start at US$ 460
Available all-year-round

This one is a bit of a quicky. You’ll only be here for three days, and those are more like half days. Although, you’ll be getting a full schedule.

You’ll be making yourself a mala, which is included in the price!

7 day yin and yang retreat in bulgaria

RisingSoul Retreat
Prices start at US$ 286
Several dates available

For this retreat, we’re going more to the East of Europe! The Balkan countries are getting more and more spiritual tourism. This is great as there is so much beautiful nature out there.

Classes here won’t be just focused on yoga. There are many other workshops and treatments available at this retreat centre.

There actually will be a bit of everything. You’ll be able to meet the community there, but you’ll also be able to retreat and silence. It has a little bit of everything!

4 Days yoga and meditation in Belgium

Asharum Amonines
Prices start at US$ 307
Multiple dates available

Belgium isn’t widely known for his yoga retreats. But the south of Belgium is really amazing to be. While the North is heavily populated, the south is less and this is why you get a more lush environment.

This retreat centre’s location is really stunning. Especially if you don’t mind hiking. In between a couple of yoga sessions you might find it nice to go on a little stroll.

There aren’t many dates available. But it would be great to have a look if something fits you. These retreats are highly personalized, so whatever you’d like to work on you can take it into your practice here!

Pre Online Retreat

A retreat doesn’t always have to start at your holiday destination! Remember that mYogilife also offers online classes. This way you can join and already en-joy a pre-retreat course tailored for your needs!

This doesn’t only count for a pre retreat, but also a post retreat. Check out the data down below:

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  1. Julia

    I love the look of the 7-day Yin and Yang retreat in Bulgaria.

    Here’s a poem it inspired!

    Take a break from the grind,
    the demands of work and life.
    Come on a journey to find yourself,
    to find peace and serenity.
    This is a chance to recharge,
    to learn about meditation and yoga.
    The Balkan Nomads will guide you,
    show you how to find your centre.
    This is a chance to reset,
    to find the peace that you’ve been seeking.

    1. Virendra

      Thank you for this wonderful poem about this retreat Julia! Hope you’ll find more inspiration at the retreat itself for these lovely poems you write!

  2. Christine

    I didn’t expect to find Belgium on this list šŸ˜‰ but the south of Belgium is beautiful, I’ve been there a few times. I wish I had known about that retreat when I still lived in Belgium.
    It’s amazing how spiritual retreats are rising up nowadays, perhaps because of the fast-paced life most of us are living? The one in Ireland looks really great, even if it’s a super short trip, but Portugal is a country I’ve always wanted to visit, and I would combine the retreat with a longer vacation to also explore the countryside and tourist attractions.
    How does it work with the online yoga classes that you mention? Is it done via Google Meet or so?

    1. Virendra

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you very much for your comment! All of these locations are absolutely amazing, so I can understand that there’s a bit of doubt ;).
      The pre-retreat goes through vStudio, which is an online platform, so no need to install anything! Just enroll in one of the classes and you’ll be sent a link to participate!
      For more information, have a look at this post with more information!

  3. Femi

    Thanks for sharing the best autumn retreats in Europe, destination packages and the fun activities involved. I like how you included a variety of different types of retreats- from wellness to surfing and yoga. I also like that there are options for different budgets and interests. It’s great that there is something for everyone!

    Autumn is a beautiful time of year to explore new places and enjoy the fresh air! It can be tough deciding on where to go and what to do, so it’s helpful to have all that information in one place.


    1. Virendra

      Thank you for your reply Femi! It is a bit hard to choose between these amazing retreats. There are many more, but this is the author’s pick. So these are in my opinion the better options for smaller budgets šŸ™‚

  4. thabo


    Thank you very much for this article. It was very beneficial to me since I am a fulltime traveler and like exploring new things.
    I actually like the 3 DAY ECO YOGA AND SURF RETREAT IN PORTUGAL because I have always wanted to go to Portugal and I am planning to visit there.
    Thank you for the tips where you tell us when it is bets to go for cheap prices. Thank you

    1. Virendra

      Hi Thabo,

      The Portugal retreat is an amazing option! I truly hope you like it! And when you come back, make sure that you let us know how it was.

      Enjoy your trip!

  5. Angee

    If I was closer to Europe I would be going to Rising Soul Retreat. They all look great and are affordable I love being in nature not so much of a yoga person. Thank you for taking the time to find these amazing retreats.


    1. Virendra

      If you ever are Angee, feel free to check out my website again. And don’t forget that I also have other destinations available!

  6. John

    Thanks for sharing this information… Europe is lovely all year around, and you’ve highlighted some great getaways for people to consider to explore it some more…

    With the stresses of daily life at the moment, it’s great to know there are some places like these to get away from it all…

    1. Virendra

      Thank you John! And you are truly right, there is a lot of stress in the world at the moment, so it’s always good to have a little escape just from your daily rut.

  7. Lemuel Sacop

    Hello Virendra,

    Thank you for sharing this blog post. While I am really not a very outgoing person (not even out of my country yet ever, Philippines), looks like I would go to Belgium. I love all about Nature, and it is yoga and retreat in itself when you are in one of her creations.

    1. Virendra

      Thank you Lemuel! Belgium is a nice and small country to start, so it might do you good if you ever decide on leaving the Philippines!

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