When I was putting together my article about the yoga props, I felt like I kept forgetting something. My last article was about yin yoga and then it came to me: BOLSTERS. It’s quite weird that I didn’t think of it before as it is my all-time favorite yoga prop to work with! But what can you do with it? Well, that’s very simple, you can use it in your practice to be more comfortable in your poses. I’m now talking more about yin yoga and restorative yoga. To me, restorative yoga is a really good way to completely let go. This is because when you are with a good teacher, the props are used in such a way that your body should be carried by the props.

Restorative yoga

First a bit more about restorative yoga. Of course, the bolster isn’t only used when doing restorative yoga, but also when in yin yoga. You could even try using it as a way to relax while you’re on your own mat at home. Restorative yoga is one of the ways to go into deep relaxation and to completely let the muscles relax. Normally there are always a lot of muscles working, even when you’re doing yoga. This form of yoga is focused on letting the mind and the body go into a deep state of serenity. In its name, it says as well that it’s about restoring. So this form is also most practiced by people going trough some sincere body issues like severe back issues or after surgery to aid with the healing process.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube to give you an idea of what restorative yoga actually is.


And now back to the bolsters. There are a few things to look out for when you are buying a bolster. And mostly it’s about your own preference. I, for example, like a rounded bolster as it takes the shape of your body while lying onto it. Besides that, you have a flat one which is nice to have a flat surface to lie on, which gives a more natural feeling of support. Here’s a list of three types of bolsters.

Round bolster

So the first one is a round one, the shape I like the most as this one adjusts to your body and it’s nice to feel like your floating. I know this might not be the best fit for everyone as some people might find it scary to have the feeling of hanging somewhere out there. It sounds weird to say, but trust me, it feels a bit like that :).

Flat bolster

The second one is a flat bolster. When you use this one it’s nice to lie flat on it, belly or back, as this gives that nicest support to those areas. It’s less useful when you but your upper back on it though as it doesn’t support the curves of the back. But still, a very good way to just relax into savasana for example. You can also but two blocks underneath it to make sure you go into an uplifted position.


If you’re already a yogi or you are doing yoga because you’d really like to fully relax, or because you’d like to treat some aches in your body, a bolster can’t be missed. This is for sure. If you have any more comments or if you have any questions, please let me know down below!

Nama-stay wonderful everyone!

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  1. alexandra

    I do yoga almost every week and I love it, especially yin yoga as I can really feel how it gets deep enough to release the stress I am carrying. I have never seen this kind of prop before, the bolsters, they do look very interesting. What would they add to my yoga practice? Deeper stretches? I have never heard of restorative yoga either but I will definitely try it after reading about it in your article. 

    1. Virendra

      Hi Alexandra, I have to say that you’ll not be going deeper into the poses when using a bolster, however, you’ll get deeper into the relaxation part of yoga! The bolster just carries you which makes it easier to let go of all your worries! I would for sure try to go into child pose when using a bolster. That for me was the most amazing feeling!

  2. Chasnea

    I have taken several yoga classes and definitely enjoy hot yoga the most. I have never used a bolster but after reading your article, I am thinking I may need to get one for my next yoga experience. I am a newbie for sure so any information is welcome. My family just moved to the Austin area in Texas and I am looking for a good yoga place to start classes. Excellent article and great videos!

    1. Virendra

      Thanks Chasnea for your comment :)! A bolster is for sure a great addition to have. They used to be very expensive, but lately the market has become so competitive that they are getting lowered in price. Hope you’ll enjoy it and if you have time and opportunity to go to a restorative class, be sure to do so!

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