Are you getting sick of the winter months already? Well, then I’ve got good news for you! You can escape the cold and go to Costa Rica, where the temperature doesn’t change all year long. Why is that? Well, the equator of course. And another great thing is, because of the winter months, a lot of yoga retreats are now rating for low-season. So if nothing stands in your way, then say goodbye to the cold and hello to the sun! Here we go!

Affordable Yoga Retreats Costa Rica

affordable yoga retreats Costa RicaTraveling during the winter is amazing, not just because the prices are so low, but there are a lot of destinations where you can go, for a lot cheaper than they normally are. In this first part of the article, we’ll talk about quite some budget yoga retreats in Costa Rica, just for you. There are only a couple of things you need to be aware of:

First of all, if you are traveling on a budget, often means that you have to sacrifice on a thing or two. At most retreats, this will mean that you’ll have to share accommodation. I’ve seen it quite often already that you’ll be sleeping in dorms up to 6 people. But hey, you do save a couple of 100 dollars on your trip. Which is worth it.

Of course, that’s the thing about traveling on a budget, you can’t expect the best of the best to save some money. Luckily the next retreats have a great program and some great guidance as well, for a very good price. If you are more into some luxury, you can scroll down and head to the section of Luxury Yoga Retreats In Costa Rica.

Let’s begin with the first Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica on a budget.

#1 Budget Eco Yoga Retreat, Paraíso


Eco Retreat Costa Rica

This first one is amazing. It’s taking place in an Eco-Village. So if you are all about sustainability, this is the place to be. During a five day stay, you won’t only be doing yoga twice a day, you’ll also be enjoying some great vegetarian meals. They try to be as self-sustainable as possible, which means that they try to cultivate as many veggies out of their garden.

Another great thing about this retreat is that everyone will have private accommodation. Of course, you can’t expect the greatest luxury of it. But even within their basic package, it’s going to be a great experience. You won’t be able to browse the internet during the nights as internet won’t be available in your cabin. Which is a great way to get a little Tech-Detox.

This retreat is available all year round, so if you can’t make it this winter, you can also go in the summer at the same price! For more information about this retreat, click here.

#2 Yoga And Surf Retreat, Santa Teresa

 Funky Monkey Lodge (Prices start at US$ 670)

With this one, you’ve got to be a bit careful. During winter they are actually in High Season, which means that up until April they are not considered a budget retreat. May and June though, they are having this amazing price for a shared accommodation with four people. Which is quite alright if you see what you are getting in return.

For 8 days long you’ll be immersed in the world of yoga and surf. You’ll be getting 4 surf classes and two daily yoga classes. And one of the yoga styles they offer is Aerial yoga! And that’s all included in the price of US$ 670! There aren’t even any hidden costs as for the surf classes you’ll also be able to rent a surfboard, free of charge.

So, if you are into surf, yoga and some deep relaxation at the beach, this is a place that you have to keep in your mind. Just make sure that you book from May to June as then the prices are at its cheapest. That is if you are looking for a budget retreat of course.

Otherwise, just have a look here to see what the difference is between the three seasons they have to offer.

#3 Yoga and Permaculture Retreat, Cobano

Rancho Delicioso (Prices Start from US$ 581)

If you are into permaculture and you’d like to know a bit more about it, then this retreat is something for you. For 7 days long you’ll be getting a daily workshop into the art of shaping the land sustainably. So, yeah, it’s not just a relaxing holiday, but also a very informative one. And if you are into a work vacation, you can always help them out a bit while you are learning a lot about permaculture!

Not only that, but there’s also a workshop on making your raw chocolate! So if you are a big fan of this amazing delight, this might be a good opportunity to learn how to make a healthy alternative for regular store-bought chocolate.

The yoga itself is also present of course, and they also offer some aerial classes into their package! There is only one yoga class scheduled a day, but that also leaves some space to do some other activities which are included within the package. The extra trips are included, except for the extra things like souvenirs and drinks you’ll be buying during those excursions of course.

For more information about permaculture and this retreat, click here.

Luxury Yoga Retreats Costa Rica

Of course, if you are just looking forward to relaxing and do a bit of yoga while you are at a stunning location, there are also some more luxurious retreats available for you. These retreats offer great private accommodation and a very amazing program as well. You’ll pay the price for that, but then again, you’ll get a lot more in return. So, let’s have a look at a couple of amazing luxury yoga retreats in Costa Rica.

#1 Luxurious Couple Retreat, Malpais

Rima the Jungle Girl (Prices start from US$ 2.640)

Alright, you might say that this retreat might be a bit pricy, but you have to remember that it’s a couples retreat. This means that the retreat itself is just US$ 1.320 per person. Which makes it worth it.

If you and your partner are a bit in a draft and are looking for something different, then this is the place to be. Under the guidance of Rima, you’ll re-ignite your fire for your partner. She’ll be giving a workshop about marriage, yoga classes and she’ll take you on a couple of trips to rediscover your spouse again.

Not just that but there is also one 3-course meal included with a private chef. This way you’ll also have a date-night within your stay!

If this is something for you, click here to find out more about this retreat.

#2 Yoga and Wellness Retreat, Malpais

Sunflower Retreats (Prices start from US$ 1.250)

After the holidays you do deserve a bit of luxury and pampering. For seven days long you’ll be in good hands with the team of Sunflower Retreats. They will offer you one or two daily yoga classes, amazing food that is mostly organical (not everything is though) and if you book through this link, you’ll even get a free head massage worth US$ 50.

Wellness Retreat Costa Rica
Picture by Sunflower Retreat on

The location itself is stunning as well. When you aren’t doing yoga, you can enjoy the jacuzzi, the pool or just hang around in one of the hammocks. The suites itself are provided with mini-fridges and private bathrooms. And if you don’t like to go by yourself, you can take your partner as well and book their double bedroom for only US$ 1.900.

For more information about the retreat (and more pictures :)), click here.

#3 Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat, Tamarindo

Hari Om Yoga & Wellness (Prices start from US$ 2.299)

If you are into Ayurveda or you’d like to learn more about it, then this retreat is for sure one for you. At the start, you’ll be getting an ayurvedic consultation, which is included in the price. There they’ll tell you what dosha you are and they will help you figure out a dietary plan.

During the rest of the retreat, you can eat all the things that are prescribed for you and they are delicious as well. These dishes you have to pay for, as they are offering many more things, and they have to make a little profit after all of course.

Some extra things that they offer to you, which are included in the price are 7 ayurvedic treatments, 4 private yoga sessions, 1 guided meditation or singing bowl meditation, and daily breakfast.

If you’d like to read more about it, just click here for some more information about this amazing retreat.

Wellness Retreat costa Rica
Picture by Hari Om Yoga & Wellness on


That’s about it for this article about some amazing retreats in Costa Rica. The temperatures in Costa Rica are quite the same throughout the year, so even if you are not looking into a winter retreat, you can also book a spring or fall retreat, for example.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. If you’d like to reach out to us please do in the comment section below. We are always glad to hear about your experience with one of the retreats we are promoting. Or if you’ve got a retreat of your own that I forgot to mention here, please reach out to us at

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Rodarrick

    Wow! What a great way to counter the cold than to be in the perfect place and creating the connection to balance both the mind, body and soul with yoga. As beginners, exposure is also needed in line with the other things for success and I am very delighted that I came across this. Seeing all these offers here in Costa Rica really interests me and if I can, I’d try to visit anyone anytime soon

  2. Jake

    This seems like a great way to kick off the new year.  I would like to learn about yoga and implement it into my life.  I think something like this is a good way to do it.  At the same time you get to travel and meet  great people ( yoga types are cool  people) 

    1. Virendra

      We sure are very cool Jake ;), after your trip you’ll be one of us too :D! Enjoy!

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    Oh wow, there are some really nice yoga retreats that one can go and enjoy outs there in Costa Rica. I have never been there hey but u feel like it will be really good to be at the country sometime. Actually, I love the way it works out and how ther are different things to do. I will share this definitely.

    1. Virendra

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    Yes, I am sick of winter already! I’m not a fan to start with… 😊 I would love to go on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. I had no idea you can do it on a budget too! So thank you for sharing this information, you got me excited to start planning – now I will go and show the Eco-Village to my partner. Fingers crossed he’ll love the idea as much as I do. Well, otherwise some solo trip will do great for my soul! 😉

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      Enjoy it Katja, with or without your partner ;).

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    I didn’t know that Costa Rica is such a beautiful place with rich amenities and offers for tourism. We still have the chance to do yoga and surfing. The whole day is full of activities. How nice it would be to go to a warm Costa Rica for seven days. Swim and sunbathe on their beautiful beaches.

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      Enjoy the beauty there Kozakiv 🙂

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    This is really a great yoga retreats article in Costa Rica. It’s just amazing that the temperature doesn’t change all year long in Costa Rica. This will be fun.

    The list you gave on yoga retreats in Costa Rica is quite affordable. If I were to go, I would opt in for Luxurious Couple Retreat, Malpais for me and my girlfriend. It’s quite pricy though, but affordable.

    This is an awesome post.

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