Previously I’ve written something about people who don’t like or who don’t have the time to go to a yoga studio. In my case, there aren’t any yoga studios nearby. I’ve moved to Portugal to a very remote area and there are hardly any studios in the area, or at least not a studio that I would like to go to. That’s why I love to use the platform.

It takes effort

I do have to say that in order to start doing yoga at home, it does take some effort. At least for me, it does. There is no one there to say what to do in person, if you’re not so disciplined there is always something else that’s better to do, etc.

So, in the beginning, it might take some time for you to jump on the mat. But the moment you start getting in a routine, that’s when you really start to enjoy watching the videos.

What I did in the beginning when I started using Yoga Download was having a fixed space for my mat, my mat would be there the whole time, staring at me, calling for me. Until there came a point where I was standing on it and starting a video.

It is a bit different though watching a video while you are doing your practice. You do need a good spot to put your computer, tablet or even tv in order to have a proper view on your screen. As no one will be telling you that you are in the wrong position, it’s good to have something visual so you can correct yourself.

Creating a Home Space

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are doing yoga at home. First of all, it’s a must that your space is suitable for yoga. This means: no clutter, no furniture in the way, no unnecessary distractions. If you have a spare room that you can use for your yoga practice, try to convert this one into a private studio.

After that, create your own sacred space. Use some decorations that blend in with the room. Don’t use things that are standing out too much. They will catch your eye and distract you during your routine. Which you don’t want as this practice is for you and you alone. Candles, incense, small figurines or just a plant are all suitable for your room and even contribute to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Temperature is also important. Try to have a room with climate control. During your practice, you won’t be needing it, of course, but when you go into meditation you might cool down quickly. To prevent this, make sure you have some blankets stacked away as well in case you need them.

Yoga Download

As I mentioned, I’m using Yoga Download at the moment. They have much variety of classes and styles. They are there for the advanced yogi, but they’re also there for the beginning yogi. They even offer some fixed packages if you rather don’t commit to the whole monthly deal. But to be really honest, there is a $12 monthly fee, which is not that much.

If you’d only take a yoga class once per month it’s worth checking out Yoga Download. A regular class these days costs about $15. Fair enough, for that $15 you get more support in a yoga studio then you would get from an online platform.

Yoga Trial Offers

For the people who wanna do some yoga on the go and who don’t have an infinite mobile data plan. There is also the option to download two videos per month within the $12 package, and an infinite amount of downloads in the $18 package. So if you often do yoga at the beach or in the forest then it might be nice to check out that package.

One more thing I really like about Yoga Download is that they also offer a wide range of music. As a teacher myself, I often create my own yoga classes and I only watch videos when I’m just feeling uninspired or when I just don’t want to think about what next move I might take. But when I am in a flow it is just great to put on some nice relaxing music that fits with my mood and my yoga practice for that moment.


I’m not the person who is gonna recommend or not recommend someone. I’d just say that Yoga Download does offer some good things for people who are on the move, are very busy, who don’t have time to go to a class, and more. They also offer some nice classes that you’d normally wouldn’t find
anywhere else. They have some post-natal classes and they also offer some children’s yoga. So for the busy parents out there, you can also just do yoga with your baby/kid, no more excuses! 🙂

That’s it for now, if you have any questions or experiences with this topic, please leave a comment below!

And for now…

Nama-stay wonderful everyone!

P.S. Yoga Download offers now a trial period for $1 for 2 weeks!

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  1. Mary

    I know that doing Yoga brings a lot of benefits to our health. I always want to do it, but there are so many online classes that I don’t know which one I should take. I feel happy when I read your article today and you recommend Yoga Download and checked it out and it seems to be worth trying.

    Thank you for sharing a good place so I can buy lessons.

    1. Virendra

      Thanks for your comment Mary! There’s a promo for two weeks now, so you can check out some different styles and see what fits you best! Just follow your own feeling, see which teacher/style looks nice to you and then press play ;)! Enjoy!

  2. Jon

    I really enjoy yoga but I personally feel like I have to go to a class to keep my motivation or otherwise I won’t feel like doing it much like a lot of other things. I will check out this yoga download and see if it is something that can keep me invested in doing yoga myself. Do you think after doing yoga download courses yourself that you can do it on your own?

    1. Virendra

      Hi Jon, thank you for your message! I do feel the website is offering a bunch of good courses, although, if you say yourself that you have to keep your motivation up, then it’s best that you go to a yoga class ;). I had a very busy life, working morning, late and night shifts every now and then, so yoga download for me was a good addition to my lifestyle. And it’s cheaper than actually going to classes… So it’s something that you have to figure out yourself if it’s something for you! But the trial is only a couple of dollars for a few weeks, that will give you the feeling if it’s something for you or not.

  3. RoDarrick

    I’m always amazed at how easy the internet is making life for us. I do practice yoga mostly before until my work became too intense for me to even get involved in anything. This yoga download might be a very good option for me especially due to its mobility. The price too isn’t that bad for such offers. 18$ to get access to as many videos as possible, this seems very cool. I will check it out.

    1. Virendra

      Oh it’s sad to hear that you’re work got so intense that it’s hard for you to get involved in anything! I think Yoga Download for you might be a good solution then! For the 18$ you can download as many videos as you want and do yoga wherever you want! Let me know what you think of it!

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