Headspace App, An Honest Review

I've been quite happy with these review series where I'm testing out a lot of apps for you. I've had some really nice feedback from you, which keeps me going. These "honest review" series are completely unaffiliated, so I'm going completely unbiased in all of these great apps that you can find on the internet. This time I'll be doing…

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I tried Gaia TV, an honest review

I've been reviewing the past couple of months a couple of yoga and meditation subscriptions. I've already had Asana Rebel and Inner Dimension TV.  So now the time has arrived to tell you a bit more about Gaia TV! This one I actually tried this platform half a year ago already, so things might have changed. Although, as far as…

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The Best Yoga Studios of Boston

Boston, the city that has defined a lot of American's history and therefore a great city to visit. However, you haven't come here to talk about the Boston tea party, although there are a couple of monuments that you should see when visiting this city. We will be talking though about the greatest yoga teachers in Boston and therefore also the…

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The Greatest Middle-Eastern Yoga Retreats

You wouldn't associate the Middle-East with yoga very often. However, there are a lot of great yoga activities going on in that area! So come with me on a virtual journey on some of the most beautiful and amazing yoga retreats in the Middle-East! Yoga retreat in lebonan LipHeEl-KouraPrices start from US$ 320Various Dates Available2 Day RetreatThis retreat only last…

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Review Inner Dimension TV Yoga Streaming app

After my last review of Asana Rebel, I felt it was about time to have a look at other yoga apps. After the pandemic, a lot of different platforms were created for people to continue to do yoga. For me, someone who's been living quite remotely, these platforms have been amazing. I don't have to leave the door and drive…

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