After the pandemic started, online yoga classes have been in the lift. Yoga teachers were looking for a way to survive, and thank god for the innovation of the 21th century.

These days most people have (at least) a stable internet connection that is also quite fast enough! However, a lot of yoga teachers don’t put a maximum on their online audience. And not just that, while studios are opening again, they are teaching live and leave their camera on

intimate yoga classes

Well, here at mYogilife, we are here for YOU. My vision about yoga is that it should be to help to yogi first. Which is why I decided it would be best to have a maximum of 8 people while doing online yoga.

It’s important that everyone feels seen, and therefore, it’s great to have a smaller audience. 8 is also the number of infinity and because of that also a lucky number. But that’s just a little bit of superstition.


The classes will take place on the online platform of Vstudio. Other than Zoom or Skype, you don’t have to install anything at all!

You just have to register for the class and make sure you keep the email with the link inside.

Before the class starts, you can click the link and put in your desired name. Yes, you don’t even have to use your birth name. Be creative!

You just have to put on your webcam and your microphone, otherwise I won’t be able to have a little chat with you before or after the class.

During the class you won’t see or hear your fellow students. This means that you don’t have to worry about peer pressure, because there will be no-one to judge you. Just me, but I’m not that judgemental.


Single Class
per class
  • No commitment
5 Class Pack
for 5 classes
  • Only 6,50 EUR per class!
10 Class Pack
  • Only 5 euros per class!


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