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Discover now the wonders of online private yoga classes. During an hour you'll be enjoying your own personally tailored yoga class. Focus on what truly matters to you!

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We had a great online couple lesson. We felt his calmness, even online. It was our first couple lesson and Virendra really adjusted the lesson to that. I would really recommend an online lesson from Virendra..

Daniëlle en Klaas

Yogini and Yogi

A few years ago, Virendra was my yoga instructor in Antwerp.
My professional life is very intensive, that’s why it’s for me very important to keep mind and body in balance.
It always felt very comfortable to have Virendra around me, you easily come to peace with yourself. He is a great motivator and I am very thankful that he once was my instructor.
I hope one day we meet each other again in Belgium
thanks Virendra!



Virendra is for me a great teacher in several facets of life. He is honest, clean and pure. A man you can trust. His explanation is crisp and clear. For me the best teacher there is. He has taught me a lot of wisdom that gave me insights into my life patterns. A man with a warm heart where you feel immediately at ease!



Virendra is a warm hearted, honest, devoted , sensitive, attentive teacher. Someone you can count on!



Virendra is to me, a very dedicated teacher.
He always adapts his lessons to your state of mind, responds to your ‘being’ of that day. Also during the lesson itself, he continuously responds to your state of mind.
He motivates you, stimulates you and gives instructions to carry out the poses. And at the same time, he respects your personal limits.
He knows what he’s doing!

Leen Bellens