Life has been pretty stressful lately. With everyone adapting to changes and dealing with uncertainties, the stress of the pandemic has been downright overwhelming.

So if you are seeking relief from that tension, know that you are not alone in your efforts. 

Also know that there is a single practice that can do wonders for your emotional well-being and overall health as you ride out the rest of the pandemic: meditation.

Nr.1 Yoga + Meditation= More Bliss for Your Soul 

The mind can only handle so much. This is one of the reasons this past year has been so challenging.

In addition to your normal stressors, you’ve also had to deal with some pretty serious chaos in the outside world. If you want to escape from the chaos, you should really think about starting a home yoga and meditation practice. 

To get the most benefits, try practicing first thing in the morning.

This will set a calm and focused pace for the rest of your day. You can use a meditation app to get yourself into the habit.

It’s recommended that you get some movement in before sitting still, so check out The Yogi Life’s virtual offerings to see if a class fits in with your morning schedule. 

If you need some stress relief throughout the day, yin yoga and Yoga Nidra can help. Yin yoga is a fantastic option for refocusing and calming your mind.

With Yoga Nidra, you remain in savasana the entire time, which helps to tap into the parasympathetic response in your body. It’s such a soothing practice that you may even feel like you’ve slept for days afterward! 

Nr.2 A Meditation Room Can Provide Needed Respite 

If you can spare the room, think about setting up a dedicated yoga/meditation area where you can step onto the mat and sit in stillness without interruptions.

This can be a corner or even an entire spare room if you have it. Work with what you have. 

Keeping this space clean and free of clutter will ensure that you are surrounded by more positive energy. To clear out any leftover bad energy, you can also try letting in fresh air from a window or smudging your sacred space with sage and other herbs. 

You may also want some props for each practice. Props aren’t mandatory but they can be useful when practicing both Yoga Nidra and yin yoga.

You can find inexpensive bolsters, straps, and blankets online, or you can also use everyday objects around your home like belts and towels. 

Nr. 3 Mindful Meditation Can Become a Lifelong Habit

Practicing meditation during the pandemic will provide relief from stress and anxiety. No matter your age, gender, or lifestyle, the benefits of being more mindful are undeniable.

Studies show that those who are currently practicing tend to have better mental health and a better outlook. Once you’ve experienced these powerful zen-like effects, you may want to continue your practice after the world is back to “normal”.

You also have good reason to because mindfulness has always been linked to enhanced health and a better overall quality of life. 

If you want to continue to deepen your understanding of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation will also continue to be important.

Focusing on your breath and staying in the moment are critical components of any yoga practice. Meditation helps you fine-tune these efforts. It also encourages you to be more aware and to practice consciously. 

Now that you have the facts about meditation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be practicing every single day, particularly if you have been feeling anxious or stressed about the state of the world.

Meditation will help you escape this extra tension now and will continue to nurture your mind, body, and soul even after the pandemic. Give it a try today to see the benefits for yourself!


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