You’ve probably already had enough about this topic. And yes, I’ve actually had too…

However, I do feel that there is a lot of division in the spiritual world. You’ve got the people that are so-called “awake” telling us that we’ve got to be cautious and that there is more to it than just this “virus”.

And then you’ve got the group that says that this is a great opportunity to be compassionate and go deeper into silence.

I have my opinion, you’ve got yours. Let’s not debate about that, but let’s have a quick look at how our spiritual leaders are dealing with it and what they have to say about the COVID-Crisis.

They might give us different perspectives and they might even give you some comfort and relieve on how to deal with everything going on at the moment.

Especially for people who are highly sensitive, this must be a crazy time. I’ve written an article on how to deal with High Sensitivity, so please read it if you’ve got a hard time processing everything.

Sadhguru About the Coronavirus

He might have a bit of a radical approach, but it’s sure one that will stick with you. As the title itself says, a virus, no matter which one it is, doesn’t WANT to kill you.

And the emphasis here lies on the want.

He explains that we are the only conscious creatures that are actually killing others with awareness. Not because we need food, not because we are in danger, just because we want to. There are not a lot of animals that behave like this.

And so it also goes with the virus. They are looking for a habitat and of course they don’t want to lose this habitat. So, they will make you sick, as your own body sees this virus as your enemy.

He talks about the fact that this happened before with other viruses as well. And that they will grow weaker over time. They don’t want to lose their habitat, so they don’t want to kill you and lose their home.

Of course, this is just a very little resume. Make sure that you watch the video for your own interpretation! Especially in the last minutes of his lecture are amazingly inspiring words!

Ekhart Tolle About Fear During a Pandemic

This lecture is going a bit deeper.

Rather then talking about the virus itself, he’s talking about the repercussions that the virus has on our mind.

Many people have been asking him how to deal with everything closing down, everyone going into a panic, and more.

It’s a great way to look at your thoughts and even how to transcend them maybe!

I can’t even put it down into my own words what he’s saying as mostly the deep conversation go deeper than what the mind thinks about it. You’ve got to feel the content, rather than comprehending it with your mind.

So, once again, just make sure that you watch the video.

Osho About Pandemics

Even though Osho isn’t here anymore to live through this pandemic, he also lived through a pandemic.

His words then, can also be applied now into this situation.

He doesn’t directly say anything on conspiracies or anything, which he also is quite known for, but he approaches the fear-side of the virus as well.

He also mentions that the fear for the virus is worse than the virus itself. Not physically of course, but mentally it can really drain us.

Therefore, he gives a couple of tips for us to deal with things and to avert or fear into a learning opportunity.

I hope you enjoy watching the video.

Deepak Chopra About the Coronavirus

Note that this video was made in February, while the virus itself wasn’t at its peak just yet. Although, Deepak Chopra was already taking it serious.

It’s a bit more about the same you might say. Again, how do we deal with fear and stress while going through these times.

Well, just remember that not all of the gurus will really reach you.

I remember that while I was listening to other gurus throughout my life, not all of them really got through to me. This of course has nothing to do with them, it had to do with me and where I was at in my life.

This is the reason why I’m sharing a lot of videos, to make sure that one of them might get through to you and your mind!

Here’s another video on how to deal with stress, which might be a great practical method for you to use:

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on COVID-19

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar starts off on a positive note. Which is actually quite light to start. And amazing as well. Because other people are saying not to go into the negativity, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is actually just doing it.

He’s kicking it off with a couple of jokes and just to put life into a different perspective. He’s not minimizing the virus, of course, he’s just showing us other ways to look at life.


I know there are many more gurus that I could mention here. This article might grow over time with more gurus adding into it. Although, this is already a good start and it’s also good not to overwhelm you guys with too much information as well.

Of course, if your favourite guru isn’t mentioned here, you can just go to YouTube as well and put in: (name) on COVID. I bet you’ll be finding quite some videos!

And for now,

Nama-stay Wonderful!

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  1. DarmiMaddie

    Wow! These are sage views and though I might disagree with few, I totally agree from thr perspective of others on the topic and how they have approached it. Seriously, the pandemic deals with perception and our reactions towards it and how much we are willing to sacrifice just to stay safe. Surely a good one here

    1. Virendra

      Hi DarmiMaddie,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m also not agreeing with everything they’re saying, but some of them also give some great pointers about how to deal with the stress that the pandemic is causing. And that’s what’s the most important thing for me that I’d like my readers to get from this article.

  2. ReeceMichael

    Hello there, that is for this really wonderful article. There have been so many things happening around the world as that’s as a result of the pandemic. Most people are finding it hard to deal with the life they have found themselves in and it’s not easy. These are very nice videos from all of these gurus and the tips I got from OSHOare very wonderful. 

    1. Virendra

      Hi Reece, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s meant to give us a little bit of relief from all the things we’ve been thinking lately and to give us a little break from all of the chaos in the world at the moment! 

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