Escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and embark on a rejuvenating journey with a Christmas yoga retreat. In a world where December often translates to stress and frantic shopping, a yoga retreat offers a serene alternative to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Picture yourself surrounded by snow-covered landscapes or nestled in a tranquil tropical paradise, where the ambiance resonates with peace and mindfulness.

Swap the chaos of crowded malls for the serenity of a yoga mat, and gift yourself the ultimate present this Christmas – a harmonious blend of relaxation, self-care, and a renewed sense of balance. Embrace the holiday season in a way that truly nourishes your body, mind, and soul with a Christmas yoga retreat.

Sri Lankan Winter Yoga Retreat

Welikande Estate Wellness
Prices start from US$ 850
Multiple Dates Available
8-Day Yoga Retreat

Welcome to Welikande Estate, a haven nestled in the heart of the Knuckles Mountain Range near Kandy, Sri Lanka. Embrace the serenity of nature and embark on a transformative journey at their Wellness Retreat. At Welikande, they curate all-inclusive yoga retreats, meticulously designed for those seeking respite from the chaos of daily life and a chance to reconnect with their inner selves.

As the sun sets over the mountains, join fellow retreat-goers on the main house deck for a refreshing local health drink, Kola Kanda. Relish family-style dinners featuring an abundance of dishes and delightful desserts. The daily schedule blends energizing yoga, delightful meals, and optional activities, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences. 

You can book this winter retreat at Christmas if you want. However, you can also relax before the Holidays or even after. It’s all up to you!

Costa Rican Surf and Yoga Holiday

Del Alma Retreat Costa Rica
Prices start from US$ 2786
Dates available all-year-round
7-Days Retreat

Escape to the pristine shores of Costa Rica with this “Reset, Play, and Nourish Yoga Retreat,” a harmonious fusion of invigorating surf sessions, transformative yoga classes, and wholesome nutrition. Hosted by experienced instructors Catalina and Juan Carlos, this wellness retreat promises a holistic journey that caters to all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner seeking a serene introduction or an advanced practitioner aiming to refine your techniques.

Embark on a transformative journey where the waves meet the yoga mat, and Costa Rica’s natural beauty becomes the canvas for your well-being. Book your retreat now for an unforgettable blend of relaxation, adventure, and nourishment.

This retreat is available during Christmas but they are closed for New Years.

Christmas retreat New Zealand

Anahata Yoga Retreat
Prices start from US$ 366
December 22 – 26

Experience a Christmas like never before at Anahata Yoga Retreat in Takaka, South Island, New Zealand. This Christmas Retreat offers a unique blend of rejuvenating activities set against the backdrop of Anahata’s stunning natural surroundings. Led by instructors Swami Karma Karuna, Specialist Anahata Teachers, and Lakshmi, the program caters to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Indulge in bush hikes, open country walks, and purifying sauna sessions. Enjoy healthy vegetarian meals, fostering well-being. Participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange, adding a festive touch to your retreat. Leave inspired and refreshed, equipped with new ways to bring balance to your daily life.

Festive Yoga holiday Cape Town, South Africa

The Soulwork Yoga
Prices start from US$ 1018
Various dates available
6-Day Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey at the “Heal, Replenish & Open to More Joy” Yoga Retreat in Cape Town, a renowned and popular retreat in South Africa. Hosted by Jessica, a seasoned yoga instructor and licensed hypnotherapist, this retreat incorporates powerful techniques from Eastern and Western psychologies to bring about profound shifts in a short time.

The retreat spans six days, featuring twice-daily sessions encompassing yoga, breathwork, mantra, Conscious Dance, sound healing, and meditation. With a focus on heart-opening workshops, participants engage in morning and evening soulwork sessions, including yoga nidra, conscious dance, and pranayama. The program is designed to release stress, fear, and pain, allowing participants to reconnect with inner joy and peace.

The retreat includes an opening ceremony, closing ceremony with an ocean cleanse, chakra consultations, and optional workshops for Anahata Chakra healing. As a participant, you can indulge in optional activities such as subconscious transformation sessions, embodied healing sessions, private sound healing, and spa treatments.

Spanish Winter retreat in fuerteventura

Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreat
Prices start from US$ 905
Various dates available
8-Day retreat

Indulge in the harmonizing energies of the Yin and Yang Yoga Retreat in Spain, renowned as one of the country’s most popular yoga retreats. Rooted in ancient yoga philosophy, this retreat offers a systematic approach to open the body physically and psychoenergetically, aiming to empower and liberate consciousness. The combination of Yin and Yang yoga styles, each with its unique qualities, works synergistically to purify, balance, and harmonize the body and mind. Participants experience twice-daily sessions, two excursions, auriculotherapy, acupuncture treatments, and deliciously curated brunches and dinners across seven nights.

Accommodations at Villa Azul provide a homely atmosphere, with themed rooms inspired by global destinations. From the Santa Fe Room to the Bali Room and Little India Apartment, each space offers a unique experience. The retreat location in Villaverde, near Fuerteventura’s beautiful beaches, enhances the serene and magical ambiance, providing the perfect backdrop for yoga practice.

Embrace the natural beauty of the island, surrounded by volcanoes, palm trees, and stunning sunrises and sunsets, creating an ideal setting for relaxation and focus on well-being. Fuerteventura’s picturesque beaches, turquoise waters, and sunny climate further enrich the retreat experience, allowing participants to connect with nature and replenish their energy.

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