For those traveling to Thailand, you know that you just don’t go there to do a yoga retreat.

There is so much to discover and so much to do, that you can’t just focus on one thing.

Luckily for you, if you’d like to do a bit of yoga, there are some 2-day yoga retreats for you!

They are great to do if you’d like to start off your travels relaxed, or somewhere in the middle or at the end. It’s all up to you!

Let’s have a look at some special 2-day yoga retreats in Thailand!

Eco-Friendly Yoga Retreat Thailand

Mind Yoga Retreat
Prices start from US$ 131
Available All-Year-Round

The check-in for this retreat can be every single day of the week. Monday to Sunday, it’s up to you!

Making this retreat really great to just fit into your schedule!

And another great thing is that your accommodation will be eco-friendly. So immediately after your flight, you can shake off that carbon footprint already!

The retreat center is right near the big city of Bangkok, but it’s a bit hidden. Making that you won’t feel that you are getting into the busy life of the city. You’ll be able to focus the entire time on your own little retreat.

The retreat isn’t fully catered, you’ll be getting breakfast but you’ll have to take care of the other meals.

What you will be getting is two yoga sessions and a meditation session during this mini-retreat.

Eco yoga retreat Thailand
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Thai Massage And Yoga Holiday In Thailand

Cherchon Spa
Prices start from US$ 264
Available All-Year-Round

This might be a great today when you’ve been traveling around for a while already. The check-in is available every day of the week, so you can once again come whenever you want.

This center is a bit more luxurious, which is also the reason why it’s a bit more expensive. But then again, it’s also totally worth it.

It also includes a bit more than the previous one.

This retreat only offers just one class, but there are two massages included. Which is more than you would get offered in any kind of retreat.

The two massages are a Thai massage and an aromatherapy massage.

The first day you’ll be getting a Thai styled dinner and on the second day, you’ll be getting breakfast.

Ideal for those who’d like to have a short break during their whole trip.

Thai massage and yoga retreat in Thailand
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Cultural Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Thongtara House Boutique Hotel
Prices start from US$ 134
Available All-Year-Round

Alright, we’ve already reached the last retreat for this article!

With this retreat, you won’t be able to check-in on any day you’d like. The days have been set and it’s going to be on a Friday!

At this retreat, you’ll be practicing one yoga class on Saturday morning. It’s quite early, but that’s also a great time to do some yoga!

Detox juices and breakfast are included. The rest you’ll have to take care of yourself. But that’s only if the detox juices aren’t enough for you of course.

If you decide to have a little detox moment during your trip, then your juices will have to do.

And if you do like some solid food in your stomach, then you can eat in the hotel bistro.

This retreat has two more pro’s that I’d like to mention as well.

First of all, the boutique hotel has some fantasy rooms available. During your night’s stay, you’ll be getting one of these!

I’m not going to spoil anything, of course, so you’ll just find out yourself which one you’ll be getting.

And then second, you’ll also be visiting the Erawan Museum. Making sure that you have a little bit of culture during your trip.

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