Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 most, whether not all, festivals have been canceled in Europe. However, this list contains yearly recurring festivals, so bookmark this page and come back next year to see them again! Be safe and stay healthy!

Summer is over and this also means that the festival season comes to an end. However, this doesn’t mean that we can already dream about the next festival season.

If you already feel that your soul needs a bit of food, then check these festivals out while you are taking a Europe trip.

These spiritual festivals go from yoga festivals to tantra festivals. So there is something suitable for everyone.

And if you just love to go to them all, then it might be good to take a gap year and just visit them all ;).

Why go to a spiritual festival?

Alternative Spiritual Festivals

You can ask yourself now why it would be good to go to a spiritual festival, of course. Well, it’s always great to meet like-minded people. This will mean that you will meet a lot of new friends, get new connections, and replenish your soul.

Spiritual festivals are not only great to get to know new people and to enjoy the plenty of workshops that they are offering. But if you are a yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, … or you just have a business, then going to a festival might give you all kinds of new contacts that you might be able to use. This way it’s a bit of a live Facebook or Pinterest page to get clients.

If you don’t have your own business, don’t worry about it, you’ll still meet a lot of like-minded people. As it sometimes might be a bit lonely on the alternative path when you are living in your city. I know that when I started doing yoga, no one in my area was doing it as well. There weren’t even any nice festivals going on to promote a spiritual lifestyle.

Festivals Vs. Retreats

Alternative Spiritual Festivals

Going to a spiritual festival, like a yoga festival or a meditation festival, isn’t the same thing as going to a retreat. Your intentions are going to be a bit different and it’s good to have a look at what you are looking for.

As I mentioned before, a festival is more a place of getting in touch with other people than really going into the depths of your soul. There are a lot of workshops there, but of course, there will be more people there as well. This means that you can’t expect to really get some individual attention and therefore it might not go as deep as you’d like. Of course, you can always share your experiences with the surrounding people as there will be many therapeutic alternative healers, or whatever they’d like to call them these days ;).

A good thing about being a part of meditations with hundreds of people is that you’ll be lifted by the energy of everyone around you. This is one of the reasons what I like about going to a festival, you won’t be needing any drugs or alcohol to enjoy yourself as you’ll be lifted by the vibration of everybody else. This makes going to a festival a very pure and loving experience.

Of course, if you’d like to have personal attention and you’d like to go deep within your soul or heart, going to a retreat is always better. Retreats normally don’t have that many attendants and you’ll be getting the guidance to work on the things that will come up.

Alternative Spiritual Festivals

Here I will talk about the perfect itinerary if you’d like to have a whole summer filled with the loving energy of spiritual retreats!