Within yoga, we should be aware of something called Ahimsa. Which is something I’ve talked about in my article about the Yamas of the eight limbs of yoga. Ahimsa means non-violence, and we are going to look at a couple of companies to raise your environmental awareness.

Companies That Plant Trees

There are a couple of categories that I’d like to mention throughout this article, as a lot of companies are actually raising their own environmental awareness. So, for the first category, I’ve chosen companies that plant trees!

#1 Ecosia

This one is probably my all time favorite! Because it’s just so easy to contribute saving the planet, while you are doing what you do probably 10 times a day at least.

Ecosia is a search engine, just like Google. They exist for quite a while already and they absolutely do an incredible job. For every search you make, they’ll plant a tree!

And the beauty of it is, you can actually see how many trees you planted (well, that someone else planted for you).

Are you aware of how many trees you could be able to plant every single day while searching the web?

The way they generate income is the same like Google. They work together with Bing and share their ad-plan together. So, if you have a company yourself that would like to advertise, you can also do your share to save the environment.

#2 8 Billion Trees

This company is a bit ‘in your face’ and really saying that it’s time for us to do something.

On their website, you can contribute to help plant the trees in a couple of ways. If you aren’t that much into making donations to compensate for your high ecological footprint, you can decide to buy some amazing looking merchandise from them.

Another way to contribute is to give them a payment for some questionable choices you might have made. For example, if you like to travel by plane. We all know it’s quite destructive, and it’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

So, on their website you can donate US$ 30 to them to compensate for your recent international travel. You’re looking for the cheapest flights anyway, so why not contribute a little to the environment as well?

#3 Tree-Nation

This company has a lot of projects going on and they need you to realize them. They are also planting trees like the one I mentioned before, but they don’t offer merchandise. They are a little less aggressive in their approach and their website is also a lot more user-friendly.

You can choose whether you’d just like to buy a single tree, or there are also subscriptions available. The great thing is that it just costs about 5 euros per month. And this will enable the company to plant three trees per month.

Another amazing thing here is that you can also gift a tree. If you’ve got any friends that are really environmentally friendly, you can buy them a tree as a gift in whichever project you think they’ll like.

You can even pick whatever tree you’d like! Which is giving you more liberty to oversee this project. You’ll also get some more information about the tree that you pick and what it’s typically used for.

Companies That Plant A Tree When You Buy Something From Them

More and more companies are aware that we’ve got to do something for the environment. And this shows in their approach. In this list you’ll find some well-known companies, maybe even your favourite that plant a tree when you buy something from them.

#1 Etnies

We all probably know this brand one way or another. Etnies is a very known skate-brand, that specialises in shoes. And they have a special program called: Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree.

If you buy a shoe from their eco collection, they will plant a tree. The program already exists since 2011 and has been good for 2 million planted trees!

Way to go Etnies!

#2 WeWood

Need a new watch? Well, if you buy one at WeWood‘s, they’ll plant a tree for you! The watches are made out of wood themselves, and they look absolutely stunning.

Not that into watches? They also sell glasses!

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#3 TenTree

The Eco-Warriors among us probably already know this company. TenTree doesn’t only make eco clothing, they also plant trees! That’s just a win-win-win! You know, win for nature, win for the company and win for you!

Their designs are absolutely amazing as well. They are not dull or cheap-looking at all. Their styles can really fit into whatever fashion shop you’d go to.

The price itself is quite alright as well. They are a bit more expensive than budget stores like H&M, but their price matches up to stores like Jack & Jones. So, they’re a bit in the middle.

And on top of that, they don’t just plant one tree per product you buy, they plant 10!

Why Plant a Tree for the Environment?

We all probably know that trees are the lungs of the earth. They make sure that our CO2 gets filtered and it turns it into the air we are able to breathe, oxygen.

Unfortunately, in the last decades, industrialization has caused a lot of deforestation. And the growing consumerism is making that we need more and more land to produce what we want.

This caused the Earth’s Overshoot Day every year comes closer and closer. This means that every year there’s a date where we used all of nature’s resources and that we are tapping into its reserves.

In 2020 we might be lucky, as the coronavirus had a big impact on the lives we are leading. Showing us that it is time for a drastic change in our lifestyle.

It’s okay to receive, but we must be aware that we also need to give back, to make sure that earth stays in harmony.


That’s about it for some companies that are raising environmental awareness! If you have a business yourself that gives back to nature, make sure that you email us and tell us more about yourself! We then do our best to include you in this wonderful list!

And for now,

Nama-stay conscious of your ecological footprint 😉

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  1. Diane

    What a great list, I will definitely share it with others!

    I’ve seen so many options through the years and have advised others to join in the effort. I know that trees are necessary for our own lives. We add a few trees each year to our own land (we have a farm) but I realize it’s but a small effort. Encouraging others to also plant trees is also needed.

    Do you know of a way to help get trees replanted in countries that have depleted their own over the past decades? I’m thinking of the rainforests in South America, some of the areas of Africa, and even tiny nations such as Haiti. It seems to me that helping to build up areas around the world will make a major impact.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Diane, thank you for reaching out! To answer your question. With Tree-Nation you can choose in which country you’d like to plant a tree! So, you don’t have to travel at all, just buy whichever tree you’d like in whatever country you feel like and that’s it!

  2. hillarydandy

    Hello There! thanks for sharing this message with us today. Environmental management overtime, has come to be considered as one of the most important social concerns for communities, Individuals and businesses as well. As a science teacher I involve my students in raising environmental awareness by engaging them in activities like taking them to nearby streams to observe for themselves aquatic life and what happens when the stream gets polluted.

  3. mondayjosep

    Hello dear thanks for sharing such a great and helpful article marked with brevity expression I find this article while doing some research online i must say I so much appreciate your time  and  effort put together to carry out such a tentative research on companies that are raising environment awareness through planting trees thanks a already save this website for recommendation and future reference 

    1. Virendra

      Thanks for your comment Mondayjosep :). Great to hear that you liked to read the article!

  4. Skuchmane

    hellloo, wow thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, it really has been helpfull to me alot , i really love your review about Ecosia, i havnt heard of them before but i must say their system to help the country is really working planting trees based on searches you do, nicely done i love your work here admin

    1. Virendra

      They are all really amazing, and especially Ecosia as you don’t need to do a lot!

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