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The Wonders of Ecstatic Dance

In the past decade, ecstatic dance has been booming. And that's not such a surprise as it's a great way to open yourself to a meditative state of mind while expressing through movement. We're going to have a look at what ecstatic dance is, and maybe it might even be something for you! Anyway, it's a lot easier now to…

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Healthy Minds Program, An Honest Review

In today's fast-paced and digitally connected world, finding moments of peace and inner calm can be challenging. This is where meditation apps come in. They provide a portable and personalized tool for individuals to cultivate mindfulness and improve their overall well-being. For those who've been following this series. I found another great app for you! And the best of all…

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Naked Yoga in Florida for Men

Naked yoga has gained popularity in recent years as a unique and liberating practice that combines the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga with the freeing sensation of practicing in the nude. Florida, known for its vibrant and open-minded culture, has embraced this alternative form of yoga, providing residents and visitors alike with the opportunity to explore their bodies and…

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Headspace App, An Honest Review

I've been quite happy with these review series where I'm testing out a lot of apps for you. I've had some really nice feedback from you, which keeps me going. These "honest review" series are completely unaffiliated, so I'm going completely unbiased in all of these great apps that you can find on the internet. This time I'll be doing…

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I tried Gaia TV, an honest review

I've been reviewing the past couple of months a couple of yoga and meditation subscriptions. I've already had Asana Rebel and Inner Dimension TV.  So now the time has arrived to tell you a bit more about Gaia TV! This one I actually tried this platform half a year ago already, so things might have changed. Although, as far as…

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