I believe that every beginning yogi should be offered a free yoga class. That’s why for your first class you’ll be gifted a free yoga class online! These classes will be broadcasted live and through the vStudio platform. This means that you won’t have to download anything at all and you can just book the class and click the link. Let’s have a look at the process.

How to book your first free class

So first of all, you go to my vStudio page by clicking here. This will bring you to the homepage of the virtual mYogilife Studio. When you scroll down this page you can see the schedule of the different classes that are being offered. Go ahead, just click on one.

Example of homepage
Example of schedule

After seeing this, you can click on the desired class you want to participate in.

And then the screen will go something like this:

And again, you scroll down to the bottom of the page!

Here you’ll see a bit more information on the class, don’t worry about the time though, it will calculate automatically to your own timezone! This way you don’t have to worry that you are not going to be able to attend the class. Or that you miss the exact time. VStudio does this for you!

When everything seems alright, you just click “Reserve my spot”.

After doing this, you’ll be getting a Pop-Up screen:

You fill in the code: fO7c1I (feel free to copy/paste if you’d like!) And click continue. You’ll be guided towards an application form. You just put down your information and I’ll be getting a notification that you’ve joined the class!

Don’t forget to confirm by clicking “Reserve my spot”! And after that, you’re going to join your first free class! Congratulations!

Just be aware that your confirmation mail WITH your link to the class can end up in your Spam folder, so make sure you check this one too if you didn’t get anything. If after an hour you still didn’t get an email, just make sure that you write to me at info@myogilife.com or through Facebook or Instagram!


There’s one free class per person, so not per email address given. The free class only counts for group classes, memberships and packs won’t be discounted as prices are already low. I have faith that you do the right thing, and not use your code more than once. If you do violate this service, there might be consequences.

Which classes are available

Mellow Tuesday Yoga

At this moment there is the Mellow Tuesday class. As the name itself says, these will be on Tuesdays! I won’t mention the time, as people are joining from all over the world. So times will be different according to your timezone.

These classes are going to be more focused on Yin Yoga, but there will be elements of Hatha in it too. Sometimes even a very soft flow. But the emphasis lies on mellowness. It’s a great way to give your body some rest and it will for sure concentrate on getting you in a very relaxed state of mind.

what are the benefits of online classes?

As COVID is slowly but certainly getting more away from us, people are going out more again. However, I still see a lot of benefits in these online classes and I don’t want to step away from them just yet.

#1 Privacy

First and foremost, there’s a sense of privacy. Before the class begins I’ll be able to interact with you and so will you with me and others. However, the moment I start the class, you’ll all be muted and your screens will be only visible to me! This means that no one else will see, nor hear you. So you can basically do whatever you want! Well, within reason, of course, I’m still going to be able to see you.

#2 Rewatch

This is a little extra I offer you. And it’s not a certain given. I’m not always so tech-savvy, so sometimes I don’t end up recording.

However, 99% of the time you’ll be getting a link in your inbox. And again, there’s full privacy here. These classes will be recorded just with my image and voice. So you won’t see yourself or others.

This way, if you liked the class, you can repeat it again!

The recordings stay the property of mYogilife of course, and shouldn’t be shared with anyone else.

#3 International classes

People from all over the world are able to join online classes, therefore these classes can be quite international. This might be interesting before and after the class. I keep the room open for a little bit so that people can still interact and maybe even exchange information.

What do I need for online classes

Well, it might be good to have a stable internet connection. Not so much for my case, but for sure for yours. It can be quite tricky to lose the connection during your class, so make sure you are somewhere where you won’t be interrupted with a loss of internet.

Finding a room where there won’t be any disturbances would be quite amazing too of course. Nothing worse than being interrupted in a yoga class. This, again, won’t affect anyone else (another benefit of online classes), but it might affect your peace and tranquility.

I’d also like to mention that it might be good to put your camera a bit further away from you so I can see you properly. Sometimes we’ll be standing up and very often people put their computers so close near them that it is impossible for me to give cues on how to go deeper into the position. (Yes I know, this might be a bit of a con for online classes…)

And this is about it for a free yoga class. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email!

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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