When you browse through YouTube you’ll find plenty of beginner’s yoga videos. And these days it’s quite hard to find the best of them. With best, I mean: good instructions, good quality videos, capable yoga instructor, etc.

This is why I’m going to start a series of yoga teachers on YouTube whom I really like and who I’ve actually started with myself when I started my own yoga journey. The videos will be suitable for beginners, but also for the advanced.

This review will focus mainly on individual yoga channels, rather than a group of video with various yoga teachers.

Yoga With Adriene

I do have to say that I don’t really go into reading people’s biography’s, to me it’s all about how they feel. However, with Adriene’s channel I’ve found that I didn’t really have to read her bio to know that she’s capable.

When I started doing yoga myself I found her through a friend of mine who was completely inspired by her. And I do have to say that her videos in the beginning (I’m talking now about a whole while back of course) were the perfect length to do some yoga as a beginner.

She also has a lot to offer, from yoga for back pain, to yoga when you have a hangover. Sometimes it’s hard to see what free online yoga videos are the best, but with a following of almost 5 million people, you just know that she’s good. Here’s a yoga class for when you have a hangover, should you need it by now ;).

What I also really like about her is that she’s really down to earth, I’ve experienced a lot of yoga teachers online on YouTube who were really up in the air, and for me that’s mostly a no-go. But that’s my personal preference of course.

Video Content

As I mentioned before is that Adriene has a wide range of different yoga videos. She mostly starts a bit with explaining what she’s going to do and why. Which is also a big preference for me as I sometimes like to know why a particular pose is good for your back, for example.

Her YouYube channel is also highly organized. Which means that she has a couple of playlist to make sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for. And not only that, but there’s also a playlist based on length of the videos. So if you only have half an hour a day you can easily browse trough the playlist, this makes it easy to just find the exact length that you are looking for. And it saves you a lot of time browsing through all the videos that she has to offer.

Yoga Challenge

If you are looking for a challenge, then this also it the place to be. Four years ago, or something, she made a 30-day challenge. Which I did and it was quite nice. I think especially for beginners this is an awesome way to start and the videos aren’t that long, so it’s perfect to give it a go for a short period of time. Also, this makes that you are really emerged into yoga, while not having to sacrifice a lot of your time. The challenge also learns you on a very gentle way the different terms, different poses, while it’s not really too educative. The latter is what I really liked about the challenge as she does explain some things, but it doesn’t sound like you’re in school. Here is day one of the 30-day challenge.

I’ve seen on her channel that there’s also a new challenge that she offered a couple of years ago. However, I haven’t tried that one myself, so I can’t give an honest review on that one. I do have to say that I’ve briefly looked at it and it does look more professional than her previous challenge. I do have to say that it looks like it’s more of a challenge intended for people who are already a bit aware of the yoga scene and have already done a little bit of yoga. Here’s the first video where she explains what she’s gonna offer, let you experience. I also believe that a challenge here isn’t probably the good term. She herself is calling it a journey, which is for sure a better way to explain this 30-day Yoga Journey.

Yoga With Tim

The next one in line within the free yoga videos is Tim Senesi. He’s also one of the first yogi’s I discovered when I was in my first year of doing yoga. Unfortunately he changed channels since then, and a lot of the videos that I used to enjoy are gone now. However, he still offers a lot of videos and at the same time he also offers a 30-day yoga challenge. So if you’re new to yoga, this might be a good way to see if it is something for you.

His channel is called “Yoga With Tim” and it offers a wide variety of different yoga videos. He has a lot of different types of videos, like yoga for neck pain, yoga for weight loss, etc. So this channels has something to offer for almost everyone.

I do have to say that I really loved his early work and I can’t really judge his newer content. He always used to have a high paced yoga practice and it always felt that my body was getting a full workout. He still offers videos to work on your body of course, and they’re also very good. I just liked the old ones better.

Most of Tim’s videos are practiced with Vinyasa Yoga. So if you’ve read some of my previous articles, you know by now that this is a vigorous style of yoga. Truth be told, I love his flows, even if they were sometimes a bit too hard on me. But then again, I wouldn’t recommend them for people who are looking for a more relaxed style of yoga.

Comparing this channel to Adriene’s channel, I have to say that hers is looking a lot better and has more content on it. Tim’s new channel hasn’t got that many videos as Adriene’s at the moment. Although, he created this channel in 2018, so that means that he still has a lot of time to update his content, and maybe it’s also nice to follow him now when he’s not having that many videos. This because Adriene’s profile at times offers so much that it’s hard to find the video that is perfect for you.

Yoga With Kassandra

Yin Yoga

Before I’m gonna talk more about Yoga with Kassandra, I’ll give a bit more of an explanation about yin yoga.

So this style is more focused on the meditation part of yoga and not so much about the physical movement. Normally within Yin Yoga you hold poses on for a longer amount of time. Advanced yogi’s even go into a pose for about 15 minutes (or even longer).

Within this type of yoga there are not a lot of “crazy” poses you’d normally go into, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less challenging. Because you hold the pose for a longer amount of time you’ll feel a deep stretch in your muscles. And yes, sometimes that can be quite painful. However, I always feel when I’m doing yin yoga and I’m really aware of my breath, that it’s easier to get into the pose and there’s also a stronger relieve when you control your breathing.

I’ve also talked a bit about the meditative part of yin yoga. Because your in a pose longer, it also means that you are really watching your body and that you really become aware of everything you feel inside your body.

It’s quiet confrontational at the beginning. I’ve seen people that couldn’t even move a couple of inches going into a pose because their body was so stuck. When I talked to them after the class (which I was attending myself as I’m not a yin teacher) they did tell me that they really felt something happening, that they could feel that their body was moving, that they were able to go deeper into the pose, even if it was just slightly.

I would really recommend this style to people who are more into developing some flexibility in their body as this style is focused on stretching the muscles and connective tissue. And it’s not just physical, but I also feel that your body reflects on your state of mind. So the more flexible your body is, usually the more flexible your mind is as well.


So the channel “Yoga with Kassandra” is a nice place to find some good yin yoga classes.

I’ve watched a couple of them and I really like the way that she gives her classes. She’s very calm and she doesn’t talk a lot while in the poses. It’s always good for a teacher to find the balance between giving too much or too little instructions. Especially when it comes down to a yin class.

Because you stay longer in the poses it’s always hard to tell for a teacher when you have to say something and when not. I went to a couple of classes where the teacher wasn’t saying anything at all while in the pose. I can tell you that it’s quiet weird when they do that, because it feels a bit that you are hanging somewhere. I also had a few classes where they talked too much and then the meditation part of the pose just gets diminished.

She just doesn’t offer yin yoga classes, but she also offers other styles as well. And she also has a lot of videos for beginners. This is particularly nice as you are just starting out your own yoga practice.

Besides yoga, she also gives some life-style tips such as how to take care of yourself. In yoga, it’s also about being good and true to yourself. Sometimes it seems hard because you have to be true to yourself, but at the same time you also have to be good to others.

At times, it might seem like those two are contradicting their selves, as sometimes it might look that you need to be rude to others to look after yourself. For example, your friend’s asking you to go to the cinema, but you feel tired and you don’t want to go. For a very long time I would’ve just said yes to please my friends. However, I’ve reached the point where I can just say “no”. Sometimes it looks rude, but you can just tell others that you need some time for yourself. But it’s all about finding that balance.

Another nice thing about Kassandra is that she also gives some tips to (beginning) yoga teachers. This one is more for me of course as I’m a yoga teacher ;). But it just shows how versatile her videos are. I just hope that for the future she will focus a bit more or make a series of videos. At the moment it’s a bit weird to see her reviewing a product right next to a video about meditation.

The one thing I didn’t like about her videos, and this is the only one I could find, is that her disclaimer is quiet messy and a bit over exposed in the beginning of the video. It is necessary to have a disclaimer, I don’t second that, it’s just that there are some nice and sober fonts out there to make it look stylish and modern.


I wanted to dedicate a special part to props as well. Because I have to say that yin yoga (and restorative yoga) always use a lot of props. I’m glad that Kassandra has videos dedicated to yin yoga without props. However, props can be a very good tool to get deeper into the pose during yin yoga, or to relax a bit more during this style. I’ve written this article about it where I explain a bit more about props.


These are my favourite picks. I’ve enjoyed a lot of yoga classes altogether with them. I have seen a lot of yoga videos on youtube and there are some good teachers to find out there as well. It’s just a bit unfortunate that sometimes they don’t have the equipment or knowledge on making a proper video.

Also, if you haven’t found your yoga mat yet and you’d like to look into the options, than don’t forget to have a look at one of my previous articles. Also, if you don’t want to browse through YouTube, or you’d like to have your videos on the go as well. You can always look into subscribing yourself for Yoga Download.

This was it for now. Hope you enjoyed the article and if you do have any questions or any experiences that you’d like to share, then feel to free to leave a comment in the comment section!

And for now,

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. RoDarrick

    For a yogi with limited experience, this is a great way to get things running. I’m tired of going on YouTube to get myself to waste my data on what is not necessarily cool from the so called yoga trainers. I’ll look up Adrienne right now. I love being challenged every time to do things and her challenge will help me a lot. Thanks for this suggestion

    1. Virendra

      Thanks for your message :). I do know that youtube isn’t always the best place to really find something worthwhile, regarding to yoga, but it’s a good medium if you’re at home and trying out some yoga. I’d always suggest platforms like Yoga Download and Gaia TV as they are specialised in creating yoga videos and they offer very good yoga teachers as well. And these days you can also download content from their website and then stream it offline, so this way it doesn’t waste your data.

  2. Martin

    Very interesting idea to review yoga videos.

    Yoga is not my thing but I was immediately hooked by the hangover exercises. I bookmarked your site to be able to revert to it just in case I need it.

    I probably should rather do the 30-day challenge, although you mention that it might not be suitable for beginners like me.

    Looking forward to reading more reviews.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Martin,

      Thank you for bookmarking my website :)!

      For sure you can do the 30-day challenge. There are two of them, if you’d like to do the first one that I mentioned, I’d recommend that for you, it’s suitable for beginners!

  3. Nuttanee

    I am happy now that we have the access to YouTube, it is so useful now to learn anything online including Yoga. No more DVR. It is great that she categorizes her videos, I can just go on it and work on my problem areas, usually my back. Thank you so much for your review on Adrienne. I am going to give the 30 days challenge a try. Happy Yoga!

    1. Virendra

      Great that you are enjoying yoga! I hope you’ll enjoy the 30 day challenge and if you have time, come back to let us know how it went!

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