Massachusetts, with Boston as its capital, might not be the biggest state in the US. Although, it has quite some beautiful nature to offer. And being close-ish to New York, it’s a great getaway for those wanting to leave the Big Apple for a bit.

It’s also great to combine a city-trip along with a yoga retreat. So check out the dates in the article below to make sure that you get the best out of your trip.

And Boston on its own also is a great place to visit. It’s basically where a lot of the American history as we know it started with the Boston Tea Party. If you are into history, it might be a good place to see the reminiscences of that event here.

But now, let’s take a quick look at these great yoga retreats that take place in Massachusetts.

visit boston on a yoga retreat

Writing and wellness retreat in rockport

The Seaward
Prices start from US$ 399
From June 11th – 14th

The last months… I mean year… have been quite tough on all of us. And some of us might not have had an outlet to let go of everything bottling up.

If that person is you, then I’ve got some good news for you.

This retreat is amazing for the creative writers among us. Or those who want to feel the ink dripping on their paper already.

Within four days time you’ll get a daily 90-minute workshop on writing and you’ll even be getting feedback from the organizer Judy Chow and your peers on your writing.

It’s a great way to let your creativity roll, but at the same time making sure that you are supported by the leader and your fellow participants.

And if you have some questions that you can’t ask in the group, you’ll also be getting one private session of 30-minutes.

And to support this creative process, you’ll also be getting yoga and meditation sessions. Which is a great way to get into a flow. Just observe your mind and then you might find the idea that you want to put into your writing!

The program only lasts for four days, so your days will be quite packed. The yoga is gentle so this will support the relaxed workshops and give you a great homey feeling.

Get your feather and ink! Oh dear, I mean pen and paper… and enroll now!

Beach Cleanse Yoga Retreat in Orleans

Harmony Yoga School
Prices start from US$ 2,697
At the moment they’ve changed their retreats into Yoga Teacher Trainings. You can keep an eye out if they are still doing any retreats in the future, or you can book yourself a full on training!

Don’t mistake this little town for New Orleans in the south of the country! This quaint little town is located in a peninsula of the state of Massachusetts. Which makes this retreat really amazing.

On the beach you’ll be dreaming away of the vast universe.

Well, if that’s what you want of course. And if not, there are many other things that this retreat has to offer.

Heather and Hannah are the retreat leaders for Harmony Yoga School. Heather will be more in charge of the yoga classes with her 16 years of experience! And Hannah is a licensed health coach and will take care of the amazing food that you’ll be getting served.

The retreat itself will last for 8 days and as the emphasis lies on cleansing, your foods will be tailored to this as well. As said in the previous paragraph, Hannah will take care of your food, smoothies and juices. And on top of that she’ll also be giving demos.

This way you can take some tips and tricks back home!

And of course, you’ll also be doing some yoga. You’ll be getting two sessions a day mixed together with breath work and workshops. You really won’t get bored going to this retreat.

And on your time off, you can lie at the beach or explore the village.

What I’d also love to add is that there’s a free transfer from Logan International Airport. This is not very usual, so enjoy this feature when you arrive.

Are you ready to cleanse yourself from all your… Well, not sins, but accumulated toxins in your body!

Kundalini Yoga Stay in an Ashram

Yoga At The Ashram
Different Prices and Dates

On my website I don’t talk a lot about Kundalini Yoga. I did write a couple of lines about it in one of my articles, but not that much. And also on my retreat articles I don’t mention a lot of kundalini retreats.

Thus, here we’ve got our first kundalini yoga ashram that offers classes and workshops!

I have to mention that this is a bit different. They don’t really offer retreats per se, but just a wide range of workshops and programs.

An ashram is different from a yoga retreat as here you’ll be at the presence of a guru. A spiritual teacher whom you can ask questions or guidance. Or who teaches you different approaches on how to look at things.

Lately the Kundalini yoga movement hasn’t been put in a positive daylight. But knowing many kundalini yogi’s, I know they have the heart at the right place and not all of them represent the organizations’ leader misbehavior.

At this ashram you’ll be able to stay or do a teacher training. Unfortunately at this moment, due to COVID-19, it’s not possible to enter. The moment there is more information available I’ll let you know.

So, keep this page bookmarked and make sure to come back every once in a while. Or check out their website below and maybe you can already participate in an online event!

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