We don’t always have the time for holidays. But yet again, they are super important to have every once in a while. If you are that person, you might be able to benefit from these 3 weekend yoga retreats in Florida.

So, if you are from Florida and you’d like a quick getaway, this list will be highly suitable for you and will energise you instantly!

If you are from everywhere else in the world, maybe it might be a good idea to combine one of these retreats with something extra ;).

3 Weekend Yoga Retreats in Florida

Relaxing yoga retreat Jacksonville

Divine Healing Inc.
Prices start at US$ 895
Various Dates Available

If you choose this one, you’ll be getting a proper spiritual healing retreat for yourself. You’ll be rebalancing your chakras, recharge yourself with yoga, and many more things.

This retreat is an absolute must when you are looking for some me-time and you can’t be too long away from the homefront.

The retreat itself will only last for three days, making it ideal for all the busy moms out there. Just put your husband on kids duty and take some time for yourself!

Therfore, a great getaway when you’d like to go on a weekend yoga retreat in Florida!

Goddess Yoga retreat Cudjoe Key

Full Circle Yoga School
Prices start at US$ 6,799
Available all-year-round

If you’d like to be bathed into luxury, this might be the retreat for you. This retreat isn’t just amazing because of its luxury, but its location is also absolutely stunning. Near the water you’ll get the experience like you are on the water yourself.

This retreat goes very deep though, so if you are looking for just a nice and relaxing experience, you still have the other two to choose from. However, if you are encountering feelings like anxiety, depressions, exhaustion, or anything on the spectrum, this might be your cup of tea.

As there is a maximum of 5 participants, you’ll be getting a lot of guidance. There are deepgoing sessions included and even a massage. 

So, are you ready for a reset on this weekend yoga retreat in Florida?

Mother Daughter Yoga Retreat Grant Valkaria

Aura Wellness Retreats
Price US$ 1800 (Mother and Daughter Included!)
June 2022

If you feel that your bond with your daughter is a bit fading, or you just want to connect with her on a different level, this will be the retreat for you.

For 4 days long you’ll be doing quite some things together with your daughter/mother to make sure that your communication will be on one line (again).

Men have had for ages bonding rituals with their sons. And very often women and their daughters have been a bit forgotten, so this is an amazing opportunity to tackle that subject and to bond with your girl on a deeper level.

The location itself also looks absolutely amazing, so it will give a lot of opportunity to relax and unwind even.

Leave the men at home and join this weekend yoga retreat in Florida now!

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  1. Castle

    I was introduced to Yoga by someone who started to practice whilst he was In America. When he came back he told a lot of people about it and how it could benefit them. I had a go and was amazed at the impact on some injuries I had been carrying for years. I cant go on any of these retreats as I am male and in UK but I would recommend anyone interested to take a closer look. It can change your life for the better.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Castle, thank you for your comment, it means a lot that you would recommend this article to others! Thank you for this and enjoy your yoga practice!

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