It’s been a yearly tradition to write about some of my favourite Christmas traditions: going on a retreat during the Holidays! You can read down below why you should make it yours too!

Why a Yoga Retreat Should Be Your New Favourite Christmas Tradition

But first to answer probably a burning question you have: Why on earth should I go on a Christmas or New Year’s Yoga retreat?!

There are a couple of reasons that I could address here. First of all. Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate than this with other people?! If you are alone, and there is no shame in admitting that not everyone has a family to spend time with during the Holidays. And therefore it’s great to celebrate it with other people.

Of course, a Christmas yoga retreat isn’t just to party and celebrate. It’s more than that. Because you’ll be taking a journey inwards it’s good to keep in mind that it’s not going to be a boozy Christmas and or New Year’s Eve. You’ll be moving around, doing meditation and so much more during these retreats. Making it a very conscious way of celebrating. It’s basically celebrating you! To make sure that your batteries get a great recharge for the year to come!

Another reason why it might be nice to go on a retreat during the Holiday period is that you’ll just get something different. How many people can say that they’ve broken the rut and done things a bit differently?

For me personally, I’m not such a big fan of the Holidays as I always overstuff myself with food and don’t have any money at all by the end of it to make sure I buy food for the month of January. Therefore, this is just the ideal gift for me.

What to Pack for A Christmas Yoga Retreat

Packing for a winter vacation is a bit different then for a summer one. Although, it does depend on where you’ll be going.

Places near the equator are going to be fine, temperatures are quite constant there, making it very enjoyable. Most equatorial countries are also located near a warm ocean stream, so it might even be enjoyable to go for a swim.

However, if you are planning go North and you’d like to see the snow or bare the cold, it might be good to book yourself a suitcase. I know it’s way cheaper to just travel with your hand luggage, but you’ll need to be packing your sweaters and trousers!

What else should you be putting on your holiday packing list for yogis though?

Well, it’s always good to stay in touch with the retreat organizers. You really don’t want to take everything you own that is yoga related. Of course, take enough comfortable clothing (warm clothing included!) that can be used both out and inside. Of course, if the organizers are saying that they won’t be doing any outside activity, you can leave the sweaters at home.

Same goes for props and even yoga mats. Ask if they are going to be available at the retreat place. We all know your props are an amazing tool to have, but they are quite hard to take with you. Especially if you only have one suitcase available.

And that goes for your mat as well. I’m quite attached to my mat, but it’s an XL mat which won’t fit my bag at all. Therefore I’ve got myself a travel mat. Great for short practices, or to put on a nice and soft surface, but not for a full on yoga practice.

And then last of all. It’s the Holiday season, so maybe you’ll find it in you to share? You can take a little something for your yoga teacher, or even for your fellow participants. It doesn’t need to be something big. You can just make something yourself or buy something small. This all is in line with the Christmas season.

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Yoga Retreat For You

Well, the how might be a bit easier. Because you can just scroll down below to find your ideal Holiday Yoga Retreat!

So just sit back and relax.


Silent Retreat in Belgium

Prices start from US$ 435
December 26th – 29th 2022

Let’s start with an in-betweener. This is an ideal compromise. This retreat starts on boxing day and ends already a couple of days before New Year’s Eve. So, technically you don’t have to skip your family plans. 

The reason why this retreat is so amazing is that it’s also a silent retreat. This means that you’ll be enjoying this trip in silence. This might be great to experience as the Holidays can be really hectic and busy.


new year's retreat in the azores

Azores Nature Retreats
Prices start from US$ 1.515
Wednesday December 28th – January 4th (Multiple Dates Available)

Somehow I don’t even want to write too much about this trip. It looks like it’s a lot of money, but it’s actually a real bargain! The Azores are so beautiful to travel to and they are absolutely a must-see if you are a nature lover!

This retreat isn’t just filled with yoga but also with a lot of great excursions! There are a couple of extras to be aware of. For example, there are only 5 meals included in this package, while it’s an 8-day retreat. But as prices for restaurants are quite cheap, they aren’t going to add a lot to your price.


Hike and Yoga in spain

Prices start from US$ 1.157
December 24th – 31st
(Multiple Dates Available)

If it can all be a bit more active, this holiday might be something for you! This way, you can burn away the calories that you are eating during your stay. So, no extra pounds or kilos for you during this Holiday season! How amazing is that?! 

And no worries, you can also rent an E-bike, if you just need that little push. 

It’s an amazing program and it’s definitely worth the price just to go there. And if you don’t want to go during Christmas and New Year, you can easily book another date with them! They have retreats all-year-round.

Dynamic yoga retreat in Nicaragua

Eden On The Chocolate
Prices start from US$ 1.249
December 17th – 26th

If you want it a bit more exotic, you can choose to go to Nicaragua. Don’t forget to bag your bathing suit as this retreat’s temperature are quite enjoyable.

Here you’ll be doing a lot of dynamic yoga, but there will also be a couple of rituals to participate in.

Reading and Yoga Retreat France

Prices start from US$ 680
December 22nd – 26th

Whatever you think of France and what to do in France, this has it. There is nothing better than to get a book and ponder away watching through the window, with an overview of the fields.

This retreat is a real Christmas retreat, especially when you really don’t want to lift a finger.

Well, you should lift a finger to do your daily things and to turn the page. 

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