Exotic retreats are probably the most versatile retreats you can think of. Well, considering that they are bookable all year long, without having to cave in on the weather.

With exotic retreats, we mean that these countries will take place around the equator. This is because most of these destinations have a very nice climate. These retreats will be warm, humid and sunny. The ideal combination for a yoga retreat.

And as I mentioned before, these retreats will be amazing to do all year round.

But that said, let’s take a little look at these 5 exotic yoga retreats.

And don’t worry, I won’t only be looking at the most favorite locations, I’ll also look at some places where you normally wouldn’t think of. But yet again, they will be amazing to attend.

#1 yoga, Meditation and shamanic retreat Peru

Naturalia Retreat Center
Prices start from US$ 790
Multiple Dates Available

This is not just your ordinary yoga retreat. If you ever dreamt about staying in the amazon overnight, this is the place to be. This center is not just in the heart of the forest, your cabin will be too. 

The retreat you’ll be going to might look a bit basic, but it sure isn’t. You’ll be having your own private cabin. And even without all the amenities some people would wish for, it’s like a little dream to stay here.

But you’re not just here for the stay you’ll be getting. You are also looking for some deeper soul-searching.

And where to begin?

Oh yeah, let’s start with some yoga. Every day you’ll be getting at least one yoga session. Your yoga instructor will be Gonzalo, who has more than ten year of experience.

Other than that, there will be some other workshops as well. There will be a shaman that you might ask some questions. And you’ll be doing some creative work as well. This will all be with natural pigments.

Afterwards this painting will get a energy reading.

If this has you written all over it, then go ahead! Read no more!

But there are four more retreats we’ll be talking about so you can scroll down too if you want.

#2 plants, yoga and surf retreat in Ecuador

Prices start from US$ 2,200
Multiple Dates Available

Alright, this one might look a bit more luxurious. But this won’t say that it’s going to be a relaxed retreat.

At this retreat you’ll be working on yourself! So, this one will be amazing for those who are looking for some intense soul-searching.

It’s also not just your average yoga retreat. At this center you’ll be participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

I haven’t experienced these myself yet, so I’m not going to mention too much about it.

Not that much into substance-use? You can also create your own retreat by paying a basic price and adding your own preferable activities.

So, it’s up to you what kind of retreat you are looking for.

#3 Women's Retreat Cuba

Yalorde Yoga Cuba Retreats
Prices start from US$ 2,018
June 17th – 24th, 2022

Alright, you’ve read it already, this one is only for the women who come to this article.

Men, please scroll down, as you won’t be allowed at this retreat. Sorry!

But not really though, you women also deserve some time for yourself and to do some soul searching. There is a dedicated section for men to look at men’s retreats.

This trip will take place in Cuba and Ludisis Mones will guide you through every aspect of the travel, as this won’t be your normal city trip.

You’ll be discovering cuba in all of its aspects. But more through the eyes of a woman. So you’ll be going to churches to connect with the female deities. But at the same time you’ll also be learning more cultural traditions.

And on top of that you’ll also be meditating and doing yoga of course.

Your guide is Cuban, so you can be sure that she’ll be showing you the best spots Cuba has to offer for spiritual healing.

#4 Holistic Yoga Holiday Nicaragua

Eden on the Chocolata
Prices start from US$ 389
Various Dates Available

Just the name of this retreat center already makes me drool.

Have you ever thought about going to Nicaragua? It’s right above Costa Rica, but not as popular just yet. So, give it some attention too! It’s totally worth it.

As you might see already, we’re going more and more luxurious. Which isn’t a synonym for better of course, it’s just what your wishes are.

This retreat might not offer as much as all the others activity-wise, but it’s really for those who are just looking to take it easy. Well, you’ll be getting two yoga or meditation sessions a day, so you’ll be putting in some work as well.

Breakfast and dinner will be included. And don’t worry too much about lunch. You can go into town with one of the shuttles for some local food. Or you can also do some intermittent fasting. As dinner will be a three-course meal. So save some space for dessert as well.

#5 Las Olas Surf & Yoga Panama

Prices start from US$ 1,550
Multiple Dates Available

And finally, our last exotic yoga retreat. Las Olas in Panama.

At this retreat you’ll be emerged into surf and yoga. So, of course, you’ll be getting a daily session. But you’ll also be getting daily yoga classes too.

And if that’s not enough for you, you can also enjoy one of the included excursions.

The accommodation itself looks a little bit like a mini resort, so it’s great for those who’d like a little bit of luxury.

But then again, you’ll also have the adventurous side to it.

Just look at the link down below if you’d like more information about this amazing retreat!

Pictures by Waluaa on BookRetreats.com

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  1. Kwidzin

    Thanks for sharing this very well writeen and informative article with us all here. I have to say that i found it rather interesting to say the least. Ecuador is one of those places for me unfortunately that when i hear the name i tend to think of war and third world conditions. So it has been good to see the nicer side.

    1. Virendra

      With every country in the world it is like this (with some more than others of course), but they all have negative and positive sides. So, it’s always good to look for yourself if the goods outweigh the bads! Thank you for your response and I hope you’ll enjoy one of these retreats 🙂

  2. Femi

    Thanks for sharing! My favorite from the is the Las Olas in Panama because it has yoga and surfing activities so you can combine your relaxation with a little bit of exercise. It sounds like a great way to relax and get rid of stress.
    Not to mention, Panama, like the other places on the list, is a beautiful place.

    Thanks again for the recommendation!

    1. Virendra

      Thank you for your recommendation Femi! It does look really good :). Whenever you take one of these retreats, don’t forget to come back and leave some feedback of your trip! We always love to know more!

  3. Kat

    Thank you for this post! I love yoga – and I heard a lot about retreats in India. I really dream about going on a yoga retreat one day. The retreat in Nicaragua sounds great!
    Right now, my daughter is small (2 years old), and I’m not sure if I could bring her with me. Maybe there are women retreats with childcare?
    Have a great day,

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