I know the winter hasn’t started just yet, but man, am I craving those great beach days again. Not so much for lying on the beach, but just for some sun and warmth. And instead of just resting and relaxing, you can up your game by just adding a splash of yoga to it!

Here are 10 of my favourite yoga retreats. I hope there are some to your liking as well! 

And as always, I always love to hear how your experience was! So if you got back from your trip, don’t be shy to post something down below in the comment section!

Beach yoga holiday in Gran canaria

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Prices start from US$ 525
Dates Available All-year-round

Gran Canaria is an island group near the coast of Southern Morocco. Even though it’s geographically located on the African continent, it’s still considered Europe. Therefore, for us Europeans, we can go to an almost subtropical place, and just pay in Euros! And even talk in Spanish if you are able to.

So, the weather’s quite alright all-year-round. So even if you’d like to escape the winter cold, you can easily do it here. 

The program itself is nice and mellow. So amazing for those who aren’t looking for a program that is too full. But great for those who’d like to combine a harsher style of yoga with some rest.

Surf and Yoga retreat in morocco

Dfrost Almugar Surf House and Yoga
Prices start from US$ 710
Available all-year-round

Making the jump from Gran Canaria to the coast of Morocco makes absolute sense, doesn’t it? 

This retreat is also available all year round and it’s amazing to do during the winter and spring months. 

You’ll be getting two yoga classes a day and breakfast and dinner are included. So you won’t be needing a lot of extra pocket money on this trip.

Tantric yoga retreat in Thailand

Serenity Residence
Prices start from US$ 954
Various Dates Available

Probably one of the most profound retreats I’m going to talk about here. This definitely isn’t for those who are looking for merely some relaxation and adventure.

This retreat offers a lot of tantric techniques which will take you into the depths of your soul. It’s almost like going in therapy with yourself, so be ready to go on this journey!

Yoga in the wilderness of mexico

Xinalani Retreat
Prices start from US$ 1.125
Available December and January

If you are looking for an experience away from everything? Well, that’s possible at this retreat centre! 

In the Jungle of Mexico, you’ll be finding this little gem. It’s not that secluded that you’ll have to walk there, but it’s away enough that you won’t be troubled by a lot of tourists.

This one is full-board, which it should be of course as there aren’t that many restaurants out there.

There’s something for everyone. You can take it easy and enjoy yourself a massage, but if you like to be more adventurous you can go for a trek in the jungle. There are many more things to be done, so check out the retreat yourself.

Beach Yoga Retreat in GOA, India

Nalanda Retreat
Prices start from US$ 964

I think that within this retreat you’ll be getting the most (sessions) out of your bucks. If you book an 8 day retreat you get a couple of massages, a private session of meditation and/or pranayama. And on top of that, group yoga sessions as well of course.

This retreat is an amazing addition if you are touring around India and you are looking for a bit of a steady base for a couple of days. It’s quite luxurious and still great in price.

Healing yoga retreat in South-Africa

The Soulwork Yoga
Prices start from US$ 930
Available all-year-round

This retreat will take you deeper into balancing yourself in a holistic way. Included in the price is a consultation to see what is the best program for you during your stay.

This makes it a highly personal retreat, which I can only cheer on! 

But there will also be enough free time to make sure you can see a bit of Cape Town. And if you are looking forward into doing nothing. That’s available as well. The location is highly suitable for just a relaxing holiday.

Juice fasting and yoga in turkey

Jiva Healing
Prices start from US$ 1.103
May 21st – 28th 2023

At this retreat you’ll be getting deeper into fasting and juice cleansing. That in combination with yoga can give you an amazing detox. And it’s only 8 days, so it’s not going to be that intense.

On top of this, the retreat leader will also offer you an art therapy class. Just for this therapy class, I’d already like to go!

The area itself is just a little bit touristic, but you won’t be running over people’s heads. And the nature here is absolutely stunning! 

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