Whether it’s during wintertime when the cold gets us, or when you are going through stress at your job, boosting your immune system is always a great way to make sure you won’t be getting sick. And there are actually some easy and healthy ways of boosting your immune system in a natural way. Let’s talk a bit more about this subject.

What Does the Immune System Do?

So, to start off, what does the immune system actually do? Well, it’s quite simple, your immune system makes sure that you won’t be getting sick al the time. You know, being around microbes and other types of bugs all the time… The immune system is a bit of your shield for these buggers and make sure that you won’t be sitting home all the time with some kind of disease.

It’s a bit like the virus scanner on your computer. Your body detects something in your body and then goes into attack mode by creating antibodies. These antibodies will then go for the antigens (foreign substances in your body) and kills them.

And that’s basically very easily explained how your immune system works.

What influences the immune system?

Of course, like with computers, we have good virus scanners and scanners that aren’t that good. And this one isn’t just as simple as that, there are all kinds of factors that will decide how good your immune system is. Sometimes it can even do some overtime and attack your own body. Which is called an auto-immune disease.

The following things have an effect on your immune system:

  • Genetics: Being born with a lower immune system
  • Diseases
  • Drugs: In any form, like actual drugs and alcohol, or medication
  • Diet: Crappy food results in a crappy immune system
  • Sleep: Fewer sleep results in lower immunity as sleep recovers your body
  • Environment: Living in a highly polluted area overstimulates the immune system constantly

In a lot of cases you can do something about it. And in others, unfortunately, you can’t. But no worries, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that you give your own immune system a little boost to make sure you won’t get sick too often.

Improving Your Immune System

#1 Meditation and Yoga

Naturally you’d expect this tip from a website based on yoga and meditation, but this has actually been scientifically proven as well! So, no, I didn’t put it in just because I love both activities, I’ve done my own research and found some actual scientific prove that meditation and yoga help to improve your immune system!

In one of the researches it states even that it might be that meditation might reduce biological aging. This is a cool fact, however, this one isn’t really proven just yet. I just thought it was a cool fact to put into this article. It is possible, but further research is needed before this statement can be proven.

However, the same research does say that it does boost your immune system.

And on top of that, there has been more research done when it comes down to emotional stress linked together with physical diseases. And what did they find out? Well, it seems that stress can lower your immune system. How to resolve this? Meditation and yoga of course! That is if you are into those two of course ;).

#2 Better Nutrition

We all know that eating well is good for many things, thus also for your immune system. I’ve already written a couple of articles where you can find more about making some delicious and healthy teas to boost your immune system, so make sure you check them out.

What I wanted to add to this article as well is that a shot of vitamin C does wonders for your immune system as well. And best of all is that this vitamin is really easy to find! You can find my friend C in almost every citrus fruit, well in all of them basically. And on top of that, you can find her also in watermelon! Which is great to get your Vitamin C in the summer!

There are a couple of things that need to be said though about our good friend vitamin C. First of all, our body doesn’t make nor store this vitamin. So you have to make sure that you get your daily portion of it. Normally it isn’t that hard as you can find it in many vegetables and fruits. Just when you have a very monotone diet, it could be that you experience a lack of it.

Also, smokers need a higher dosage as they burn through there reserves quite fast.

You don’t need a high dosage every day, and as your body doesn’t store it, you also can’t really overdose yourself with it. Just take care when you are taking supplements. A high dosage may cause kidney stones as your kidneys have to work harder when processing Vitamin C.

#3 Take a Walk in the Park

People in industrial areas have in general a lower immune system. This comes from the fact that the little particles that the factories are emitting are making that our immune system is working constantly. Studies have shown that taking some fresh air does wonder for our immune system.

It’s kind of because of the same reason as to why you would do meditation and yoga. Walking in nature reduces our stress levels, making sure that we find some peace. How can you be mad by seeing a flower you know?

And on top of that, because of the fresh oxygen that nature is emitting, you’ll make sure that you get some pure air as well. Making sure that your immune system can take a breather as well for a change. Therefore, going out once a day keeps the doctor away!

#4 Enough Sleep

Sleep, we all need it. And it’s also good for many things. Even to make sure that your immune system is working properly. For this tip, you don’t have to expect me to tell you that you need to sleep more. This article isn’t going to be an excuse to tell your mom that you can sleep until noon at the weekend!

When you are asleep though, your body will create cytokines. Which is needed for battling infections and diseases. This is also why you sleep quite a lot when you are ill.

Another great thing is that you can also achieve this with Yoga Nidra. Here is a free yoga nidra that you can do yourself at home!


That was it for this article about boosting your immune system. They are easy to do and most of them are even free! Take care of yourself and make sure that the flu doesn’t get you ;).

Nama-stay wonderful!

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