There are so many apps out there that are focused on yoga and meditations. Sometimes it’s so hard to know which is the perfect fit for you. Luckily, I’m testing them all out for you so you don’t have to get into trying them out yourself. That means, no waste of money and not going into 14 day trials and such where you always have to give your account details first.

This time I’ve been testing the down dog app. Something I wasn’t too familiar with just yet. I thought it was a bit of the lesser of all of the other professional ones. But without telling too much already, I was quite surprised while using this platform.

THE PROS OF down dog yoga APP

As always, let’s have a look at some of the positives of this wonderful app. And for me that was the price. I think so far this was the cheapest app that I could find out there so far!

Another thing I liked about this app is the fact that you can kind of build your own yoga practice. So there are no pre-recorded sequenced here, but you can actually choose from some pre-set options, like yoga style, pace, music, and voice, … And after that, I assume the AI puts something together for you.

There are so many options that you can truly always get what you asked for. So far, there are enough yoga poses to make a varied yoga practice. The voices to choose from are also plentiful so it always feels like you’ve got a new teacher.

Another bonus, with your subscription you don’t only get the Down Dog app, but they actually have 3 more apps to choose from. So, you can go inot meditation or you can go for a HIIT-training. I haven’t tested those because I wanted to focus on the yoga app at the moment.


After looking into the the good side of things, let’s have a look at some other less positive points. And truth be said, it’s kind of weird, but the positives are also the negatives at the same time.

It’s great to be able to get an AI tailored video specially for you. But after a couple of days I thought it was a bit boring to always have to look at the same woman while listening to someone’s voice.

The simplicity of the app is it’s strength and weakness at the same time. Making it simple and easy is a great strength as it just focuses on  what it’s meant to do. On the other side, while other apps have some side themes or are focused on certain subjects, this app does not do that. So if you are looking for a workout that relieves back aches, you won’t really find that here.

As it focuses just on the poses, there isn’t also a lot of help. Just the basics, so no tips or tricks while you are in the position for you.



This one is the best priced app, I’ve ever seen. While Asana Rebel does quite similar, this app is around 60 dollars, but it also is very often on sale. So if you aren’t willing to pay 60 dollars for a year, wait until it’s priced off.

That said, it must also be said that the free 15 day trial is completely free and you don’t have to fill in your credit card details, making it a risk-free trial!


As said, the content itself is more of different little videos put together. Which makes it highly customizable. But even then you see the same poses, the same voice, with little variation. And the chance of more content is also getting smaller because of price and the way the app is functioning.


The app itself is quite basic, but that makes it great to use. There is little to no learning curve on how to use the application, making it great for just everyone to use. 

And on the other side, why should we always get overcomplicated, visual chaotic programs on our plate? Let’s just enjoy the simplicity for once.

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