Here we are again with another review of an app or website that might help you get peace and serenity. Well, that might be a bit exaggerated, but at least you’ll be able to find more calm in your life. This also brings me to the review of today! Calm. Yes, that’s the name of the platform I’m going to talk about today! And as always, if you’ve been following these series, these meditation app reviews are 100% not sponsored. 

Calm meditation app review

The Calm Meditation app is one of the apps that I’m actually even paying for and still using almost every day. So, of all the reviews I’ve been writing in the past, I think this might actually be the big winner if this would be a contest.

The pros of calm meditation app

I remember a couple of years ago that I actually tried out the app already and at that time it was still quite in the making. From what I remember I actually even applied for a job with them to record some meditations.

As I didn’t have an at-home recording studio, that didn’t really work out as you can imagine.

That said, even though I wasn’t really smitten in the past, they really turned my opinion around. I’m not going to talk about the past anymore, as to be honest, I also can’t remember really what the platform looked like back then.

Now they have so much to offer on their platform and up until now I can’t even think to say anything bad about the platform.

On the platform you’ll be finding a couple of categories that will guide you towards that what you need at the moment. If you need some sleep, you can click the sleep stories tab. If you’d like to meditate, you go for the meditation button.

Besides these two you can also listen to some soothing music or get a couple of words of wisdom.

At the moment, my favourite part are the wisdom recordings. 

Great quality app

The app itself is really amazing. So far I haven’t had any issues with it at all! Of course, a little bug can happen every now and then and it depends on the updates that are getting published. However, so far I can’t tell that I experienced it at all. Meaning that they are really on top of their game!

The Calm app is also really nicely constructed. When you enter you can choose a background and you get some soothing sounds as well. 

After the meditation, you can share one of their quotes with your friends and family on social media. They also ask for feedback and other things that are actually quite helpful for your inner process.

Great teachers and speakers

What I was the most surprised by, were the different types of speakers. You can have a bedtime story read to you by Harry Styles for example! They have many famous people involved on their platform, making it a blast to get through their content.

Even the non-famous people are actually really amazing to listen to and up until now I haven’t had anyone that I wasn’t able to listen to.

the cons of calm meditation app

For my loyal readers, you all know that I’m quite forward and honest when it comes down to my reviews or just anything I’ve got to say. And in all honesty, there aren’t that many bad things about this platform at all. I can be nitpicky, and I will just for the sake of filling up some space. But these things are so small that I don’t think at all that they are dealbreakers. I actually would call them merely suggestions.

To start off, and this might actually be completely personal for me, is the background music when I open the app. Mostly I use the app when I’m at home, but I’m happy I found the button to silence it when I’m on the move. I think the music shouldn’t be the default and there should maybe be a warning or choice after you download the app.

And one more last little thing. I kind of miss the option to have a bit of background music when listening to the meditations or talks. Well, especially the meditations to be honest. Sometimes I think I fell asleep as I’m mostly using the app at night when I’m already in bed. And as there is no background noise, I never know if I actually fell asleep and the meditation ended, or if I stayed awake and there was just a bit of silence. 

But as mentioned these are just suggestions and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t download this app. Look, even now I’m going to give a positive as I can’t come up with any negatives anymore! The app is suitable for beginners to advanced! It’s so approachable they even have a kids’ program.

How does calm meditation app score?


The pricing is 70 US$ for a year, which is a bit steep for where I’m living, but maybe it isn’t for other countries. I actually subscribed myself when there was a 50% discount and that was totally worth it! For the full price I’d still do it, but like I said, in rural Portugal this is quite a bit of money. You can also opt for the lifetime subscription which is 399 US$.


As said, they have a great library of content and they are absolutely amazing in what they do! There is so much to find here that you will never run out of meditation to do. I haven’t experienced everything myself just yet, but that’s shows how big the app is.


I think most people will just use the app itself, but while writing this article I found out there are actually different ways of using the platform! You can stream it on different devices like Chromecast, or you can listen to it through your computer. This makes the application complete in my eyes! There are a couple of meditations that are visual as well, and those are just nicer when you can watch it on the big screen.

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  1. Alyse

    I love this Calm Meditation app for helping me get to sleep. Thank you for a great review.

    1. Virendra

      Great that you are liking it Alyse!

  2. Thimo

    Hey Virendra,
    thanks for your thoughts.
    I personally used some meditation apps in the past, calm is one of them and defenitely one of the best. I personally think the app is great especially for two types of people:
    – Beginners of meditative practices: They can listen to different teachers and get different outlooks on certain practices
    – People who seek calmness: Besides having the opportunity to get into meditative practices, you can listen to calming music and stories with a spiritual background

    What apps would you recommend for beginners (besides calm) or would calm be your first choice?

    1. Virendra

      Hi Thimo, Calm would defenitely be a good place to star. Although, if you are a real beginner, I would probably go for the HeadSpace app.This one is more basic and is quite nicely made for people just starting out with their meditation practice. However, I tested it myself, and for me it was not advanced enough for my practice. I also missed certain things, like words of wisdom and such.

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