If you are one of those people who’d like to ink themselves, within this article I’ll show you some great inspiration for your own! I’ve designed my own tattoo based on my spirit animals and I feel that it’s going to stick with me for quite a while.

Well, of course, it’s a tattoo, it’s not like it’s going to vanish of course.

That said, when you decide you’d like to get a tattoo, I always suggest to go with something that’s ageless and fits your life. There’s nothing better than putting a story on your body.

And is it against the yoga philosophy? I’ve never read any story that it’s not yoga. The only thing I can imagine that it’s not really Ahimsa, as you are deliberately hurting yourself.

Kundalini Awakening

The first one is if you’d like to go for a big ass tattoo. Maybe do this one if you are already full of ink. You know what it’s like and you will be able to pull it through.

With this one I wouldn’t go small as the meaning would get lost. The ideal place would be on your spine, which is said where the kundalini energy flows through when awakened.

As an option (yes, we yoga teachers do like our different options) you can also include the chakras as well. Although, the snake itself already might be enough for some people.

OM – Of course

At first I didn’t feel like including any cliché tattoos in this article. But when I ran into this one I was completely amazed.

It’s alright if you’d like to go for the Om sign on your body, I just felt to go with some really exceptional tattoos for the purpose of this article.

And, you know, this one is quite exceptional.

It shows that you don’t always have to go for the design everyone goes for. It’s bold, but at the same time very stylish.

So, think outside the box and try to see what kind of creative things you could do with something as simple as the Om-sign!

Being Grounded

Tree pose is probably also one that is used quite often. Although, mostly the leaves of the tree are printed rather than the roots.

What I liked about this tattoo is that it has both sides.

My own yoga teacher always said that you can’t reach for the sky if you don’t have great roots.

Translated: you can’t raise your intuition if you aren’t grounded as well. It’s like the duality that we’re always living in.

And on top of that, the person in tree pose isn’t just a bland figure either, these kinds of details are quite hard for a tattoo artist. So, be sure that you pick a great one if you’d like to do some tiny little details.

Just Breath

For those who’d like to keep it simple and small. Go for a small quote or just a word. You can do this one underneath here, but you can also go for Namaste.

The same as before though, you can be as creative as you’d like. And these tattoos are also great to design yourself. You only have to open up your text editor and choose a crazy (or not so crazy) font.

Did you know by the way that you can add fonts into your computer as well? You can download different fonts from dafont.com and put it in the right folder. There are some tutorials about it, but let’s keep this page on topic, right?

From Mud To Flower

The lotus is also a very often used symbol when it comes down to tattoos. And it’s actually really versatile as well. You can go with something that depicts the real version of a lotus. Or you can go with something cartoony. It’s all up to you.

This person went with a more graphical design of a lotus and it’s working quite well for her!

It’s also not that big, which is also great about the lotus. You can make it as big or as small as possible.

When you’ve got a job where you can’t really expose any tattoos, this might be a great one to put on your ankle for example. On the job, you’ll probably be wearing shoes the entire time.

Just For Funny Yogis

If you are more the funny type of yogi, or you just like a good joke. And on top of that, you don’t mind if it sticks onto you for the rest of your life. Then a tattoo like this might be something for you.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Batman and Robin, and there are also many partner-poses to choose from. You can put Iron Man and Spider-Man into plank poses on top of each other for example.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be something out of a comic. You can also include your favorite Disney characters.

Just be sure that you pick that style that fits with you and really represents you.

Mine would be Alice and the Cheshire cat, although I do think that cat is quite a supportive character.

Spirit Animals

This one reminded me a bit of my own tattoo where I included my spirit animals.

And I also have to be honest that I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t run into this tattoo earlier.

What do you think about combining your spirit animal with your favorite position?

Or even better, your most hated position! Did you know that this position might be the one that you’d need the most? What an amazing experience wouldn’t it be if you’d overcome your fears, anxiety, etc. and be able to enjoy the asana that you avoid.

And then put it in stone for ever!

I Know What I’d Like, What’s Next?

If you’ve thought about a yoga tattoo design, the next step comes. If you are very creative and a good drawer, try creating one yourself. I did it with mine and it was absolutely amazing.

When you are creating something you are truly involved in what you are putting on your body. Giving you more pleasure from your tattoo.

If you can’t draw or you’re not that creative, look for a tattoo artist that is great in bringing your idea to life.

What you’ve got to do for this is to be really clear on what you actually want. Bring some examples of pictures, try to draw a little bit, even if you are not that great.

The clearer you are, the better the design will be.

And then the final step: putting it onto your body!

I’m not going to describe what it’s like, just to make sure I don’t put you off.

And for now,

Nama-stay wonderful!

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