‘Tis the Season to be jolly, unfortunately, this doesn’t always count for our belly. Quite often the Holiday season is a bit of an attack on our digestive system.

Well, not for all of us, but if you are experience things like IBS or other conditions, the Holidays can be a disaster. Well, the days themselves won’t be, but the aftermath…

In this yoga sequence, we’ll be doing yoga poses that will stimulate the meridians of the intestines. Of course, when we are doing yoga it’s holistic, so this means that the poses you do, will always have an effect on your whole being.

Taking A Closer Look at This Sequence

As you might see, there are a lot of shoulder openers here. This is not a big surprise. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, the meridian for the large intestines is paired up with the Lung meridian.

So, isn’t that nice, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone!

This sequence itself will go really deep though. In the days after recording this sequence, I’ve gone through some emotional things myself. Maybe it was also not the best thing to do on a full moon, but hey, I wasn’t really aware of that.

But it’s always good to know that these meridians are also connected with emotions of grief and sadness. And it can go really deep into feelings of depression.

I’m not saying that you will experience things like this. Just be aware that when you feel a bit more sensitive after this class it’s because of the yoga.

Therefore it would be very good to do this one in the evening. Although, the perfect time would be between 5 AM and 7 AM. This is the time that the meridian of the intestines is active.

I’m not such a big morning person myself, so I actually just do it a bit more in the evening.

This sequence is also great for beginners as I’m giving enough options for everyone to follow!

Why Can You Get Emotional Doing Yin Yoga?

I’ve mentioned already that this sequence might get you a bit emotional. And it’s just not for this sequence, it’s probably for all the sequences out there!

So, I’d like to zoom in a bit on the reason why we feel what we feel during our yoga sequence. And it happens to the best of us!

But why does it really happen?

Well, there are different reasons why these things are happening.

First of all, yoga and meditation always have been a bit of a self-reflective system. It means that while you go into certain positions and while you are breathing, that things might come up.

We aren’t really used to it anymore, but there’s actually a lot going on when we go into silence. Nowadays it’s all about watching television, doing work, socializing and so on.

All of these things are keeping us from all these emotions and memories that we are bottling up. Are you still surprised that there are so many people with depressions?!

Another reason is that you are actually unblocking some of your meridians. Making them all cleared up again. This also means that you have to go through these blockages, which are caused by emotions.

And there are actually also other reasons why you might get emotional, but for now, let’s keep it at this!

What Should I Do When I Experience Strong Emotions During My Yoga Practice?

And then comes the next question, what to do when you feel a little bit emotional?

Well, there’s not that many that you can do. Just make sure that you don’t put them away again for another 5 years.

There are some other things that you can do for sure. They will cost you your comfort zone, but don’t worry about that. Sometimes you just have to leave that zone anyway!

If you are starting out with yoga, you might just want to keep the emotion going. Whatever it is, just express it. If you are in a studio, this might be a bit more challenging. Then you might take it inside and visualize it.

And with this I mean that you can act it out in your imagination.

And if that doesn’t work, go to the bathroom or outside. Yoga teachers are used to these kinds of things. As long as you return to say that you are fine, of course, otherwise they might come looking for you.

When you dive deeper into your emotions, you’ll figure out other things.

You might become aware that you are not identifying with your emotions anymore.

The next bit will be a bit harder to explain, but I’ll do my best. And if there’s something you don’t understand or that raises questions, please leave a comment in the section down below.

What I want to say about not identifying with your emotions, is that you’ll still feel them, but you won’t unify with them.

It’s a bit like watching someone cry. You feel sorry for them and you want to hug them, but you are not this person.

This is the state that you want to achieve. That you can watch your emotions from a distance, without really putting a judgment on them. And also without going into them as well.

That’s better said than done, of course, achieving this state might take you a very long time. But don’t worry, by maintaining your practice, you’ll be achieving it for sure!


Well, this article got a bit longer than I had anticipated. I actually was just going to share the video and leave it at that.

As you can see things always turn out differently than you had imagined! And that’s also perfectly fine.

I think this will be my last article for this year, so I hope you have enjoyed reading this and that you’ll have a great beginning of the New Year!

All that rests for me to say is to

Nama-Stay Wonderful in the year 2021!

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