Tis the season to be jolly, you’ll be hearing in a couple of months. I know I’m a bit early, but better early than do your Christmas shopping until the latest moment, am I right? Well, it depends on who you are of course. I’m always someone who had his gifts already a few months before I had to give them. Just to be sure that they’re going to be in stock. Nothing as bad as not being able to give that beloved person what he or she wished for! Here are some holiday gift ideas for yogis!

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Yogis

If you are a yogi or you know someone who is a big fanatic of yoga, then this list of yoga Christmas gifts is ideal for you to pick something from! Not only are they carefully picked, but there is something for almost everyone! And besides that, they’re not just great to give during the holidays. But they are also great for your friend, family, kids, … birthdays too.

Let’s begin with the joy of giving and talk about some great yoga gifts for your beloved!

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

These eco-friendly yoga mats make up for a great holiday gift for your friends or family that are doing yoga. They are almost guilt-free and good for the environment!

Cork Yoga Mats

Ecological yoga mats have been trending for a while now. And it makes sense, if you are living a life of awareness, it’s hard not to think about the environment as well. A lot of these mats are made out of cork. Which is quite a nice and durable material to use. Not only makes it your mat non-slippery, but it can also breathe, so it’s also more hygienic. Cork is coming back to life again, and it’s been used in many products at the moment. These are organic yoga mats, so when you leave them hanging around in nature, at some point they will be dissolved, so be aware of where you put your mat ;).

Recycled Plastic Mats

It sounds a bit weird at the beginning, knowing that your yoga mat is made from recycled plastic. But with these yoga mats you can make a big contribution by cleaning up the planet. Have you ever thought where the plastic we use goes? Well, most of it goes into the ocean and a lot of organisms suffer because of it. Instead of just throwing it in the ocean, there are people who are gathering plastic and making sure that it gets a different purpose. Like these yoga mats. The only problem with these mats is that they aren’t fully bio-degradable.

Jute Yoga Mats

Jute as material for a yoga mat is not that common. However, there are more manufacturers picking this material. I know the jute material from the rugs of course, but they’ve also been made into mats now. Not only is it made from organic materials, but they are also very durable and they are made to last for a while. These organic yoga mats make sure that you get a good grip for poses like downward facing dog. But another positive side about having an organic yoga mat is that when you do a pose where you have to lie on your mat, you won’t be breathing in any toxic material.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Accessories


This list will have a bit of everything, if you’ve read the different topics above, you’ll know that there will be a cork yoga block and a recycled yoga block (made of recycled plastic, not one that’s already been used before ;)). Personally I love using cork yoga blocks, you can read in this article why. And somehow it’s always been a great gift to get, personally. Somehow I always forget to gift myself a yoga block and I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to use it at home. The yoga studio I went to, always had yoga blocks available. But the moment I received one for Christmas a couple of years ago, I knew what I was missing for my home practice!


These straps are a little bit different, they are ecological, but they are made from organic cotton. This means that they don’t have any toxic material inside of them, but they still have the stretch to get you in your favorite yoga pose! More information about straps you’ll find here.

If you don’t like to use cotton, there’s also a strap made out of Hemp. I’ve seen them before, but somehow there aren’t a lot of companies making straps from hemp. Even though that hemp is actually really resiliant and will not snap that easily. And besides that, a yoga strap normally should be quite wide to make sure that it doesn’t slip, nor that you will get stretch marks.

Yoga Bags

For Her

Another nice gift to give your beloved yogi friend, or even your partner, is a nice looking yoga bag. This way she can walk, cycle or run to her favorite yoga class. Later down in the article there will also be some yoga bags specifically for men. I’m talking about yoga bags now, and not those small yoga slings. The latter is great for when you have to walk a couple of feet, but when you are on the go, it’s quite likely that you’ll be carrying other things than just your yoga mat.

For Him

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to find some yoga bags for him AND for her, so for now, you won’t be able to go to your yoga class with your beloved partner with a matching yoga bag. Of course, you can always go for a neutral design, but I didn’t find any bags that were particularly my choice to go to my yoga class with. There are quite a few amazing, especially for men, yoga bags with a very cool print, to make you stand out a bit.

Yoga Related Gifts

Of course, there is more to the yoga life than just a yoga mat and some props. Whether it’s going from some divine figurines to essential oils. Of course, there are some gifts that you can’t impossibly do wrong with, and those I will mention here!

Essential Oils

What I’ve enjoyed the most of all, and it actually wasn’t a gift from someone else, but a gift that I gave to myself! I can’t do without my oil diffuser. It’s such a nice experience to smell that delicious odor of the oils that I’m putting in it. In the beginning I was a bit sceptical, as I didn’t really got into the whole essential oil thing, but I’m appreciating it more and more. Some oils that I absolutely can’t do without is Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.

Holiday gift of essential oil

Lavender has a nice scent, and it brings a relaxing effect with it. I use this one mostly in my bedroom, I put the diffuser on for an hour and when it’s time to sleep, I turn it off. By this time I feel so relaxed and I don’t have any problems falling asleep.

Tea Tree I always use when I’m feeling a bit under the weather. You know, those days when you feel that the bacteria are taking over your whole house? Tea Tree has a disinfecting effect, which means you will feel the air getting purified while using your oil diffuser. Not only that, but during those days, I also put a little extra in the laundry machine, just to make sure that my clothes are sterile as well. I’m not such a clean freak, but the smell together with the proporties this oil has, makes me feel instantly better.

Eucalyptus Oil is the one I use when I’m having a cold or when I have sinusitis (again), together with using my Neti Pot. A couple of drops in the diffuser, and the machine close to me, makes my nose open instantly. Sometimes I also put a drop on my pillowcase or right underneath my nose. However, direct skin contact isn’t advisable with this essential oil.

The Gift of Essential Oils

A good thing to look out for when you are buying essential oils is that they are organic. Most of the oils are concentrated plant based material, but if those plants are mixed together with all the chemicals sprayed upon them, they lose their effects.

There is nothing more special than an essential oils gift basket!

Funny Yoga Gifts

And of course there is always someone who is the funny gifter. You know, that one person that doesn’t really know what to get the other and then decides to give a funny quoted T-shirt or something? Well, yoga has them too, however, there’s a twist on it. These gifts are funny to look at, but they are also functional and besides a good laugh, they are actually usable as well. This means that these gifts aren’t going to end up on someone’s shelf.

Here’s something for our baker yogis! They’ve manifactured all kinds of yoga poses into a cookie cutter. This means that you can make your guilt-free vegan, nutfree, sugarfree, dairyfree, and whatever-free cookies. Besides that, it’s a gift that you can give to mommie yogis, to inspire their kids to make their, you know, cookies. With these cookie cutters you’ll lighten up the yoga studio after your class as well.

And if you can’t get enough of looking at these ultimate gifts for yogis that I’ve been posting here, here’s something else. This one is something for with your friends. So this item can’t be missed for all those who love to have a sip of wine at the end of the day. I wouldn’t recommend to do it right after a yoga class, but after a couple of hours it can’t hurt to pour yourself a glass. This is also ideal to have when you organise yoga classes among your friends. Very casual and it’s still on topic!

The Gift of Tea

And now, for the moment supreme! One gift you absolutely can’t do anything wrong with! Something that every yogi loves, something that every yogi craves! TEA! Yes, you’ve heard me right, every yogi loves his tea! And besides that, it’s also a great Holiday gift as the winter will be cold. So if you can’t seem to find anything fitting here, then you can play it safe and just give a package of tea. It’s a bit like going to someone’s house for dinner and you bring the wine. It’s highly appreciated and you can’t do anything wrong with it. Of course, we are going to make it a bit more special, so here are my recommendations:

holiday gift for yogis


I’ve named here many products and many ideas to give to a special person. Of course, there are more things that are nice to give that I couldn’t mention here. But if you browse through this website, you might find something else. Maybe you’d like to go on a retreat with someone, or maybe you want to send someone away to completely relax (whether that the traveler is going to relax or you, that’s something for you to decide). 

It might also be that you might be interested in getting your partner to go with you to your yoga class. Therefore we also have some reviews available for men. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than to drag your man into enlightenment?

There is absolutely something for everyone. I hope you’ll like the things that I’ve spoken about here and that you’ve found your perfect Holiday gift to give! But for now, I’m going to put on my diffuser and do a little meditation.

Nama-stay wonderful Everyone!