Today it felt like the summer began here already in Portugal. Temperatures are climbing and it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a couple of weeks. What better way to find some techniques to cool yourself down than yoga, you say?

Well, let’s have a look at some great easy yoga tricks to cool your body down. This doesn’t just apply for those hot days, but they’re also amazing to get your body temperature back to normal after your workout!

Yoga To Cool Down

Alright, it’s crazy hot and there’s no pool to be found. Who you gonna call? Well, I can say that the Ghostbusters aren’t the answer to your problem here. You call your favorite yoga teacher for some advice! Or you can just keep on reading this article to find some poses and pranayama techniques to help you out ;).

First of all, I’d like to start with a little disclaimer. As I don’t want you to freeze your body. Alright, that’s not going to happen anyway. But I do have to add that these exercises and breathing techniques aren’t going to be suitable for people with respiratory diseases or low blood pressure.

5 Cooling Asanas

Childs Pose (Balasana)

I’ve talked about this asana already in my article about adjusting asanas for people with overweight. But I’ll mention it again here, as for now, we won’t be doing the adjusted version. If you are interested though, feel free to click this link.

This position is quite amazing to cool yourself down. It might look like this would actually make you warm as you are curling up yourself. But as this is a resting position, your body has the time and chance to lower its temperature a little.

Childs pose for overweight people

You can do this asana wherever, whenever, and how long you’d like. That’s the beauty of it. Especially when you’ve built up a sweat and your heart is pumping, this is a great one to do. Going back into a fetus-like position comforts you and your body and you’ll feel relaxed and chilled in no-time.

It’s also a very easy position. You crouch down all the way until you end up on your knees. You put your feet together, knees a bit wider until they are about hip-width apart. Then you put your forehead on the mat.

Regarding the arms, you’ve got two options: Or you put them in front of you, or you put them next to your body. Whatever position you choose, they should always be inactive. You won’t be using any arm muscles.

Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

I always love the way that hip-openers are cooling you down as well. I’m not sure why though, but every time I do them it feels like a soothing chill vibrates into my body.

It sounds a bit like Mojo, but try it out yourself and you’ll see ;).

For this position you’ve got to sit on the mat, bringing your feet towards you while the feet are touching. A great piece of advice: If you don’t want to hurt your knees, don’t pull your legs. Lift your buttocks off from the ground with your hands and move your buttocks towards the feet.

Normally you should feel a little pull in your hips, now. If you’d like a bit of an intenser stretch, you can decide to bend forward a little. Quick note, you won’t be able to bend that deeply, so don’t get too frustrated that you are only moving a couple of inches.

The hands should be around your feet as well, to give you that little pull-down.

An option as well, and a great one to create a little draft to cool yourself down, is to wave your knees up and down.

Legs Up The Wall

This one is great to give your legs some rest after a hike or a run. But also just in general to let your body get a little rest.

It’s not that hard to do, you only need a wall, hence why it’s called legs up the wall.