If you’ve been a returning visitor to my website, you might have noticed that I’m a follower of Osho and his meditation. If you are new here, then now you know ;). We’ve all probably seen Wild, Wild, Country on Netflix and we’ve all got our own opinions formed. And if you are a true yogi, you’ve let go of that opinion 0:).

Truth said I’ve made it into the third episode of the series and then I stopped watching it. I’m surrounded by a lot of his followers who’ve all been on the ranch and they all tell different stories of their time there. Some are good, some are bad. But I realized for myself that I wasn’t a part of that, and all that matters is how he made me feel. His meditations helped me a lot on my yoga journey. To cope with a lot of things. And for that I’m grateful.

Osho festivals around the world

Osho Sannyasins

The followers of Osho are called Osho sannyasins. And it means that they’ve all chosen to lead a life of awareness and joy. What I feel that most of these groups of people, and I’m one of them, have in common is that they radiant love. Every time I meet sannyasins I feel welcomed and supported. It’s like being part of a big family.

Osho festivals around the world

This is why I love going to Osho festivals. In the first place I do it for myself, of course, there’s nothing better than meditating in big groups as you’ll all be helping to lift each other. It’s like big waves joining together to form a giant wave. But then in a good way of course. Big waves tend to be a bit destructive.

And besides that, I love visiting these festivals as I always feel that I’m welcomed.

Therefore, I hope to be able to share this feeling with many others and I’ve listed a couple of festivals here that are worth visiting!

If you haven’t done any of the Osho Active Meditations yet, this might also be a great opportunity to start exploring them.

Osho Festival Denmark

Osho Risk is an amazing Osho community. They don’t just offer one festival a year, but they offer two a year! It’s not such a big community, therefore it’s very great to familiarize yourself with Osho Sannyasins. I know that there are still living a lot of people in the area as well who are making a part of the community as well, but the festival itself isn’t that massive.

So, if you are looking to go into the whole big meditation vibe, you won’t find that here. But what you will find is a lot of great talks, intimate meetings and it’s basically like a family gathering. You know, where you’ll see all your uncles and aunts and they squeeze you in the cheek to say how tall you’ve grown. However, it’s a spiritual family, and the difference is that there will be a lot of awareness.

So no bragging about the promotion you’ve just got at work, just a lot of deep talks about your feelings and how you can change your view onto certain situations.

Besides the festival, they have also a lot of workshops to offer if that is something more for you. The workshops are very specific, so they might bring you deeper than a couple of meditations on a festival. Also, check out the meditation retreats that they offer!

Osho Festival Italy

Osho Experience is already a bigger festival. A lot of people will gather for this event. The only thing that I don’t like about this festival that it’s taking place in a conference hall. It takes a bit of the community feeling away. Especially as almost all the other places that are organizing Osho Festivals are more in nature, or organized by communities.

Osho Experience does give a complete package of course and they always have great facilitators making the festival happen. There are so many workshops and meditation to attend that you’ll be replenished fully in those four days!

What I also like about this festival is that they’re having a sannyasin celebration. This is a special event for all the new meditators out there that are willing to take the step of becoming sannyas. I’ve had mine a couple of years ago (even though I was already practicing the meditations) and it was the best experience I had in my life, so far ;).

Osho Festival Argentina

This festival will take place in Cordoba, Argentina. It’s one that is especially for the Spanish speaking people. Luckily I speak Portuguese, which makes it a bit easier for me to understand Spanish as well. So, if you are a Spanish student, this might be an excellent opportunity to practice your Español.

However, a lot of the older Osho Sanyassins do speak English. They’ve been traveling the world to go from community to community (a lot of them anyway) which means that they’ve picked up a thing or two. Make sure that you announce that you don’t speak Spanish before they start explaining, and if the facilitator doesn’t speak English, make sure you find someone that can translate.

It’s not the most refined festival, but that’s not always necessary when we are talking about meditation. Most of the time you’ll be having your eyes closed anyway. The thing that you’ll experience is a sense of community, as that is what it is about.

Osho Festival Greece

On the island of Lesbos, there’s also an Osho community called Osho Afroz. They have a great location and the facilitators that are leading most of the meditations and workshops at this festival are great as well! Because this center is always open there are many more things going on besides a festival.

So, if you are not that much into the festival mood, then it might be good to check out their website and see if there is something else that you’d be interested in.

Besides the daily meditations, they also have great musicians available too to make the festival not just about meditation, but also about celebration. That’s what Osho’s philosophy was about as well. Not only to live life but also to enjoy life to it’s fullest by celebrating every moment you have.


There are many more Osho festivals than just the four that I’ve mentioned here. But these are the ones that are the most attractive to me. If you’d like, the Osho center in Pune is still open and you can still go there to see where the guru Osho himself has lived. It certainly is a great place, but I have to say that for me, his spirit is everywhere around. So, if you don’t have the time or money to travel to India, but you do want to do some meditations by Osho, then one of these festivals will do perfectly fine.

And in this article, I’ve said a bit more about some great spiritual festivals in Europe as well. My ultimate favorite Osho festival you’ll be able to find here, as I already had spoken about it, I didn’t feel like copying it into this page.

Have you ever been to an Osho festival that you’d like to mention? Please put it down below in the comment section!

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Mark

    I must Admit that I was not aware of Osho Festivals. I started Meditation about 2 years ago now as part of my therapy around depression and anxiety. The meditation I practice is more about relaxing in to the now and being aware of my own body and space. I am not even sure that this is the same as other forms of meditation. I also try to practice mindfulness and I have found it a great tool when dealing with anger? I live in the UK and mental health as well as spiritual well being have not been at the forefront until recently. Do you know if there are any of these kinds of festivals over here in the UK? I know that a lot of people will dismiss meditation and the benefits on health but I can honestly say that getting your mind in focus,  can really help you body. Thanks for letting me know about these festivals. I found your post very interesting. Mark

    1. Virendra

      Hi Mark,

      Great you’ve found the path to meditation! Have you already read my article about yoga and anxiety as well? I’ve also had my share of anxiety when I was a bit younger, and mostly because of yoga and meditation made it that I am completely panic attack free now! Here is a great website about spiritual festivals in the UK, I think they’ll be great for you to connect with other people.

  2. Taetske

    Good Morning Virendra,

    I have never been to an Osho Festival and think it would probably be very nice to assist. Meditation can heal a lot of problems people have.

    I have my own meditation spot in the garden. A small stone bench at a big fishpond under a very big old tree. It is very peaceful sitting there. You can disconnect from your daily worries and connect with Mother Earth. Sitting there for a little while you will recharge your batteries.

    As I live in the south of Spain the weather is mostly nice enough to be able to meditate outside in nature.

    Have you heard of Damanhur in the North of Italy? They have a sacred forest with plants that make music, a very special place.

    Regards Taetske

    1. Virendra

      Hi Taetske,

      Great to hear that you are one of the lucky ones who are able to have a meditation space outside in nature :D. I do have to say that I’ve never heard of Damanhur, it will be great to look into this one as well and make a review about it after I went! Thanks for the suggestion and enjoy your meditation space!

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