Sweet sweet France. Besides some of the world’s greatest cheeses, you can also go to France for a couple of great hikes. France itself is quite versatile, you’ve got mountains, you’ve got beaches, you’ve got flat terrain and you’ve got lakes. It has it all! Oh and let’s not forget that they’ve got great wines as well.

But now, why would you want to go on a hiking and yoga retreat? Well, that’s simple, with yoga you get a deeper connection with yourself, and through hiking, you’ll get a deeper connection with nature. Especially if you’re working a 9 to 5 job, it might be good to go for a couple of hikes to make sure that your body gets some movement.

And above all, it’s great to go hiking in a group as you’ll meet great people and you don’t have to be worried to get lost. For this reason, I always advise to go hiking in a group or at least with a couple of people. Nothing as scary as getting lost at a place you don’t know.

But here they are, my pick for you, a couple of amazing hiking and yoga retreats in France!

#1 Hike And Yoga Near Nice

retreat near nice
Visit Nice after your Yoga Retreat 🙂

The Frog’s House
Prices start from US$ 984
Available March – November

What a lovely beginning to start this article, the Frog’s house. This retreat is near Nice, one of the bigger cities in France and near the beach. However, this place is a bit further away from the beach, but you can always decide to visit this city after your trip! St.-Jeannet is a small medieval city in the mountains.

Because the retreat is lying on hilly terrain, the hikes will be tough if you’re not used to hiking. You don’t need to have a lot of experience, but it is advised to make sure that you do a little bit of training before. This especially to train those calf muscles. Walking up and down is putting some stress on those muscles and you will feel them if you are not used to it. 

Luckily there are two yoga classes a day to make sure that you will get a proper stretch before and after you did the hike. Combining yoga and hiking is a great combination to make sure that you won’t get that sore on your trip.

And besides this, they also have to offer amazing food that they try to get locally as much as possible, you’ll do a couple of excursions and there is even a wine sampling included in your trip.

That makes this yoga retreat a complete experience. Just make sure that you drink your wine mindfully ;).

#2 Hike And Wine Retreat Occitania

hiking place france
Picture by SemperEquus on Bookretreats.com