Sweet sweet France. Besides some of the world’s greatest cheeses, you can also go to France for a couple of great hikes. France itself is quite versatile, you’ve got mountains, you’ve got beaches, you’ve got flat terrain and you’ve got lakes. It has it all! Oh and let’s not forget that they’ve got great wines as well.

But now, why would you want to go on a hiking and yoga retreat? Well, that’s simple, with yoga you get a deeper connection with yourself, and through hiking, you’ll get a deeper connection with nature. Especially if you’re working a 9 to 5 job, it might be good to go for a couple of hikes to make sure that your body gets some movement.

And above all, it’s great to go hiking in a group as you’ll meet great people and you don’t have to be worried to get lost. For this reason, I always advise to go hiking in a group or at least with a couple of people. Nothing as scary as getting lost at a place you don’t know.

But here they are, my pick for you, a couple of amazing hiking and yoga retreats in France!

#1 Hike And Yoga Near Nice

retreat near nice
Visit Nice after your Yoga Retreat 🙂

The Frog’s House
Prices start from US$ 984
Available March – November

What a lovely beginning to start this article, the Frog’s house. This retreat is near Nice, one of the bigger cities in France and near the beach. However, this place is a bit further away from the beach, but you can always decide to visit this city after your trip! St.-Jeannet is a small medieval city in the mountains.

Because the retreat is lying on hilly terrain, the hikes will be tough if you’re not used to hiking. You don’t need to have a lot of experience, but it is advised to make sure that you do a little bit of training before. This especially to train those calf muscles. Walking up and down is putting some stress on those muscles and you will feel them if you are not used to it. 

Luckily there are two yoga classes a day to make sure that you will get a proper stretch before and after you did the hike. Combining yoga and hiking is a great combination to make sure that you won’t get that sore on your trip.

And besides this, they also have to offer amazing food that they try to get locally as much as possible, you’ll do a couple of excursions and there is even a wine sampling included in your trip.

That makes this yoga retreat a complete experience. Just make sure that you drink your wine mindfully ;).

#2 Hike And Wine Retreat Occitania

hiking place france
Picture by SemperEquus on Bookretreats.com

Prices start from US$ 735
Available All-Year-Round

How about mixing business with pleasure? On this hiking and yoga retreat, you’ll be walking pieces of the Camino de Santiago and go on a wine tasting! And of course, you’ll be doing yoga as well.

For five days long you’ll be spoiled by some good food, great sceneries, and amazing yoga classes. And to make sure you’re not gaining weight during this trip, you’ll be doing a lot of hiking as well.

The retreat itself is in Eauze, which lies in the south-west of France. It’s not in the Pyrenees just yet, so this hiking trip is suitable for everyone. The hikes will between 10 and 25 kilometers long. But you’ll also have an option to take a shorter route if 25 sounds a bit too much. You’ll be going on 3 hikes that are passing through some villages, to give you an idea of the local culture as well.

And about the yoga: every morning you’ll get a session of pranayama to make sure you’ll get energized to go on your hike!

As you’ll be always coming back to the same location you won’t be having to pack a lot of things to take with you during your walks. This makes it a bit easier as you don’t have anything to carry on your back and you can just relax. The only thing you might need to take is some water and some snacks when you are on your way.

For more information about this great retreat, you can click here.

#3 Castle Yoga Retreat in Celon

retreat in castle
Not the actual castle you'll be staying at though. Click on image if you'd like to see where you'll be at!

Prices start from US$ 578
Dates: Sept. 17th – 20th
Oct. 22 – 25th

Besides Paris, you don’t hear a lot about central France. This is a shame as there is so much beauty to discover in the middle as well. And this retreat even has something very special to offer: you’ll be staying in a CASTLE! How amazing is that? 

Alright, it might not be the biggest castle, but it’s still quite authentic and when you’re sleeping in their rooms, you’ll be having for sure the medieval experience! Only for this you just have to go.

And there are other great things as well of course. You’ll be getting a lot of yoga each day! The only thing I didn’t like about the program that it’s quite full, so after your hike, you might like to enjoy some rest. Luckily there is a 30-minute massage included in this package, which means you’ll be able to relax those muscles after your hike!

Overall, this is a great experience, especially if you’re a fan of castles. And if you’d like more information, you can just click here to see what else they have to offer for you.


That’s about it for this article, if you are a fan of hiking then there are a couple of great choices for you to pick from. If you’re not that much into hiking, you can also have a look at this map to see if there is anything else that might interest you. We’ve got about everything, retreats for men, luxury retreats and many more!

But for now,

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Rodarrick

    As much as I would love to explore all these options because they all smell of fun and interesting things but then, it would be better for me to just stay off it based on the prices. I prefer to just pick only one from the list here and the one I think is still more budget friendly is theGuillestre, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Thanks

  2. Jessie

    Thank you so much for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed this post a lot!  I have been wondering where to go for a good yoga retreat, for both my wife and myself!  I did not have to get far in your list before I knew which one was best for us, and that’s the Guillestre, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.  A ten day retreat would be good for us spiritually and emotionally.  Thank you!

    1. Virendra

      You’re welcome Jessie and enjoy your trip!

  3. Kylie

    Wow! Outstanding retreats. Certainly can provide a wonderful experience by following the program.

    I am personally interested in The Frog’s House program! Because I love yoga plus hiking for enjoying the nature and beauty of the landscape of France. $ 888 is not too expensive in my opinion, however, I want to be sure in advance for what kind of package and benefits that i receive if I take the program?

    Thanks Virendra

    1. Virendra

      Hi Kyle, thank you for reaching out, the next things are included in the arrangement:

      4 nights accommodationDaily yoga sessions in a stunning environmentA day of well-being with a sound bathGuided tour of the medieval and authentic village of Saint-JeannetVisit of the Chapelle du Rosaire from French artist Henri MatisseHiking trips, in the surrounding local hills, or in a local canyon to enjoy swimming in waterfalls during summer daysScenic drive to the perched village of Tourettes dailyGuided tours of the old city of AntibesHomemade organic breakfastsFrench cuisine cooking classCheese and wine tasting

      What’s not included:

      Airfare Airport/train station transfers (available at extra cost)Additional activities other than specified (excursions on arrival and departure days. But if you have time you can join for extra cost)Lunches when eating out in local restaurants Entrance to museums Personal expensesDinners

      Hope that’s enough information, please reach out if you have more questions 🙂

  4. Benson

    Hello Virendra, hiking is one of the things i love doing on vacations and France happens to be one of the nicest places I have read about over time. I have heard a lot about Paris, but truly seeing a much different place in France would make a difference and that is why I have chosen the Celonia. It would be a pleasure to visit this place and have the experience. Best regards.

    1. Virendra

      That’s great to hear Benson, thank you for reaching out! There are many great places in France, and as public transport in France is quite alright, maybe you can even visit the capital as well before or after your retreat 😉

  5. KingAndrea

    I’ve always enjoyed reading about France because it is a place with so many attractions that makes it a place many people loves to visit. Yoga and hiking retreats in France will really be interesting, I love the options here, they are quite justifiable to tge amount they charge. I’ll share this with my wife maybe sometime we can visit France.

    1. Virendra

      That’s great to hear! There are even more retreats to be found on my website, there are couple retreats and luxury retreats, maybe that would be something you’d be interested in as well!

  6. Danijel

    Hello Virendra, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Honestly, I enjoy hiking with my friends and you showed here some pretty interesting information. I heard about the castle you mentioned in the text and I really would like to visit it, it looks amazing. I will definitely investigate more about it, thank you for sharing.

    1. Virendra

      You’re very welcome Danijel, enjoy the retreat if you decide to go!

  7. Antonio

    Hi Virendra

    The combination of two of my favourite pastimes seems to be too good to be true. I have always been a keen walker and hiking is second nature to me but Yoga is something recent to which I have recently looked into. You have recommended some beautiful retreats that not only look and sound beautiful but also good for the soul and mind. You can say that these holidays  will be good for the body and the mind. It is not often you find an experience that combines the two.

    I thank you for giving me the option to do so, especially in beautiful France. If you had to choose which option is the best for someone beginning Yoga?



    1. Virendra

      Hi Antonio,

      Thank you for your comment, for you I would recommend SemperEquus, as the emphasis is more on holidays rather than going on a very deep inner journey, which makes it perfect for someone who’s discovering yoga!

      If you decide to go, let us know how it was!

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