Halloween is coming up and that means that a lot of trick-or-treating will be going on in a couple of weeks! This means that it’s an excellent time to be creative with how you are going to open that door and spook off those meddling kids! I’m kidding now of course, but think about it, how great wouldn’t it be to open the door in your Halloween costume while you are doing a wicked easy yoga pose!

In this article I will talk about a couple of poses that are easy for you to do while kids are coming for there treats!

Halloween and Yoga

You normally wouldn’t connect those two together as candy and yoga aren’t such a great combination. But I think it would be a nice idea to have someone open the door while you are in some kind of crazy yoga pose!

Here are a couple of asanas to give you an idea on how to scare other kids while they are ringing your door bell. It is recommended though that you do a little warm up yoga routine first to make sure you’re not gonna pull a muscle.

Beginner’s Yoga Poses for Halloween

#1 Lizard Pose

If you are dressed in some kind of animal or monster, this pose might be an excellent way to make sure you spook some kids. This pose is quite easy to do, you just have to make sure that whenever you are opening the door you use the other leg. This will keep your body into balance. Otherwise you might end up with your hips being unbalanced. Here’s a video on how to go into lizard pose:

This pose is great for your hip flexors, hamstrings and your quads. So while you are opening doors, you are giving a good stretch to your body as well!

#2 Bird of Paradise

This has been my favorite pose for quite a while and it looks so stunning while doing it. Imagine yourself being a witch while opening this door, that must look like real witchcraft!

With this pose you have to be really careful that you are properly warmed up, it causes a lot of stress on the body. This is concidered a more advanced pose, so if you are not that flexible yet, it’s best to skip this one. It’s a great stretch for your shoulders and your hips, but watch out that you don’t overstretch. This pose might be good to do a couple of times, but I don’t recommend it doing it the whole night.

If you can’t stretch your leg, don’t worry about it, it will already look pretty horrific if you just keep your knees bend.

#3 Lion Pose

This one isn’t such a hard one to do but will make sure that the kids will go crazy, especially if you do it with the lion breathing! This pose is actually great for releasing some tension and stress. Because of the sound that you’ll be making, you are creating openess in your body and your mind to be a bit silly and release all the tension that you’ve build up. It’s also a good posture to release neck pain, but that goes pretty much together with the release of tension.

#4 Goddess Pose

As the name itself already says, this is a divine pose! Not only that, but it’s also really easy to do! You just have to be careful that you have good knees as you are putting a lot of wait on your knees in this pose.

This pose is part of the moon salutation, which actually might be a good sequence to do during Halloween. If you’d like to do chandra namaskar, just make sure that you are doing it in the evening. As the name itself is already saying, you are saluting the moon. And to do that, well, you’ve got to have the moon out there. Not only that, but it’s also a more relaxing sequence that you can do a couple of hours before you go to bed.

#5 Half Squat Pose

This might not look like a very terrific pose to do, but this one is also very goo for the hips, and your feet as well. When you are in Half Squat, try to make the prayer pose with your hands as well. In combination with your costume it might look very impressive!

Advanced Yoga Positions Halloween

If you are already in the yoga world for a while, then there are some other things you can do of course. I’ll give here a couple of ideas which positions you can do while opening the door for the kids.

#1 Crow Pose

It took me about a year before I mastered this position. But I do have to say that it might look very spooky if you are in a costume. Some warning though. Make sure that you’re not wearing gloves, or slippery pants when you are going into this position! While you are in this pose you are training your arms and core, so let those muscles work for you before you have your Halloween dinner!

In this video you’ll learn a bit more about how to get into crow pose. However, you can use props as well to get the hang of it. You can use your blocks in two ways if you’d like to learn how to go into this asana.

First you can put your feet on the block and from there on you can put your knees onto your arms or next to your knees. Give it a go!

The second way is to put the block in front of you, where you are probably gonna land your face if you would fall. This is just to make sure that the anxiety part of going into this position gets relieved. Sometimes when going into a pose that looks a bit scary, your mind is actually holding you back. By putting a (soft) block in front of you, you’ll get the feeling that when you’ll fall, you’ll have a soft landing, and therefore have more self-esteem going into this position.

#2 Wheel Pose

This one must have been every kids favorite! You remember the days when you could just do this without having any restrictions, nor fear? Well, if you are advancing in your yoga practice, you might have some fun with this position! It’s a great way of bringing back your childhoos a little and to find that inner spontaneaty again. The only warning I’d like to give is that you have to be careful that you don’t put a lot of pressure on your neck when moving in or out of this position.

#3 Camel Pose

When I was starting out my yoga practice I thought this one was very easy. And in a way it is. The hard part about this part is to do it the right way though! Somehow you’ll be shifting your hips anyway to make the position easier for yourself, but that means that you won’t have the effects as intended. If you are a beginner, please use your wall while going into this position. The advanced ones, face your belly away from the door, and when someone opens the door, bend backward! Spooohoooookyyyyy.

#4 Bow Pose

With this Asana you have to make sure that you are warmed up properly, and especially your lower back. It looks like a very great position to be in, especially if you are able to grab your feet in this position! Try it out if you can do it and scare off those candy eating monsters!

After doing this position, make sure you go into childs pose to release the stress from your lower back.

#5 Downward Facing Dog

This pose itself isn’t such an advanced position, but the three-limb Down Dog is a little bit more advanced. While in down dog you’ll be raising one of your legs and bend your knee. And if you wanna be really funny, you can lower that leg all the way to the floor and lift the opposite arm off the floor and in the air!


That was it for now. I hope you’ll be having a blast at Halloween! Let me know if you’ve done any of these positions or if you’ve done some others that were more suitable for you or your costume.

And for now,

Nama-stay horrific!

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  1. Sylvia Yuchinta

    Hi, I enjoy your article and videos. Very much informative site. Like it!
    and I would love to have some feed on my site if you have time šŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Virendra

      Thank you Sylvia for your comment. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed reading and viewing it šŸ™‚

  2. James

    What a creative idea, yoga for Halloween! Thanks for sharing this post.

    I actually quite enjoy the thought of people doing something a bit different, and evening making Halloween a day to celebrate in a healthy way (with good posture)! I reckon that the Wheel Pose and the Bird of Paradise (or how about ‘Bird of Prey’, just for halloween) would probably be the most surprising or even a little scary.

    Although I’m not sure how easy some of these might be to do whilst opening a door! Either way, these yoga poses could make an interesting set to practice, keeping with the season.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Virendra

      Hi James, it’s quite impossible to do these poses while you are opening the door, this is why I’d suggesting getting a partner in crime ;). Or it’s also nice to go from door to door with your kids, the moment you ring the bell, you strike a pose with your kids and booh!
      The name you suggested is actually great! Maybe I’ll suggest it to all the yogis out there to start using that term šŸ˜‰

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