Peru, with its diverse landscapes ranging from the mystical Andes mountains to the lush Amazon rainforest, provides the ideal backdrop for a yoga retreat. The serene and awe-inspiring natural surroundings offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature, allowing participants to deepen their yoga practice while immersing themselves in the healing energy of the Earth. The pristine environment allows for a profound sense of tranquility and inner peace, making it an ideal setting for self-reflection and personal growth.

Yoga retreats in Peru often incorporate the rich spiritual heritage of the region, blending traditional yoga practices with indigenous wisdom and shamanic rituals. This fusion creates a holistic experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Participants have the chance to explore ancient Incan ruins, such as Machu Picchu, and learn about the profound spiritual significance of these sacred sites, deepening their understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Let’s take a look at some at these amazing and stunning retreats that Peru has to offer.

Yoga retreat near lake titicaca

Sacred Journeys Retreats
Prices start from US$ 1.111
Multiple Dates Available
6 Day Journey

Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Lake Titicaca, this retreat aims to facilitate a deep connection with one’s inner self and Mother Earth. Participants will have the privilege of staying with an indigenous family on Amantani Island, allowing them to immerse themselves in the ancient Pacha Mama Temple and partake in a traditional Despacho Ceremony, an experience that promotes profound spiritual growth and understanding.

Throughout the retreat, participants will enjoy vegan, locally sourced cuisine that nourishes the body and supports the overall sense of well-being. The group size is intentionally kept small, fostering a close-knit community of like-minded individuals dedicated to self-discovery and personal growth.

Led by experienced instructor Angel Amita, this retreat offers guidance in yoga, meditation, chanting, and healing practices. Angel Amita’s extensive experience and deep connection to Peru ensure that participants receive authentic and meaningful spiritual guidance throughout the journey.

Yoga and shamanism retreat in the andes

Entheogens Peru Soul Sanctuary
Prices start from US$ 2.400
Various Dates Available
10-day journey

The Peru Shamanism and Master Plant Medicine Retreat offers a profound spiritual journey that takes participants on pilgrimages to ancient sacred temples, where ancestral ceremonies are conducted in the tradition of ancient Peruvian cultures. The retreat encompasses five different master plant medicines, fostering a deep reconnection with Mother Earth through Andean worldview shamanism. This immersive experience is set in the breathtaking Andes of Peru.

The retreat, led by Maestro Benedicto and conducted primarily in English, includes highlights such as daily yoga classes, Andean shamanic workshops, and meditations at sacred ancient temples. Participants also engage in an ethnopharmacology workshop and receive sacred offerings and blessings from Andean shamans. The program involves pilgrimages to various sacred places, offering insights into Andean Cosmovision and Inca Mythology.

Throughout the retreat, integration is emphasized, allowing participants to process and understand their experiences fully. Fasting is encouraged to facilitate a deeper connection with the master plant medicines.

Women's kiteboarding and yoga retreat

Kite Sisters
Prices start from US$ 3.350
8-day journey

This Kitesurfing and Yoga Holiday in Peru, organized by Kite Sisters, offers an exciting and empowering adventure in Paracas National Reserve. This women’s kiteboarding and yoga camp provides a fantastic opportunity for women of all levels, whether beginners, intermediates, or advanced kiteboarders, to hone their skills and enjoy a rejuvenating yoga practice.

The daily schedule includes energizing yoga sessions, kitesurfing lessons, and exciting excursions such as tours to the Ballestas Islands and thrilling buggy rides and sandboarding in the Paracas Desert. The retreat also includes a welcome dinner and a farewell breakfast, with airport transfers provided for convenience.

The Feminine Kitesurfing and Yoga Holiday in Peru is a well-rounded adventure that combines kitesurfing, yoga, and exciting excursions in the stunning Paracas National Reserve, tailored to different skill levels and designed exclusively for women, while taking care to avoid copyright infringement concerns.

back to nature retreat peru

Tamo Illusion
Prices start from US$ 1.285
Various Dates Available
5-Day Journey

Tambo Ilusion Retreat Center in the Amazon offers a 5-day yoga retreat, celebrated for its tranquil ambiance and accolades like the TripAdvisor 2022 Travelers’ Choice Award. Owned by passionate hosts, Tambo Ilusion promises an enriching “Tambo Ilusion experience” to its guests.

The Accommodations they offer are rustic yet comfortable wooden bungalows with double beds, mosquito netting, private bathrooms, and screened-in verandas. The retreat focuses on eco-friendly practices and provides a genuine countryside home experience rather than a 5-star resort.

Tambo Ilusion Retreat Center in the Amazon offers a serene and rejuvenating yoga retreat, blending yoga, wellness, and nature in a peaceful rainforest environment while taking care to avoid copyright infringement concerns. Guests leave not only refreshed but also with a sense of having contributed to Amazon rainforest conservation.

Ayahuasca Retreat peru

Naturalia Retreat Center
Prices start form US$ 1.290
Various Dates Available
7-day Journey

This program features daily yoga and meditation sessions, shamanic ceremonies, energy-cleansing flower baths, and jungle walks. Guests can expect a high healer-to-guest ratio, with one shaman and one facilitator for every five participants. Individual consultations with facilitators and shamans are conducted both upon arrival and after ceremonies, fostering a tailored experience.

Throughout the week, guests can expect a structured yet flexible schedule, including excursions like jungle walks and visits with local jungle growers. The retreat also offers integration sessions to help participants process their experiences.

Accommodations consist of wooden bungalows nestled among the trees, offering privacy, mosquito netting, private toilets, and personal hammocks. Naturalia Retreat Center prioritizes eco-friendliness, ensuring a nature-centric atmosphere.

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