It looks like more and more countries are opening their borders again, and restrictions regarding COVID-19 are loosening up. Time to think again about a nice trip around the world.

And what better way to start your trip with a yoga adventure retreat?!

This next trip has a bit of everything and all over the world. What you can expect is, of course, yoga, and at least one adventurous element to it. Whether it is trekking from one place to another, or kayaking on the Irish rivers.

Let’s have a look at 6 amazing adventure yoga retreats around the world!

Icelandic yoga retreat

The Travel Yogi
Prices start at US$ 3,995
Various dates available

Yoga retreats in Iceland are quite scarce. Which is why I really wanted to include this into this list.

It’s the most expensive one that I’m going to discuss here, so if price is a thing, you might scroll down already.

If money is not a thing, you’re in for a real treat! Iceland has a lot to offer, and you actually don’t find that many yoga retreats on this island just yet. This adventure retreat really is the best of both worlds. You’ll do a lot of hiking, visiting natural monuments and yoga. This all while you’ll be staying in a couple of very luxurious accommodations.

Some of the views you’ll be experiencing on this trip!

Water adventures and yoga in croatia

Five Elements Retreats
Prices start from US$ 1,100

Various starting dates available

Croatia is a bit of a hidden gem in Europe. Its nature is stunning and even though more tourists are coming into the area, it’s still quite relaxed and not too overcrowded yet.

This retreat has quite a lot to offer as well. Every morning the day will start with a yoga session. Whereafter you’ll be enjoying an excursion. A lot of the adventurous activities include something with water. You can go kayaking, or SUPing. But if this isn’t possible you’ll be going on hikes and biking. So there’s really something adventurous for anyone on this trip.

What’s also nice is that of all the yoga retreat vacation packages, this one is very all-inclusive. Most of the meals are included, even though they are a bit of a surprise.

This retreat in Croatia is well worth the visit, so have a look in the link below for more information.

Fjord trip in Ireland with yoga

Adventure Yogi
Prices start from £995
Various dates available (September)

If you ever wanted to visit some fjords but never wanted to go into the icy cold of the Nordic countries, this might be a great option for you.

In the Connemara area of Ireland, you’ll find the Killary fjord. And of course, during your trip, you’ll be able to discover this one, by foot and by kayak. 

This is just one of the greatest things about this trip. But even the yoga sessions will be really nourishing. 

The meals are completely plant-based or vegetarian. Just be sure that you send them an email asking for more information.

Authentic Nepalese Trekking and yoga retreat

Shree Yoga Retreat
Prices start from US$ 1,470
Various dates available

This retreat might be more for the adventurous people among us. Especially hikers. 

During this 15-day trip, you’ll be exploring the mountains of Nepal. Every day you’ll be doing a hike/trek from 2 – 7 hours, which will involve a lot of miles/kilometers.

Therefore, a bit of preparation or a bit of experience under your belt might be advisable. If you are up for it though, you’ll be having the trek of a lifetime. As you’ll be visiting a national park and within very authentic Nepalese villages and even some monasteries.

What I also liked about this retreat is that they build in some resting days. And that they guide you even on doing the paperwork, rather than having to figure it out yourself.

Detox, trekking and yoga in spain

Can Bavi
Prices start from US$ 1,213
Various dates available

This retreat might be a bit softer already on the body than the other ones in this list.

However, the emphasis of this retreat is detox. You’ll be going on hikes to make you a bit sweaty to release all of those nasty toxins in your body.

Together with that you’ll be also getting very balanced juices and drinks. You’ll be fasting during most part of the retreat (excluding the drinks and juices of course). And there are 2 yoga and meditation sessions a day to support this whole process.

This is a great retreat if you are looking for a little reset of your body and mind.

Hiking and yoga in Rishikesh, india

Rishikesh Retreat Center
Prices start at US$ 270
Various dates available

And last but not least, let’s go to India. Rishikesh is well-known for its yoga centers and ashrams. But it has so much more to offer.

It’s great that this retreat centre has focused on that part. As you are on the foot of the Himalayas these hikes will be absolutely stunning! And I speak from experience because I’ve been there myself. 

The program of this retreat centre is including some activity every single day, on top of that, you’ll also be having a lot of in-depth yoga practices like pranayama and mantras.

That’s it for now on some amazing adventurous retreats. Which of these has caught your eye? Let me know in the comment section down below!

There are many more offerings I’ve talked about so don’t be shy to look at some other pages for the right retreat for you. 

And if you are looking for a nice pre-retreat. Don’t forget that mYogilife also offers online yoga classes. Nothing better than already kickstart your yoga practice than with a weekly session. They are affordable and you even get the recording of the class for free. So you can do this class again whenever you’d like!

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  1. Barbara Heusser

    What an interesting article. I was attracted to it because I do some yoga to manage my chronic pain. I also like it to help me manage anxiety. But I never considered combining a trip with a yoga retreat, and so I found this information delightful. Although all the destinations look wonderful, I think I would choose the one in Ireland, because I have always wanted to visit there. I would first want to find out if I can adjust the experience to the fact that I do have chronic pain and can’t really do hiking. The link does highlight a relaxing atmosphere and fire pits, so I assume it’s okay to just hang around. Thank you for this information!

    1. Virendra

      Hi Barbara,

      Thank you so much for your comment! Too bad to hear that you have chronic pain that might prevent you from doing certain things… In my honest opinion I feel that maybe these retreats won’t be something for you, but I have to mention that there are so many more on my website that I talk about. Yoga is really great for pain management as well! So feel free to have a look around! I think there will be something here for you :).

  2. Julius

    Hey there. Wow, those locations. They all look amazing to me. I am now in Zakynthos, Greece, so we are having our own retreat together with my girlfriend -;)If I should choose one from your list, I would pick the Nepal one. Probably because of the hikes. 2-7 hours and yoga? Amazing stuff. One question tough: Is this price just for the retreat or also the flight? If just for the retreat, what is included in the price? I really love your post, and will come here much more often, as my girlfriend loves yoga and I do traveling, we might do something like this in the future. Cheers

    1. Virendra

      Hi Julius,

      The retreat itself is completely taken care of, so food and stays are included. Just realize that the flight towards the destination isn’t included and you’ll have to book your own flight! Great that you are having your own retreat with your girlfriend in Zakynthos! Have a blast and feel free to leave a comment again if you decided to go to Nepal!

  3. MnD

    These are all fun adventurous activities that we enjoy doing yoga and taking trips traveling. We travel everywhere and if we could incorporate yoga in-between everything then this article is the one for us. We came to the right spot at the right time. Going through so many articles trying to choose one. Clicking out of some cause of so many pop-ups. Your website is smooth and clean it flows together. Finding this article was as easy these are the best adventurous ideas that we have seen. We are going to plan some similar activities, but not in other countries. We live in the USA and have plenty of all worlds in the US.
    Very informative article thanks once again.


    1. Virendra

      Thank you MnD for your comment and feedback on mYogilife! Be aware that there are also a lot of retreats that I talk about in the US! So feel free to have a look at them! As you mention, there is just about anything of all worlds in the US!

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