We’ve heard many things already about meditation, and we are quite aware that it can change your life drastically. We can use it to calm our mind, we can use it to relieve any anger or anxiety, we can use it as a coping mechanism and much more.

But did you also know that meditation can reduce pain? Well, it can, although the answer isn’t that black and white. I’ve looked a bit at the science behind meditation for pain reduction. And I hope that I can give you a short and clear answer.

Don’t forget to read all the way through to the end of this article, as there will be an easy exercise for you to do when you are in pain.

The science behind meditation as pain relief

Let’s just have a little look at what pain actually does to our body, as this is a vital point to start our research. When we are in pain, our body releases stress hormones. These can cause any physical reaction from inflammation, raise your heart rate and your respiratory rate. This is among a couple of things. These are probably the most visible ones, but there are many more effects that pain has on your body.

Effects of meditation on your body

Now we know what pain does to our body, we can have a look at what meditation physically does to us. When we are in meditation our brain will release Endorphins. Which are our natural pain killers. Ergo, this is what counters the effect that stress hormones have.

Not just that, but with meditation, you also relax your muscles and tissue. Which also helps significantly with pain release as well.

Isn’t it a wonder drug?

So as you can see, meditation is a good way to reduce pain. But is it as wonderful as we think it is? Well, there are two sides to the coin here. It is a great way to easily and cost-free do something about your pain. However, your pain will never be completely gone.

Meditation is a good way to reduce your pain, but it will not take it away completely. It’s also shown that if you are just starting out, the chances are better you will have more advantages. And it also must be said that if you are an advanced practitioner, you learned how to cope with pain. Rather than going into the negative spiral.

So, that’s in very short the science behind it all, let’s have a look at a very simple and easy meditation for you to pursue when you are in pain.

Meditation for Pain Release

  1. First start with sitting down or lying down, whatever feels more comfortable for you. You can always use a blanket or a pillow. It’s really necessary that you are seated or lying as cozily as you can.
  2. When the first step’s done, start by closing your eyes and focus on your breathing. It’s utterly important that you breath through your belly. This way you take as much oxygen in as you possibly can. Which is super important for the relaxation process.
  3. After a couple of minutes, when you are aware that you are breathing through your belly, you can start to focus your inhalations into the area of discomfort. You of course don’t have to stear your breaths physically into that area, but visualize that the air you inhale goes into that painful spot.
  4. On the next exhale, open up your mouth and release a nice and calm sigh.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 as often as you can or want. Or at least until you feel a bit of ease coming into your body.
  6. Before you come back out of this meditation, make sure you keep breathing through the belly. Inhaling and exhaling through the nose. This you can also do as long as you possibly can. And after that, just slowly and gently open your eyes again.

Alright, I hope this meditation has done something for you. Of course, don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions. Or if you feel like booking a personal session for pain relief, feel free to book your guided meditation session.

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