Boston, the city that has defined a lot of American’s history and therefore a great city to visit. However, you haven’t come here to talk about the Boston tea party, although there are a couple of monuments that you should see when visiting this city. 

We will be talking though about the greatest yoga teachers in Boston and therefore also the greatest yoga studios around.

The Five best yoga studios boston

Mission Hill Yoga

Not so far away from the Museum of Fine Arts you’ll be finding this amazing yoga studio! So you can enjoy some art after you went to an amazing yoga class. You’ll be enjoying the art even more because of your state of mind.

At this yoga studio I specifically liked the fact that they offer some quirky yoga class combinations that I’ve never seen before. Therefore, I really liked this studio! 

And another great thing, they still offer online yoga classes, although it will be hard to do heated yoga classes from your home with energy prices these days.

Boston yoga union

Next to the most beautiful rose garden, you’ll be finding this amazing studio. I don’t know where to begin because they have just so many amazing yoga teachers available! 

This is a bit random too, but I have to say that Boston also has one of the most beautiful logos for yoga studios! They’re really amazing and different.

That said, a lot of teachers also mean that they are offering quite a lot of classes. So you should check them out when you are spending some time in Boston.

They also have online classes and paid recordings available that are worth checking out if you aren’t able to visit Boston yourself.

Soma yoga center

Another great yoga crew is that of Soma Yoga Center! They are also very centrally located so they aren’t hard to miss!

At this studio, I specifically liked the roll & recover class. Great for when you are suffering from a small injury. I always miss doing yoga whenever I get injured. But to be honest, you can even do yoga when you are going through some physical discomfort. You just need to be careful not to overstretch!

Blissful monkey yoga studio

It’s a bit more out of the center, but this studios is totally worth spending some time at! What I loved the most about this studio is that there is just no limit on their teachers. Their are older people teaching, there are people teaching with a little more weight on the body, and so on. I just feel that this studio is what yoga is about:

Yoga is for everyone!

So, it might be a bit of a commute to do, especially if you aren’t on a road trip. Althought it’s easily accessible by the Orange Line. So if you have a subway card, hop on and enjoy the ride!


And last but not least, let’s have a little chat about MOTA. I don’t know why I didn’t put it on the first spot, but it probably has to do with the fact that I’m a bit biased with them.

This is because I absolutely love that they have classes specifically for the LGBTQIA+ community. I’m not always in favor of separate classes for certain groups, but I also see their value of them. They can be focused on a certain topic, which we all go true whenever we are a minority group. And yoga can help us accept and deal with certain things.

Other than that, they’ve got some amazing and different yoga classes and their studio is a true gem to visit too!

Where to eat vegetarian in boston

A lot of yogis are vegetarian, although it’s not mandatory of course. No judgment here, I’ve been vegetarian myself but because of health reasons, I had to become a pescetarian. However, every now and then I still like a good tofu dish! Let’s have a look at where you can have a nice veggie dish in Boston!

The words veggie and grill were only something existing in my wildest dreams! I’ve been longing for such a long time to be able to have my all-time-favorite grilled “meat”. Here you’ll be able to find everything from Facon to Chick’n! A good chili or a lovely burger, they have everything here!

The next restaurant is focused on the all-American experience. It’s actually a vegetarian diner! Which is absolutely amazing. No meat on the menu here, but you will find all the classics with a twist. And that all with a typical diner interior.

However, I didn’t choose this one for its food, but they actually have an amazing vegan bakery as well! Your favorite pies without any guilty pleasures as there were no animals involved in any of these products!

If you like Thai food, then this is the place to be! Luckily the Thai kitchen is very adequate for vegan recipes as they already use a lot of coconut milk in their dishes. Those craving a crab cake, unfortunately, will be disappointed. However, there are sooooo many options on their vegan menu that you won’t even know what to choose first!


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