Have you ever dreamed about doing a yoga retreat in nature? Well, then there is some good news for you! The competition between yoga retreats is getting more intense and retreat organizers are getting more creative with retreats to give. Therefore, there are options now as eco yoga retreats, hiking yoga retreats, and more. To make it easier for you, I’ve got a couple of retreats here for you that you are going to love!

Benefits of Being in Nature

But first of all, why should you go on a retreat in nature? Well, there are a lot of things to talk about when we are looking at the benefits of being in nature.

First of all, remember that I talked about essential oils in this article? All those oils are deriving from nature, which means that you can get some free aromatherapy when you are walking in nature! It’s even proven that smelling a flower in the wild can make you happy and relaxed. And that doesn’t even cost you a thing!

Another benefit of being in nature is that you will have your daily dose of Vitamin D. In the Western world these days there are a lot of people lacking this vitamin. A lot of us are working in an office or are transporting ourselves with our cars, etc. And we don’t see a lot of sunlight. While a walk in the sun is also for free! So, try to sit each day for at least 15 minutes in the sun. This is the absolute minimum of sunlight that you’ve got to get on your skin.

Essential oils to clean your mat

Being in the open, in nature, boosts your immune system. This is the third advantage. Somehow we happen to believe that on cold days we have to stay inside of we could get sick. But this is absolutely a big no-no. It can even make you sick, being inside. The more time you spend inside, the more bacteria will be able to grow inside your house, get someone that’s sick in your house, and chances are huge that you’ll get it too. Go for a walk now and then and smell the fresh air to give your immune system a boost!

If you want to read more about the health benefits of being in nature, then it’s good to read this article. I just want to continue to talk about the retreats that I’ve got picked out for you ;).

Eco Yoga Retreat, UK

Nova Retreats ( Nov – May; Prices start at US$ 411)

For three days long you’ll be staying on this Eco-Farm in the UK. The venture itself is looking stunning. I’m not so much of a farm guy myself, but they’ve built some fantastic features at their property. Like, for example, building a window in between the living room floor, so you can look down at the sheep. That’s something I’ve never seen before, and I do love to look at animals :).

Alright, you probably are not only looking forward to doing some animal watching but of course, you’ll be doing some yoga as well! Nova Milesko will be your yoga teacher during this retreat. She has some great knowledge about yoga and meditation as she has been doing it since the ’80s. In London, she has her private yoga therapy practice, so she knows what she is doing and she can even be some great support for you with all of her wisdom.

Of course, after a day of yoga, hiking, swimming, … you’ll be starved. What’s so nice about this retreat is that they’ll try to cater to everything that they can produce themselves. Of course, it’s not always possible to eat from their vegetable garden as the seasons aren’t always that predictable and the harvest can suffer under certain conditions. But at least they try and do their best to provide you with what you need.

This retreat is an absolute must for all of you who’d like to taste the ecological farm life! And maybe they can also give you some good tips on how to take care of your organic vegetable garden!

Hiking and Yoga Retreat, Finland

Chalet Skabma (June; Prices start at US$ 1.216)

Ever dreamt of looking at the Arctic Light? At this retreat, your dream might come true! This retreat will take place in Lapland and it’s known for its visits from foreigners to watch the Arctic Light. So chances will be there that you might see it! To be sure, ask the organizer what time will be best to visit if you don’t want to miss out on it. Besides that, Lapland is also known for the village of Santa. So if you’d like to take a visit and tell Santa yourself that you’ve been a good boy or girl, then you might want to extend your stay in this beautiful stretch of land!

But now, the retreat itself. The accommodation will be in a lodge in the mountains. So, closer to nature than that, you won’t be able to get. The cabin itself is quite luxury and has a sauna in it as well. Which isn’t that exclusive in Finland as the Finnish do love their saunas ;). While you are here you can just relax and enjoy the surroundings and the beauty of being away from the outside world and take your journey deep inside.

The retreat will be guided by Riina Laitinen, and she is full of energy to guide you through this retreat. You’ll be getting two daily yoga and/or meditation classes. And during this week you’ll be going on a full-day guided hike as well. You’ll also be able to attend a daily creative writing class to work on your writing skills if you’d like. This way you can talk about your inner journey in a very creative way.

If you don’t like to write that much and if you’d rather enjoy other things in the surroundings, you are welcome to do them. Just be careful, lunch isn’t included, so you’ll have to take care of that yourself. Further than that, the other meals are included.

Are you ready to mount your reindeer for your adventure to the Finnish mountains? Don’t forget to check the weather first to see what you’ll need to bring!

Permaculture Yoga Retreat, Spain

Inner Smile Yoga (April; Prices start at US$ 278)

Whoever said that an ecological yoga retreat needs to be expensive? If you are interested in Permaculture and ecological techniques, this retreat is a must for you. The price is very attractive, but there is also something that you need to give in return. During this week you’ll not only be getting a couple of yoga or meditation sessions a day, but you’ll also be helping out on the land. Then again, still a very good cheap budget retreat.

Don’t forget to bring your boots on this retreat as you’ll be giving a helping hand in reviving the land with your hosts. For four hours a day, you’ll be digging, planting, harvesting, … But what you’ll get in return is some knowledge about permaculture as well that you can take home with you. 

This retreat is almost completely off-grid, so if you’d like to disconnect from the “world”, this is a great place to be. Turn off your phone, be active and revitalize yourself a bit!

Besides that, you’ll also be helping out with preparing the food that you’ve harvested! This makes it an absolute great adventure. And closer than this to nature, I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

If you’d like to go on this retreat, but you are not willing to stay in a tent or sleep under the stars. There are a couple of other options available as well outside of the property. This will cost something extra of course, but if you feel that this might be something better for you, then contact the host and they’ll be happy to help you!

Yoga and Hiking Retreat, France

La Borde Blanque (May and Sep; Prices start at US$ 825)

If you like to be close to water, this retreat is located near a lake. There will be no big waves, so it will be easy for you to swim. And considering this retreat is in May and September, temperatures might be nice to take a dip into the water. Besides that, the center is located at the foot of the Pyrenees, so if you’d like to go on some climbs, this is perfect. And my absolute favorite part about this part of France are the fields filled with sunflowers!

Your yoga teacher Elleke van Kraalingen will provide you with two yoga sessions per day. And if you’d like there’s also an optional meditation session in the evening. This might be nice after all the hikes you’ll be doing during this retreat. Meditation is great to check how your body is doing. Because only when your body is silent, you’ll be able to feel what it is that it needs. 

Another great thing about this retreat is that you’ll be getting a 25% discount if you decide to bring your friend or your partner. The environment itself is stunning and romantic, which makes it amazing to have your own couple’s retreat, right there.


This was my pick of the top 4 retreats in nature. These retreats are all great if you are looking for an escape from your city life. Being in nature is also a great way to get grounded. You can read here more about what feeling grounded does to you and it will even give you a couple of techniques that you can use when you are at the retreat. It might even be nice to share with your other colleagues attending the retreat to create a bond together! 

What all of these retreats have in common is that they are in nature, all of them are a little bit different, but they all require to bring proper shoes for hiking! Just make sure that you won’t forget about them ;).

That’s it for now! Tell me what your favorite retreat is in the comment section below!

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Nanda

    Great post. It’s a great reminder how important it is to keep going outside, also when the days are getting gloomy. I liked the diverse retreats you described, has shifted my vision on what a yog retreat should be. So much more fun, with a combi of hiking or permaculture. Love it. ✌️

    1. Virendra

      Hi Nanda, let us know how you’ve experienced the retreat you’ve been on if you decide to go!

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