Yoga for Weight LossCan you lose weight with yoga?

It is probably one of the questions a lot of people have wondered about.

And in my social circles, I’ve heard a lot of people say that yoga isn’t a sport. That you can’t lose weight by doing yoga. Or even that it’s just something for rich women to pass their time.

Well, none of that is true, or not completely of course.

So before we go into some yoga retreats specialized to lose some weight, we’re gonna look at the facts of losing weight with yoga.

Can You Lose Weight With Yoga?

As I mentioned before, the answer is not gonna be that direct and simple. So, if you’ve already read a couple of articles, you can just scroll down and have a look at some amazing retreats that are specialized in losing weight. They all have a special program that can aid you in your goals.

Those who want to continue, here are a couple of things to think about if you are going to do yoga solely to lose a couple of pounds.

Yoga for Weight Loss

#1 Yoga Is Holistic

First of all, we have to look at yoga as a holistic system. This means that it’s not just about the asanas, but about everything around it as well. The meditation part, the food part, and more.

Yoga for Weight LossThis means that you actually can lose weight by doing yoga as yoga is a way to listen to your body better and cope with all kinds of emotional things that you might be eating away. Of course, this just doesn’t happen overnight, and it might be taking you years of yoga to lose some weight as in the beginning, you might be more focused on the relaxation part.

You can even gain weight by doing yoga in the beginning (considering which style you are doing) as your whole system goes into a state of relaxation. This means that your organs and everything will slow down from all the hectic activities you’re doing at the moment. And therefore, it might be harder in the beginning to lose a couple of pounds.

#2 It all depends on the Style

creating yoga playlistThere are many different styles of yoga, and a couple of them will make you very sweaty.

I’m thinking here about vinyasa, ashtanga, and power yoga. Theses styles will facilitate and aid you in losing weight. But you have to think about the fact as well that you might have to do it a couple of times a week.

It’s the same as going to the gym. If you just go once a month, you’re not going to achieve your goals.

Other styles like yin and restorative are not that helpful in losing weight unless you know that your dietary habits are deriving from some psychological processes that you are going through.

If you are in a depression, for example, you’ll probably gain a bit more weight when you are suffering from these conditions, making that you’ll have a lack of energy and you’ll eat more as well.

Yin and Restorative yoga are very great to battle your mental condition as they are great ways to combat stress in whatever form it may come.

#3 Yoga as a Sport

Yoga for Weight LossIn my surroundings I’ve heard a lot of people say that yoga isn’t a sport. And I’ve invited them all to come to one of my classes.

Only a couple of people took me on that offer and changed their opinions.

I’m not saying that it’s a hardcore sport. It’s not that you are lifting tools at the gym, but you can get very sweaty by doing yoga.

I’ve always seen yoga as one of the healthier sports. You’re building up muscles in a natural way, instead of forcing yourself into lifting a million pounds. Therefore, you’ll be more aware of the limits and the strengths that you have.

Of course, as I mentioned before, yin yoga and restorative yoga aren’t going to increase your stamina. But if you go to a great vinyasa class where you’ll be doing a lot of chaturangas. You might see that your body will go to some transformation as well, just like you are going to.

So, is yoga a sport? Let’s say that we can’t give it a simple yes or no and there will always be people who’ll never see it in the category of sport.

#4 Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

If you look for it on google, you’ll be able to find a lot of yoga poses that are supposed to lose some weight. That might be, but as long as you’re not getting your heart rate up, you’ll not be losing anything. Yoga can do a lot of things, but with losing weight, it’s all about the intensity!

Therefore, when you go look at some websites where you’ll find some poses. Make sure that you look for a full sequence, rather then just a couple of poses. And beside of that, make sure that the sequence also is a full work-out to lose those lovehandles.

Accepting yourself with yoga

I started out doing yoga because I wanted to lose some weight, and I wanted to have a body like the yoga teachers I was looking up to. But actually, yoga gave me something far better. It gave me acceptance for who I am.

Sometimes we have to accept that we are who we are. I happen to have a body that has a slow metabolism, and there is nothing to do about that, as there is nothing medical to be found. Therefore, I had to accept that I gain weight by just looking at a couple of french fries, while others can eat whatever they want to eat and even lose weight then.

The most important thing is that you are happy and healthy for who you are. And that’s something that yoga can help you with. As I mentioned before, it’s a holistic approach and in the end, you might be surprised what yoga has brought you.

But now, drum rolls please, as these are the three retreats that I’ve found for you to lose a couple of pounds!


3 Yoga Retreats that will help you lose weight

#1 Budget Yoga Retreat For Weight Loss North-Carolina

The Fasting Farm
Prices start from US$210
Various dates available

The greatest thing about this retreat is not just it’s price, but the whole package they offer. Of course, for an 8 day long Yoga Retreat at $210 that’s already amazing and counts as a budget yoga retreat in the US!

Besides that, they have more great things to offer. The retreat itself is focussed on the keto diet. Which is a low-carb diet. And it’s also focused on fasting as well. I’m not such a big fan of fasting, but it can surely help if you do it for a short period or if you do something like intermittent fasting. Of course, you’ll learn more about this in a supportive group at the retreat center.

Another great thing is that they’re not only focused on yoga and dietary changes, but they’re also incorporating very fun activities into their program. If you are not such a sports fan, or you don’t know which sport fits you best, then you’ll get a wide variety of fun activities to do. Things like bean bag tossing and juggling are included in this week! How fun is that?!

For more information on these great activities, you can check and enroll!

yoga for weight loss retreats
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#2 All-Inclusive Fitness and Yoga Retreat UTAH

Unite Fitness Retreat
Prices start from US$ 2,840
Various dates available

I never personally like programs that are just existing out of a couple of activities when you are trying to transform yourself. Therefore, this retreat is an absolute must if you are looking into losing weight drastically. This retreat offers it all!

This means that they have a very great mind/body mindset. A lot of fitness retreats are solely focussed on the fitness part and less on the wellness part. But this program has got it all. This means that you won’t be getting just some fitness classes and healthy food, but they also give workshops to boost your self-esteem and cooking classes.

Also, they aren’t focused on counting calories. Which is also great as you also won’t be always having the time to count them when you get back home. Therefore, you’ll learn to eat the things you can eat, without being over obsessive about food. Which makes it very achievable as well!

Altogether, this is a retreat that is a bit more expensive, but does cover seriously everything! So, if you’d love to lose some weight, then this retreat is something for you!


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#3 Weight Loss, Detox and Yoga Retreat Florida

Zen Den Yoga School and Retreat
Prices start from US$ 2,150
Various dates available

While not being that focused on losing weight during your retreat, going on a detox helps you to get into shape. This is because all the toxins in your body, you know, the ones you’ve accumulated over the years, are finally getting flushed away.

This retreat is focused more on shaping your healthy lifestyle. The retreat facilitators have gone through it all as well, bloating from all of that gluten, headaches from too much sugar, etc. Therefore they are gonna be able to help you in your process of creating a healthier life. Which is the beginning of losing some pounds.

The program is quite packed as well and fully catered, which means you’ll be getting a lot of worth for your money. And besides that, this retreat will last for 15 days. Which is an amazing kick-start for changing your patterns. Normally you need 21 days to get used to a certain habit, so that would’ve been better, but I think you’ll be able to manage those extra 7 days at home as well.

Kick-start your body right now and enroll!

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I hope I haven’t crushed your dreams of getting perfectly in shape by just doing yoga. I’m here, to tell the truth, and that is that it’s just not that easy losing weight by just doing some classes a couple of times per week. To lose weight you need to change more things than just your sports habits. You can run a marathon, but if you end up at MacDonald’s afterward, that whole marathon was just for nothing. Do you know what I’m saying?

It is possible of course, but only if you look at yoga as a holistic system and if you try to make sure that not only your movement changes but also your food patterns and even your thoughts. So think about that and if you are ready, enroll in one of these retreats to help you with the process!

Nama-stay wonderful!