After my last review of Asana Rebel, I felt it was about time to have a look at other yoga apps. After the pandemic, a lot of different platforms were created for people to continue to do yoga. For me, someone who’s been living quite remotely, these platforms have been amazing. I don’t have to leave the door and drive 50 minutes to a yoga class anymore. And this is all because of Inner Dimension TV!

Inner Dimension TV review

I have to be honest that I’ve been checking out Inner Dimension TV for a while now. I don’t want to spoil anything just yet, but I can already say that I kind of liked this one a lot. But let’s just have a look at some things that I liked and those that I didn’t do that much. This way you can make up your own mind!

The pros of inner dimension tv

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There are a lot of good things about Inner Dimension TV and I don’t know where to begin! Let me just start with the videos themselves. 

What I particularly enjoyed is the fact that there were videos of literally every length! If I didn’t have a lot of time, there was a 10-minute video. After a busy day when I needed a big practice, there were videos for over an hour!

There are also a couple of styles available. The major part is vinyasa, but there are also some great videos on yin. The only thing that I kind of missed is just regular Hatha classes. But I have to say that they are really hard to find these days.

And there is more of course, it just didn’t stop with yoga classes, there are actually even pranayama and meditation classes. This really made it to me a complete system. Very often you’ll find yoga apps that are focused rather on the movement bit, rather than the holistic view on yoga. But not with Inner Dimension TV!

Another thing that I really liked is that they have a very inclusive range of audience in their classes. I was so thrilled to see someone with a stocky body in the studio. Which I could immediately relate to!

I know there’s a lot of negativity when we talk about inclusion and having more colour, gender and everything else included. But I am so into it! It’s such a blast to see someone you can relate to, rather than to see skinny people with their shirts off…

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So, I’ve been going on a bit on the positives. Let’s have a look at the dark side! The cons.

The cons of inner dimension tv

I haven’t found any app that has been perfect. But this platform is coming quite close! There are just tiny little things that I didn’t like that much, but they weren’t really dealbreakers to me entirely.

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The biggest con I’d like to mention is the pricing. It’s such a steep price and therefore it’s not for everyone. Unfortunately, at 140 USD it’s one of the most expensive yoga platforms available at the moment. I said it wasn’t a dealbreaker, but I have to be honest, living in Portugal it’s just not that easy to pay something that steeply priced!

That’s just one of the cons. The other ones aren’t that bad, but hey, I’ve got to mention them anyway.

The second part that I didn’t like too much, but wasn’t that grave anyway, was the fact that they promote their other paid products. It’s very on the down low, so if you don’t look around too much you might not even find them. But these other products are really expensive as well. Which was a bit of a shock to me as well.

And then lastly, I felt it was a bit of a shame that there weren’t other topics like recipes, philosophy, etc included in the program as well. You pay quite a lot of money and you could get back a little bit extra.

How does inner dimension tv score?


As mentioned for 140 USD you can get a lot of other platforms that do a lot more. I found a fitness platform where you can participate in the community and every day follow the online streaming of a class. These things justify the price. Which for Inner Dimension Tv isn’t the case.


The programs they offer are just amazing. There is such a wide variety of yoga classes and teachers to choose from. I particularly liked that element program. The only downside was that there weren’t more yoga styles included like Hatha.


Inner Dimension TV is available on PC, MAC, phone and tablet. Making it quite versatile. And streaming to your television with a smart TV is really easy! Selecting your favourite class goes really easy. Although I was missing a history button to make sure that I could rewatch my favourite classes if I had forgotten to add them to my list.

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  1. John

    Hi Virendra,
    Thank you for this thorough review of Inner Dimension. I think since the pandemic, that working out and yoga at home has become so popular. So Inner Dimension is another great option to consider. Personally I have been mainly using YouTube, but you get the annoying adds and it’s not personalised. With Inner Dimension is it a two way video call where the instructors can see you and give feedback during live classes?

    1. Virendra

      Thanks for your comment John. Innen Dimension is really a streaming service, so they don’t offer live online classes. There are many yoga studios that
      do offer live online classes though, so be sure to check those out if that’s more your thing!

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