Alright, before you start to shoot me, this article is to raise awareness for LGBTQI+ rights and not to make our people any less than they are. Every single person is worth to love and be loved, never forget that!

That said, let’s take a look at how it feels to be gay as a spiritual being and how it translates into someone’s meditation practice.


First I’m going to talk a bit about how I got to the point why I’m saying that I’m trying to stop the fight.

Last weekend there’s been a brutal murder of someone from the LGBTQ community in my hometown in Belgium. It’s sad to see that people who are hate-driven can take the life of someone just because of his sexual orientation.

That said, it’s even sadder to know that the perpetrators were only minors. So far, the police have got 3 minors from 16 and 17 in custody.

The man who got killed believed he was going on a date with the person who pretended to be interested on a dating app. Meaning that the facts probably have been pre-meditated.

But that’s it for the facts. You can look online and you’ll find many newspapers write about this cruel event.

What happened to my inner self? Well, as much as to any one of the LGBTQI+-community probably. It’s like someone within your family got murdered.

Probably not one of your closest family members, but more like a distant cousin or uncle.

It effects you, in a way you can’t think imaginably.

But, as a spiritual being, it was up to me to reflect on what I was feeling. Although, I do have to say that tears and anger came up just a little too.

People Are Angry

People are angry, and it’s okay to be angry in this case. It all touches us in some way, as we all know someone who is something on the scale of LGBTQI+ that we love.

This time, I opted not be angry.

And for a simple reason. What am I, or others with my anger? Sitting here on my sofa isn’t going to resolve anything.

It’s even worse, if I feel anger inside of me and I let it bottle up, it’s like drinking my own poison. It’s like the famous quote of Buddha:

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

So, very quickly I realized that anger was not the way to go at this moment.

People Are Sad

Another emotion that you should feel when something like this happens. And yes, I’m a human begin, I did feel it!

Even though I didn’t know this being in person, I do feel for all those around him, who’ve lost a beautiful soul.

But not just that, there was also place for sadness for the perpetrators.

Yes, I know, it might look a bit weird. And no, I’m not okay with what they did.

I do feel bad for them because they might not have been raised in a society or a family that loved them. How desperate or angry must you be to do something like this?

I can’t even imagine! I never thought about murdering someone, as I’ve always been taught that loving is the most beautiful thing there is.

Knowing that this is not everyone’s education, is sad and must be reflected upon.

Not just within the own family, but by the whole community. And within this I mean the broader community.

What can you do when you see someone talking about inequality? Will you stay quiet, or are you going in dialogue?

Fighting For What Should Be Normal

And of course, all of this comes back to the rights of the LGBTQI+. And I do have to mention that we’ve already come a far way and I realize that I’m lucky that I’ve always been accepted by my friends and family.

Never ever so far did I feel the negative effects of being gay.

So, yeah, I’m blessed for this. And I know it.

Not everyone is blessed though, so I really feel that we, even as a spiritual community, should look at this. What can we do as a spiritual family?

Well, it’s simple, isn’t it?

We can take our practice and be an example.

If you looked at the title in the beginning, you probably say by now: why aren’t you fighting?

Well, because fighting very often comes from a place of anger. And as you know by now: anger is like drinking poison!

I don’t say I’m not defending these rights. As they should be.

I’m just feeling that pointing fingers at people isn’t the way to resolve things. On contrary, I feel by doing this, you actually make people even angrier.

Do you remember there was this program in the past where gay guys moved in with a homophobic guy? I don’t remember the name anymore, unfortunately.

But it was an amazing show because they didn’t accuse anyone of anything. They just sat together for a whole week and talked about their differences and where they could meet.

Very often the guy ended up being a bit more open towards gay people.

Do you see where I’m going?

In a way, I believe that the LGBTQI+ community should defend their rights and at the same time educate other people.

We are not different from anyone else. We want the same things, we have the same values. So why not show them that we can live together in perfect harmony?


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