South-Africa, it might not be so known for its yoga, but still, you could take a lot of great yoga classes there. And it’s not that far from one of the bigger cities in SA, which is Johannesburg. The city itself is less known but has a lot of history and some great places to visit as well.

And as I mentioned before, it’s not that far away from Johannesburg, with some great train connections. Making it easy to go there for a day trip or something.

Yoga Classes Pretoria

And besides strolling around in this great city, it has a lot of great yoga options to consider as well. Just be aware that when you book your trip here that they are having summer in December, January, and February. Making it the hottest months to visit this amazing city.

This would make our next option not that advisable to take in the hot South-African summers, but it might be something for spring or fall, or even winter.

#1 Hotpod Yoga Pretoria

Ever tried doing yoga in a hotpod? Well, it’s quite a nice experience if you are into Hot Yoga. This style of yoga has been around for only a couple of years now and has been booming ever since. What’s so nice about the hotpod is that it has that sauna feeling to it, but it isn’t that hot.

Another great benefit when you are doing yoga in a hotpod is that there are normally no windows. Which makes it great to keep your intention inside the pod and into yourself. This way you can just focus on yourself without wandering off with your mind to what’s going on outside.

Classes are also nog enormous as there will only fit up to 20 people in a pod. With the high popularity of Hot Yoga these days, you might find yourself in classes with up to 50 people. Which again, makes the hotpod a nicer and more intimate experience.

Click here if you’d be interested in a class.

#2 Yoga Harmony

If you’d really like to relax on your trip, I’d seriously suggest the Gentle Candelight Hatha Yoga. As I mentioned in my article about marketing for yoga studios, this one is a great example of doing marketing the right way. They’ve seen a gap in the market and they jumped onto it.

If you are open to other kinds of styles, you are welcome to try those as well of course. They have like 10 options to choose from, so whatever style has your preference, they’ll probably teach it.

Click here for more information about this studio.

#3 Yoga Connection

Another great studio you’ll find in Pretoria is this one. I do have to say that their website urgently needs an update, but that’s all I can say about it really. Other than that, they are amazing.

What I liked, in particular, were the workshops. I am a big fan of certain kinds of specialties as I believe that yoga is really for everyone. And every Monday you can even join a donation-based silent meditation if that’s more your cup of tea.

I can definitely recommend the last one as you might want to unwind a bit after a full day of walking and to relax from all the impressions that you’ve had during the day.

Click here for more information about their schedule and classes.

#4 Eon Yoga

If you are more into a private session during your trip, or if you’d like to book a couple’s private session then this studio is a must to visit. Discover the depths of your relationship with your partner in a private tantric session. It might not just be amazing for your relationship, but your trip will also start on a very good note as you and your partner will be in sync from the beginning.

And there’s actually also a group class every Thursday if you just feel like dropping into a class on your journey.

More information here.

Vegetarian Restaurants Pretoria

When you are living the yogi life, there’s a big chance that you are vegetarian. Even though vegetarianism is gaining in popularity, it’s not always that easy to find some great vegetarian restaurants, or you might even find that the regular restaurants don’t have great options. Therefore, there’s a list here to help you out in your decision making!

That said, there aren’t any only vegetarian restaurants in Pretoria that I’m aware of, but there are some great choices of places where they offer a couple of vegetarian dishes. If you are vegan, I don’t really advise you to go to Pretoria as you might find it difficult to find something.


If you like some fine dining on your trip, this might be a great option to go. They have some great vegetarian options and the best of all is that it doesn’t look like they just put them on the menu to attract some vegetarians.

You can go for a soup or a salad of course, but there are two great starters to choose from as well. I’d seriously go for the grilled halloumi, but I’m just such a big fan of this cheese. Or any cheese to be honest ;).

For your main course, you can choose from three options. Or you can decide to have a vegetarian sushi dish as well to accompany your starters. A little bit like you’d do with tapas.

Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza

I know, as a vegetarian going abroad most of the options will be going for pizza or pasta as that’s easy, and you know it’s always going to be fresh. However, at Toni’s Pizza, they really give you some great options that you won’t see every day. And they are also so rich in flavor that you want to take a box back home!

They are marking their vegetarian options on their menu and they go further than just a pizza margarita or a Quatro Formaggio.

And if there is nothing there that you’d like (which would really surprise me), you can also go for some comfort and take a dessert pizza!

Blos Cafe

If it all doesn’t have to be fancy, this is the place to be. It’s actually the closest restaurant I could find to a vegetarian one. They have amazing world food and they have a wide range of vegetarian dishes to choose from. And if you are vegan and decided to go to Pretoria anyway, they even have a couple of vegan options for you!

It’s just a shame that they don’t have a nice vegetarian burger within their menu. So, if anyone of Blos Café is reading this, please can you make it happen ;)!

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  2. MrBiizy

    Hello Virendra, thank you for taking your time to share this post on Yoga in Pretoria, South Africa. Yoga is such an amazing sport and I like it. I never knew much about Yoga in Pretoria before now but you have enlightened me about it via this article. These Yoga classes you have shared are lovely and depending on whether I’m going with my partner or myself would determine where I’d consider to visit. I love the vegetarian restaurants too. Nice article.


    1. Virendra

      Thank you for your comment Mr.Biizy! 

  3. Juan Saladin

    This is a small town that invites you to reflexion. For those looking for action, it’s a re-charging stop to get to the more active cities around like Underberg or Lady Grey.

    After taking a look at Mandela’s statue, taking advantage of the green areas to do Yoga on the open air is a great idea. Yoga is more about what’s inside us than about our surroundings, in any case there’s always good to go out and find new realities, different than the ones that belong to our daily reality.

    Thanks for helping us discover this town through your blog.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Juan, looks like you’ve been already to South-Africa ;), thank you for sharing some great locations to visit there as well!

  4. Hollie Rose

    Great article on Yoga. We have a trip booked to South Africa this March, I’d love to visit Pretoria it sounds like a beautiful place! I love yoga and I am always looking for new and excited classes! The problem is they all sound good, which one should I choose?! First world problems!

    1. Virendra

      Enjoy your trip ;). And luckily I didn’t add too much yoga studios or it would’ve been even harder to choose 🙂

  5. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us and I got to know about Yoga in Pretoria through your article .I have been practicing yoga for a long time and I wanted to do this in Pretoria and with your article I realized that there is nothing left in Dhaka. And I understand some of you mentioned the many types of yoga in this city. And when I read your article, I am desperate to go there and practice yoga and enrich myself. In particular, I think Hotpod Yoga Pretoria will be great for me and I want to go to Yoga in Pretoria without delay and will share my experience with you very soon.

  6. Carol

    Hi Virendra, thanks for the informative article you have here, this is a very useful and beneficial post.
    As far as I know, yoga is a way of life, yoga is a means of survival and I will advice anyone who wants to venture into yoga and is still doubting to please make up his or her mind because yoga makes one more sane.
    Yoga in South Africa is not that popular but there are some places that one would enjoy yoga classes to the fullest, some of the places are already mentioned here.
    The last time I was at south Africa, Pretoria precisely, I was at the yoga harmony and I had a Tim of my life there.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Carol, thank you for sharing your experience with Pretoria and doing yoga there! Great to hear that you enjoyed your class at Yoga Harmony!

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