Did you know that you can combine yoga with almost everything?

Whether you’d like to go on a beach holiday combined with a little bit of yoga or go on a hike with some specialized classes, it’s all available.

This also makes it really hard to choose from the wide range of different retreats that are available.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already narrowed that selection for you and we’ve picked some amazing retreats for you to go on.

Most of these retreats of course will take place in nature. But they also will have one or two activities besides yoga.

Let’s have a look!

#1 Ebike and yoga in Spain

Prices start from US$ 1,203
Available All-Year-Round

What do you think about glamping in a teepee?

It is possible during this retreat!

On the Canary Islands, you’ll find this 8-day retreat. You have the option to stay in a teepee, but if you’d like more luxury, you can pay an extra fee to get an apartment.

You might opt for this solution if you like to get some extra comfort after a full day of adventure.

During your stay here, you’ll be getting a daily yoga class from Tsjasa Maticic. She’s schooled in Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. Two styles that will perfectly suit the combination of the other activities.

Besides the yoga sessions, there are various options of activities to choose from. One day you’ll go on a guided ebike tour, a guided hike and you’ll be getting a surf lesson. On the other days, you can choose if you’d like to surf some more, or if you’d like to go by bike for the day.

Be sure to check the website for more information.

Pictures by FuerteXperience on BookRetreats.com

#2 Rafting and yoga retreat Idaho

America’s Rafting
Prices start from US$ 1,575
June 1st – June 4th 2021

Are you ready to go into a deep nature yoga retreat? Then it’s time to book this one right here.

For three nights you’ll be rafting on the Snake River in Hells Canyon. If you’d like to know if this trail is suitable for you, the organizers are more than happy to advice you. 

During the night you’ll be sleeping in a tent, of course. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go hunting for your own food. The organization has taken care of restaurant quality food.

Just be aware that this isn’t really a vegetarian retreat. There will be meat and fish included in the wildlife diet.

It’s really amazing for those people who’d like to go rafting but don’t want to take care of anything.

You can just enjoy the whole experience, while the organizers take care of the rest. All the equipment, tents, food, beverages, and more are all included into the price.

They do suggest to come a night earlier and book a hotel before you start your journey. This isn’t included into the price. Neither is the advisable extra hotel night on the last day.


#3 Wildlife and adventure retreat in namibia

Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia
Prices start from US$ 3,586
Various Dates Available

If you’ve never done yoga in the presence of elephants, then you might like to go on this retreat!

This one has really got a lot of adventure to offer. But it’s more focused on wildlife and hiking. In the Savannah of Namibia you’ll be getting a couple of guided game views at Etosha National Park.

And besides that, you’ll also head into the desert and beach.

So, this one really has a lot of diversity. And that would also mean that you are really into all of these things al together.

Of course, it is an amazing opportunity to see the most of Namibia. Going different places and making sure that you don’t got to exhausted by doing your daily yoga sessions.

There is a lot to do, and at the same time it also gets a little bit confusing.

Because you’ll be staying three different lodges, you’ll be getting three different packages at every single one. The yoga will always be there of course and transportation costs are included. However, there are so many things to do that aren’t included on this trip.

Don’t be worried though. If you book through BookRetreats, you’ll be getting a voucher of up to a NAD 1,000 to pick an activity to do.

#4 Nature and hiking yoga retreat Washington

Holman Health
Prices start from US$ 900
August 8th – August 14th

Roy and Liz have amazing reviews for their retreats. And this means a lot of course. They are very experienced in the energetic field and will guide you the best way that they can.

During this retreat, you’ll be camping most of the time. Well, it’s only a six night out anyway.

That said, it will be a great experience as your hikes won’t only be physically nurturing you, but they will also be combined with meditation and yoga.

This is a perfect combo to make sure that you will clear your head and get renewed energy again from being in nature!

The trip itself isn’t just about finding yourself and being in solitude, it’s also about community. It’s a shared healing experience and because it’s a small group, you’ll be getting quite tight with each other. And at the same time have the space within nature to be alone too.

The meals unfortunately aren’t completely vegetarian. But if that’s alright with you, then feel free to book of course!

Most of the meals are included, only when you are dining out it’s good to have a bit of cash on you.

#5 Horseback Riding and Yoga in Portugal

Bron voor Rust & Geluk
Prices start from US$ 750
Various Dates Available

Horseback Riding in Portugal is quite a big thing. Not a lot of people might be aware of it though, but the Portuguese landscape is amazing for it!

Within this retreat you’ll be getting a couple of things, you’ll be doing yoga of course, but you’ll also be getting horseback riding lessons and meditation sessions.

If you’ve always dreamt of riding a horse, then this might be perfect for you. The organizors are offering classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced jockeys.

The classes are also not just an hour, they’re half a day! Which gives you plenty of time to learn something here.

The yoga will be each day for about an hour and the meditation half an hour.

Another great thing is that your journey will already start before you arrive in Portugal. They offer 4 yoga classes of 30 minutes before your arrival. Which is a great gift to prepare yourself for the trip to come!

The owners of Bron voor Rust & Geluk are also flexible with arrival dates, just make sure that you contact them about it and express your wishes.

Pictures by Bron voor Rust & Geluk on BookYogaRetreats.com

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