This particular yoga routine was actually requested by one of the readers of the Yogi Life for Me. Thank you for your request and I hope you will enjoy the video!

That said, if you are reading this, please if you have any requests, don’t feel afraid to ask! I create this content for you guys and even though I enjoy doing the yoga poses myself, I love to share them with others even more.

This sequence is actually a mix between Hatha and Restorative. And in the end, you’ll be finding a free video!

Let’s have a look at some of the asanas here. To make sure the article didn’t get too long, I’m just going to talk about the restorative positions.

3 Relaxing Restorative Poses For After Work

The sequence that I did because of this article does involve some Hatha Yoga Poses. However, there are a bit too many poses to cover in this article.

We don’t want to get an article that looks like a whole guide of yoga poses, do we? Well, if you do, please let me know in the comment section down below!

But now, let’s focus a little on those asanas that will get you into a deeply relaxing state!


Alright, before we really start to talk about a couple of asanas, let’s have a look at what you’ll be needing before we go into the practice.

It would be good if you have a couple of pillows. In my pictures and video I used three, but really, feel free to use more if you’d like. My pillows were quite thick, so that’s why I only needed three of them.

It’s about your comfort level, the more comfortable you are in these yoga positions, the more relaxed you’ll be!

What I also took, were two blocks. And that will be sufficient. I know not a lot of people will actually have more than two blocks lying around at home.

What else? Well, I don’t have a bolster, so I didn’t take one. However, if you have one at home, it might be good to take it with you as well.

It’s nice to put your pillows on top of your bolster to get a little more height.

And then last but not least, a blanket. Whatever blanket will do. It’s more to put on top of you during the asanas. You’ll be in them for five minutes, so it might be nice to cover you up, just to make sure that you won’t get too cold.

#1 Reclined Supported Butterfly

This one probably is one of my favorite poses. Well, besides Savasana of course.

This one is great for the hips and if you do the yin version, it’s also great for the groin.

In this version the focus mainly lies on the hips and therefore you’re not going to have a lot of effect in other areas.

Which is perfectly fine, as you want to focus on relaxation more than focusing on stretching.

For this asana you’ll be needing three or more Pillows and two Blocks.


  • You align the pillows behind your back along with your spine. One pillow goes on top of the back one, where your head will be.
  • After that, you bring your feet together.
  • Your legs form a bit of a diamond shape.
  • If you don’t feel anything at all, you can bring your feet a bit closer to your groin.
  • If you feel a lot of stress in your knees, you can put blocks underneath them.
  • After you’ve done all of this, you can lay down on top of the pillows.
  • Your arms to the side and back of the hands facing the mat/floor.
  • Stay in this position for 5 minutes.

#2 Supported Half Frog Pose

I’ve mentioned Half Frog already a couple of times. Because it’s just such an amazing asana when you have lower back pains.

Not just that of course, when you are constantly on your feet doing some lifting, this asana can really relax your back completely.

This is a great asana when you are working in health care for example. If you always have to lift people up, for example.

And the greatest thing is that it’s really easy to do.

Even if you don’t have the time to do a full sequence, you can easily do this pose when you are going to bed.

Because we’ve all got to sleep anyway, right?

For this asana you’ll be needing two to three pillows.


  • Lie on your belly
  • Bring two pillows next to your hips, just make sure that you move them a couple of inches away from them.
  • Bring another pillow underneath your head and put your left cheek on it.
  • Bend your right leg at a 90° angle. Right on top of the right hand sided pillow.
  • Stay here for 3 minutes
  • Repeat on the other side

#3 Reclined Twist

I’ve added a picture here when I was doing this asana after coming from ‘Legs Up The Wall’. Of course, you don’t need to do this. You don’t need to be this close to the wall to do this position.

This one is a twist and is great for people with desk jobs. Even though you’ll be staying in this position for quite a while (Two times three minutes), you’ll be feeling that the stiffness in your spine will go away.

And that’s why it’s great for people who have a sedentary job.

If you do have disc or hernia issues, be careful when doing this position. If you feel a lot of pain, then don’t go into this position.

And you’ll be needing only two pillow.


  • Bring two pillow next to both hips.
  • Go and lay down on your back.
  • Bring your knees to your chest.
  • Lower your knees towards one side, right on top of the pillow.
  • Your head can stay neutral or can go to the opposite side of where your legs are.
  • Stay here for three minutes.
  • Come back up with your legs again on an inhale.
  • On the exhale switch sides.

Free Hatha and Restorative Yoga Video

And then last but not least, the free video!

I love creating this content, so just to see if I’m on the right track it would be nice if you’d leave some comment or follow me on YouTube!

I hope you’ll enjoy and

Nama-Stay Wonderful!

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