After my whole rant about why yoga teachers should continue developing themselves, I thought: maybe it’s time for myself as well to do something! It really came very sudden to me that I felt that it was about time to do some training myself, so I started looking for an online teacher training course.

And it didn’t take long to find one that was suited for me! I always loved to learn more about Yin yoga and there was a course that was ideal for me.

Through the website of I started my search and I found this amazing course that was completely self-paced. Let’s have a look!

50-hours Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Loka Yoga
Price: US$ 399
Available All-Year-Round

Alright, the title of this course might sound quite long, but while I was searching it even had a longer name. I’m going to spare you the full name, just have a look at it yourself if you are interested ;).

So, I started this course almost a month ago and I’m really liking it so far. I’m halfway there and I’ve learned so many things already!

There was quite some repetition as well, like mudras and mantras. Been there, done that. But there were also a couple of things that I didn’t know about just yet. So, win-win.

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Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training

As I mentioned before, this course is completely self-paced, meaning that you can do it whenever and wherever you want.

The course has been built out of pre-recorded videos. Within every chapter, you’ll see a couple of certain subjects. Every time there is some anatomy included, so prepare yourself to freshen up that memory!

Well, or get ready to learn some new things. The anatomy is quite advanced, so I do recommend having a bit of a background already before starting this course.

Naturally, as you’ve done your 200 hours already, you will have a great foundation already!

You can only access the videos in a certain order, so you need to go through the course step by step. This can sometimes make it a bit slow, for me at least. I’m not always a big fan of every subject (because sometimes it was really hard), so it takes me more time to proceed to the next step.

Your Teachers

During this course your teachers will be Taryn and Yann.

Taryn will take care of the asanas and the science behind yin yoga. While Yann will take care of the anatomy.

They are still developing and tweaking their course. So, since I’ve started the course, some things have changed.

For example, Yann has quite a thick french accent. It’s quite adorable, but sometimes also a bit hard to understand. Luckily, they’ve now captioned their videos. Making it a lot easier to know what he’s talking about.

His knowledge is massive though. You can really see and feel that he’s got a lot of know-how when it comes to the human body. But what else did you expect from a nurse?

Taryn’s yoga classes are my absolute favorites. They’re built in such a way that you are doing a class, while she’s also explaining more things about how to cue your yoga classes and adjust certain yoga poses.

Even though you aren’t being really interactive with them, you do get the feeling that you are part of their circle.

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What If You Have Questions?

They really don’t leave you just hanging in there. If there are some questions during the course, you can just ask it through email or WhatsApp. They mostly answer within 24-hours. And I added the latter because they do live in a different timezone than I.

You can also see that they really take their time to respond as you never just get a simple reply back. During the entire course, I had a couple of questions, and I always got a very extensive answer back!

Which again is showing a lot about their wisdom, but also that you do get the attention you’d normally get with a physical teacher training.

Any Downsides?

Well, yes.

Although the course is really great, there are some limitations of course.

The only thing that is really bothering me, and which actually hasn’t got anything to do with Taryn and Yann, is that you can’t get close to them or your other fellow yogis.

Normally when you go on a teacher training, you become some kind of family. I know I still have contact with some people from mine.

And it’s a bit of a shame that you can’t really form this family bond while doing the course.

They really do their best to create a community and they actually have created a Facebook Group. You can join this group from the moment you enter the course.

It’s just not the same though. But then again, it was my choice to take an online course as the price was lower and I didn’t have the time to travel at all.

Is It Legit?

Short answer: YES it is. And they are even certified by YA to accredit your teacher training as continuing education. This is only until the end of this year though. So if you are really looking for some credentials, it’s best to do this course as soon as you can.

As I mentioned, the yoga classes from Taryn are really amazing and I didn’t have the feeling at all that I was really far away. It almost felt like she was in the room here with me! Except for the fact that I could just pause the video as I kind of had forgotten to go to the bathroom before the practice.


This Yin Yoga Teacher Training is really a great way if you are looking for something to do in your spare time. You’ll gain a lot from it and your teachers are absolutely amazing.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below (about my experience). Or if you think this course will be something for you, you can contact Loka Yoga right here!

And if you’d rather go on a physical Teacher Training, at the moment they are open again. So you can fly to Bali and get all this goodness in person. The price is a little bit higher, but it’s not a lot more than a week-long yoga retreat. So it’s definitely worth it!

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And for now,

Nama-stay wonderful!

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