If you just started out yoga or you’d like to begin a yoga practice, chances are that you are thinking about going on a retreat. You don’t have to be afraid to have this wish for yourself, it’s absolutely good to think and dream about it and there are even some great options for you to go on your first yoga retreat! But before we dive into some great yoga retreats for you, let’s talk a bit about things you shouldn’t have to be worried about.

Help, I’m going on my first Retreat!

If you are looking into going on your first yoga or meditation retreat, or even a teacher training, it might be that you are a bit nervous and you don’t know what to expect. Well, I hope within this article to calm your nerves as there is really nothing to be worried about. It’s just like going on a trip, but then with lots and lots of yoga. I’ve already talked a lot about what to bring to a retreat in this article. And if you’d like to know what to expect and how to behave, I’d suggest you read my article about how to behave on a retreat as well.

If you are still worried, I hope these things will clear the air and make you look forward to going on your first retreat:

#1 Nobody is Perfect!

What I remember from my first retreat is that I thought that everyone was better than me. But to give you a little secret: it’s not because someone can do a perfect handstand that it means that they’ve embodied the yoga philosophy.

I’ve seen many people that were actually doing yoga because it’s very cool and you’ll learn to do many “tricks”. Well, if that’s your choice, that’s fine. Just remember that everyone is there for their own reasons, and they might differ a lot from yours.

We are all on our own path and going at our own pace, one is good in this, the other in that. So, just remember not to focus too hard on what others are doing and focus on the reason why you are at that retreat.

#2 We’ve All Been There!

Believe it or not, but we’ve all been beginners. For some of us it’s more recent than others, but we all know what it feels like. Yoga isn’t a competition and the moment you’ll start doing it, you’ll feel that you’ll become part of the family where everyone is supportive of each other.

Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt as not everyone is in it for relaxation and soul searching, but I haven’t met a lot of those people, to be honest.

#3 We Don’t Like Labels

In general you won’t find people saying that they are a pro in yoga. Well, at least I haven’t encountered anyone saying this. Yogis aren’t that much into labels as they might limit you. This means that we also don’t consider ourselves intermediate, beginner or advanced.

Why do we use them then? We all have our own challenges, and someone who’s new to yoga probably won’t do a lot of inversions. If someone who’s been doing yoga for years wants to work on their inversions, they’re better off in a class for people that aren’t starting out their yoga practice.


Oh no, it’s a label!!!!

Beginner Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreat for Beginners in Transylvania, Romania

Akasha Wellness Retreat (Prices start from US$ 1.228)

to start off, let’s begin with a yoga holiday rather than a yoga retreat. What’s the difference you say? Well, a yoga holiday has yoga but it also is a bit more relaxed. It’s not that focused on things like philosophy. It’s just like a regular vacation, but then with some yoga involved.

Within this yoga holiday, for example, there is a wine tasting involved and some spa treatments. And besides that a lot of free time as well. This retreat would be a good first step to a full-on yoga retreat. It’s a great way to check it out and see if it’s something you’d like.

There are two yoga classes daily, and a third one if you’d really like to get the hang of it. Other than that they offer a great package of extra activities that don’t always have something to do with yoga. Which would make it a great package to tag along with your partner!

yoga retreat for beginners
Picture by Akasha Wellness Retreat

Yoga Retreat for Beginners Lewes, UK

Tilton House (Prices start at US$ 495)
July 3rd – 5th
October 16th – 18th

This one is a shorter retreat, which makes it suitable for people going on their first yoga retreat. It’s only a three-day-long retreat, making it perfect for those embarking on their first yoga adventure.

What I liked the most about this retreat is that they don’t have just an eye on yoga, but they also do meditation and they incorporate Yoga Nidra in there as well. Making it a great long workshop for those getting to know the ins and outs of yoga.

The teachers Lynette and Anna have a lot of experience as well and have taken a lot of courses. This is a very good bonus as you do want someone with a lot of knowledge when you are going into a yoga retreat.

Are you ready?  

yoga retreat for beginners
Picture by Tilton House on BookRetreats.com

Yoga Retreat For Beginners Gran Canaria, Spain

La Tejana (Prices start from US$ 552)
Available All-year-round

This one is for those who’d like to combine some yoga with some touring. You won’t be switching hotels all the time, but within this retreat, there are excursions involved in cities and smaller towns. Which makes it ideal for people who’d like to get off the property during their holidays.

There is a daily yoga session, the time is depending on the excursion. If the trip is in the morning you’ll be doing yoga in the afternoon. If the excursion is during the day, you’ll be doing yoga in the morning. During some days a meal isn’t included so be sure that you think of that when booking this retreat.

Other than that, what more can I say?

yoga retreat for beginners
Picture by La Tejana on BookRetreats.com

Well, that’s all folks! I hope that you’ve found something that might interest you to embark on your yoga adventure. Or for those who’ve already started their practice, to deepen it a little.

Let me know in the comment section below which one is your favourite!

Nama-stay wonderful!

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