Antwerp, Belgium, the country of chocolate, French fries and many other delicatessens! Not just that, but also the country where I was born. And where my whole yoga adventure began as well. In this article, I’d like to share my favorite yoga studios with you where I always loved to get a great yoga class. Not just this, but my preferable yoga studio will be here as well, where I’ve also thaught yoga myself! And on top of that, I’ll also give a couple of amazing tips for vegetarian restaurants where you can grab a bite. As you’ll have to eat anyway ;).

Yoga Studios in Antwerp

Time for Yoga

This is where my story begins. Well, my yoga story, I was already doing meditation from the age of 15. I had a couple of friends who were doing yoga here and it wasn’t that far from my job, so it was easy to go after or before work. It used to be a very small studio where there were only about ten yogis per class. I liked it as I was still going through my anxiety disorder as well, being in a room with more than 10 people wasn’t just possible for me at that time. Although it was getting a lot better already.

After a year with them, I started my yoga teacher training and while I was doing this training, I was able to volunteer with them to get some teaching credits. And when I came back from India, I was teaching regularly at this studio. Even now, whenever I go home to Belgium, I often give workshops there.

But now a bit more about the teachers. Although they have changed a bit, the owner is still the same. I remember Angela being my first yoga teacher. When you first look at her you might think that she’s a bit shy, and in a way she also is. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t aware of what she’s doing. Her knowledge of yoga is immense and you can learn a lot from her if you decide to go to one of her classes.

And then there is Lotje, during that time we were actually just practicing together and we’ve never been to each other classes. But as my fellow student, she was amazing. She was really grounded but at the same time a bit airy as well ;). You could always have a good laugh with her, but very serious as well. It’s a shame that we’ve never been to each other classes, but maybe one day we will!

Antwerp Yoga

This studio is probably one of the oldest studios in Antwerp and therefore also the biggest. It’s been around for as far as I can remember and this is the place where a lot of famous Belgian teachers started their yoga career. They are still growing and at the moment they even have a second location. Although their first location (Frankrijklei) is probably one of their best locations as it is really near the city center.

They also have all the styles of yoga and a handful of yoga teachers, making that they probably have what you are looking for. If you’d like to do some Mysore yoga or Ashtanga yoga, or just a calm and relaxing flow. This is the place to be.

I’m more into smaller studios, but if you are traveling around or if you are just visiting the city, you probably won’t be connecting to people that much. And then the intimacy you get at a smaller studio doesn’t really affect you.


This studio was just starting out when I was still living in Belgium and I’m amazed to see how they’ve grown since then. They’re at an amazing location, Antwerp-South has always been a bit of the hotspot and it still is. Not a lot of tourists know a lot about it, but there are a lot of trendy bars and restaurants to be found there as well. So you can always grab a bite after your yoga class!

What I like about this yoga studio is that they are practicing what they’re preaching. They are all about ecology as well and not just about yoga. I’ve mentioned it in a lot of my articles as well, Ahimsa. Being non-violent towards yourself and others. And what place better to start than at your yoga studio! Your teachers are your role models, and if you look up to them, they should also do the right thing.

Another thing, from the list that I’ve given you right here, they are probably the only website that is putting out their info in English as well. But don’t worry, the other yoga studios are also very proficient in the English language, so you can just send them an e-mail to make sure that you will get the guidance you need.

Vegetarian Restaurants Antwerp


Probably my favorite restaurant of all times in Antwerp! Which is why I begin with this one of course ;). It’s a bit harder to find this one even though it’s in the middle of the city center, right next to the cathedral. They are hiding a bit, which makes it even better! You won’t find a lot of tourists there, but a lot of local vegetarians. And the owners themselves are also very friendly!

The food itself is some amazing Belgian cuisine, re-vamped into a vegetarian dish. It’s a buffet, so you can also choose from all the options that they are having. Be warned though, it’s not an all you can eat buffet. They will way your plate and you’ll have to pay per gram you have served yourself.

In a way, this is a great system to make sure that you aren’t overeating and that you are also not wasting any food. You can easily take smaller portions and go a couple of times, rather than putting a mountain of food on your plate. The restaurant is good for small to average eaters and they will be able to eat quite cheap. However, people who have a big appetite should best go somewhere else. Like the next option!

Falafel Tof

If you are into falafel, this place is really the place to be. They have some amazing Mediterranean falafel and it’s a great choice if you’d like a quick bite. And I’m saying quick bite as they are so busy that they see their clients a bit like a number. Which is too bad, because if they would expand, they could handle more clients and give them the time to eat in a relaxing manner.

Unfortunately, they are so good that people are often waiting in line outside already, making that the staff pushes you a bit when it’s time for you to go. It happened to me a couple of times even. So, if you don’t like that, you can also ask for a falafel wrap to go and sit next to the river and enjoy a lovely view. That way you don’t have to rush to finish your falafel and shove it down your throat.

De Broers van Julienne

This restaurant has a nice pun in its name if you know a bit of Dutch. Translated it says The Brothers of Julia. But I’m not going to explain it, maybe they will when you get there ;).

First of all, you’ve got the location. It’s not really in the city center but more on the outskirts, which is also nice as you won’t find a lot of tourists there. They have a lovely garden and I do recommend going to this place during the summertime for lunch.

Their lunch menu is amazing with some quiches and worldly food. I’ve never had dinner there, but their options are looking amazing as well. And they also have take-out, so if you’ve found yourself a very nice place in Antwerp to sit and eat, you can do that as well!

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