plants for meditationSo I’ve already talked about the great properties that nature has to offer and how it can help you ground yourself, for example. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury to live in an area with a lot of nature or a lot of quiet spaces. Therefore, I wanted to write a piece about bringing nature inside and get some of the healing effects of plants right into your home and meditation space.

Plants have been embedded in our lives for many centuries already and we use them for all kinds of purposes. The bride throws away her bouquet after saying yes to her brand new husband. At funerals, we generally put flowers down as well for the deceased. We give flowers to apologize. And there are many more ways we use plants. And we can actually also use plants to put in our meditation space to benefit our meditation practice.

Before we begin to talk about some plants that are ideal for your meditation space, let’s have a look at what a plant has to offer.

Benefits of Plants for your Meditation Space

#1 Mood Enhancerplants for better mood

Plants influence your mood. This for various kinds of reasons. Some plants or flowers are associated with a certain kind of memory that you had. And considering you normally get flowers from your loved ones (connected mostly to happy emotions), those plants bring back those great memories as well.

This one is for the people living in the big city, plants can give you the feeling as well of being outdoors. We all know how good it is to be outside and get the sun in our face while we’re going for a walk at the beach, at the park, in the woods, etc. Therefore, having some plants at home might help you to imagine yourself being outside, so you don’t have the feeling that you’re stuck in between brick walls.

Not only that, but plants are also not judgemental. They do their thing and they keep on growing while you are running around. You might not even notice it, but having a plant at home might be comfortable as well.

#2 Air Purifier

plants for purifying the air

We all know how the process of the trees and the flowers work on the environment, and how crucial they are as well. If you sometimes have the feeling that you can’t breathe inside your house or apartment (mentally and physically), it might be a good idea to get a plant inside.

They take out the toxic air and purify it into fresh and enjoyable oxygen. Therefore, a plant will give you a nice breather. Especially if you aren’t able to go out that often. This helps as well against some lung and heart diseases related to unpure air at home.

#3 Noise Reducer

Another thing is that plants are making sure that sounds are blocked or reduced. So, if you’ve got a balcony next to a busy street, it might be helpful to put some plants there as well. Not only will they purify the air in your street a little. They’ll also block the noises coming from outside.

plants for better sleepWhen you’re sleeping you might also hear some noises coming from outside, and even though you might be used to the day-to-day sounds, they still affect your sleep. Therefore plants can help to make your room sound-proof-ish and help you stay in your deep sleep until the next morning.

And there are many more things that plants can do for you, but I think within the context of meditation these properties are the best suitable. And it’s also time to move on for what you came for, some plants to make your meditation space even richer!

Plants For Your Meditation Space

lucky bamboo for meditationLucky Bamboo For Prosperity

Traditionally this plant has to be offered to someone to bring you good luck. But of course, it can’t hurt to buy it with the credit card of someone else and then gift it to yourself. It’s just how you look at it ;). Normally three stakes are given as they symbolize happiness, long life and wealth. Therefore, three ways why you can use it for meditation.

Its simplicity and form are also amazing for your meditation space as they are quite elegant, yet not too overpowering. So if you are looking for a more minimalistic kind of look in your space. These are suitable.

And how to take care of a lucky bamboo? Well, that’s easy, they don’t need soil and just a few inches or centimeters of water to be able to grow. You don’t need anything to take care of, it just keeps on growing. Just make sure that you don’t overwater it or use to little water. The roots of this plant need to be under. And the water should be refreshed regularly to make sure it doesn’t grow bacteria in it.

Prayer Plant for Devotion

plants for meditation

I’ve talked a bit about devotion in my piece about the yoga sutras. Devotion in the meaning of surrendering to life and what it brings. Therefore this prayer plant couldn’t be missed within this article. The leaves of the plant bend down a bit, which is a sign of being devoted. And at the same time, it’s a bit bold as well with the stripes on it.

This plant thrives in indirect sunlight and the soil of this plant should be kept moist to make it prosper. It does take a bit more maintenance, but overall it’s still quite an easy plant to have and treat.

Snake Plant for Purification

This plant is great to have in the house as it is known for purifying the air inside your home. This might be a nice treat to have as you might be releasing some negativity that got stuck in your energy field as well. And yes, I’m now talking about purification in more than just cleaning the air.

This plant can grow rapidly, so try to divide it every year if you see that growth is getting out of control. Maintaining it is easy. You water it, and when you see the soil is getting dry, you can water it again. If it’s possible, it would be good to water the plant from the bottom up.

plants for meditation

Bonsai For Wisdom

We all want to be a bit wiser in our lives, don’t we? The Bonsai stand for the ultimate wisdom because of his fragility and way of treatment. This tree isn’t for just anyone as it’s got a manual of its own to take care of. You’ve got to have a lot of patience and wisdom to take care of this little fella. But it’s worth it as well.

Taking care of a bonsai is too hard to explain in just a couple of lines, so try to find a retailer that knows his stuff and gives you a darn good explanation. If not, you always have your friend Google to take care of all your questions.

bonsai for meditation

Orchids for Virility

The orchid has been known for having the power of virility, and for many centuries it has been used in this kind of way as well. Of course, virility can stand for becoming pregnant but you can also give it a deeper orchid for meditationmeaning and transform it into expectations that are coming true. Therefore, this plant might have some great wisdom for you when you are working a lot with intentions in your meditations.

Taking care of an orchid is easier than taking care of a bonsai, however, don’t underestimate this beauty as it can be very tough to take care of it as well. There are many ways to take care of an orchid and this is the way I always do it, and up until now, it has always worked for me.

First of all, the orchid doesn’t like to be in direct sunlight but does like to have some light and warmth. Mostly they come in plastic pots already that are perfect for them, so it’s best to leave them in there. They need water once a week, so I give them a nice little bath. I let the sink fill up with water until the entire pot goes under. Make sure the leaves don’t get wet though. Once a month I also like to add some special fertilizer for orchids, to make sure they have all the nutrients they need.

Because of its royal appearance, the orchid is my favorite and I always have one at home shining. If you don’t have green fingers, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I think taking care of this princess isn’t that hard if you give it the love that it deserves.

Lily for Purity

lily for meditation

The Lily is not only looking like a very beautiful flower, but it’s also standing for purity. So if you’d like to have some clarity within your meditations and living a more pure life. This plant might help you succeed that. Purity, in this case, stands for having clearer thoughts that are not blocked out because of negativity. The flower is beautiful with the only downside that the stems in the flower can be quite a hassle to get out of your clothes.

Lilies aren’t that hard to take care of, if they are outside you just have to make sure that they are protected against frost. This will be no problem when they are kept indoors of course. They need quite some water, so make sure that the soil is nicely moist. To make sure the pollen doesn’t ruin your clothes or floor, you can take out the stems.

Cactus for Protection and Endurance

cacti for meditationThis plant is great for when you are going through some tough times. Its spikes don’t only protect the plant but normally you find them in very dry areas where they manage to survive. Therefore, if it’s rough out there for you, get a cactus in your meditation space to remind you that you will be able to pull through!

Cacti normally aren’t that hard to take care of, they don’t need to be cut or repotted. Just make sure that you give them water once a week when they are flowering (if you’ve got one that flowers of course). In the winter they are not that high maintenance as they also like to hibernate a bit.

Aloe for Healing

And one more spikey plant, the Aloe! Not only is it an easy plant to keep at home as it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The plant also stands for healing. This can be all kinds of healing of course, and more typically in your meditation practice, it will be about emotional and spiritual healing. However, the juice of this plant can also heal wounds. So it can never hurt to keep one or two of these at home.

aloe for meditation

Taking care of aloe is about the same as taking care of cacti. I had a couple of aloes before and I gave them too much water and they started to rot. So be careful with the water and make sure that your pots have holes in them to drain the excess of water.


Those were a couple of plants that are highly suitable for your meditation space. If you still didn’t find the plant that you are looking for, I suggest you walk into the flower shop and go with your intuition. Pick the flower or plant that suits or feels best for you! Most of the time your intuition doesn’t fail you and you will pick out the right plant for you!

That’s it for now, please let me know what plant is your favorite in the comment section down below and I hope to learn more from some other plants as well. Now, I’m going to give my orchid a nice little bath.

Nama-stay wonderful!

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  1. Henderson

    Aleo for healing I for the first time think that the plant will be a part of my life now that I see what it stands for. I have just started learning the art of mediation and I just wanted to know which plants is the best for me to use in this very time when I have plans to heal from a pain I have. Aleo Vera comes to the rescue. Maybe I should get the Lily flower too.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Henderson, it could never hurt to get an aloe at home for whichever reason. They are great plants, and when you have an injury or something, it is great to put the gel they have inside on your wounds!

  2. KingAndrea

    Its should be understood that meditation does not only concern the mind, it can relatively be affected by the environment where you’re practising it, plants are of essential needs as they offer great benefits to your mood and connection with the inner self. It’s nice that you specified each plants and their peculiar attribute, it’s really good to know of them.

  3. Danijel

    Hello Virendra, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard that having plants is a good thing but honestly, I did not know it has such great benefits. The most interesting thing to me is that they block noise from outside, this is the main reason I will get a plant for my balcony.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Danijel, if you’d like to buy a plant for on your balcony to block the noice from outside, make sure that you buy a plant that is tall and dense. One little flower will not block a lot of noice 😉

  4. Conor

    It would be lovely to live in a place in-which you are surround with beautiful scenery, and the appealing smell of flowers.

    I am a strong believer in having plants, not just in a meditation space, but in a place I normally spend most of my time. I find the need to look after something, to take care of it, and to watch it blossom oddly satisfying. Therefore, I would definitely agree with your point of it being a mood enhancer.

    I think your choice of plants, and the images you decided to provide were beautiful, almost making me want to buy all of them.

    What would be your choice of plant in your meditation room? Mine would be the bonsai tree. They are most certainly my favourite. 

    1. Virendra

      Hi Conor, and thank you for your question. My ultimate favorite plant is the orchid and that’s also the one that I have in my meditation space. I’d love to have a bonsai, but I don’t think I have it in me to take care of it properly 🙂

  5. Benson

    Meditation is an essential aspect of human existence because of its importance in our life. I never gave regards to it in the part until I came across a book that stated its importance to humans. Having some of these plants around would be a great idea especially the lily for purity. I will visit the plat shop so I can get some for my compound. Cheers.

    1. Virendra

      Hi Benson, would you like to share which book it was that stated the importance of meditation to humans? I’d love to get my hand on that book!

  6. Anthony Hu

    Thank you for your post. It is a brilliant idea to have some kinds of plants while we are meditating, which certainly enhance the effects of the activities.

    It is apparent that plants benefit mediation in so many ways, as described in your article, such as mood enhancer, air purifier, and noise reducer. My favorite plant is air purifier. I don’t know that snake plant is good for air purification. I am certainly going to purchase some of the plants. Based on your article, this kind of plant is easy to grow. I am so happy since I am not good at maintaining plants.

    It is kind of you sharing this valuable information with us. With plants, my meditation is going to have a little bit of more fun.

    1. Virendra

      Thank you Anthony for your comment! Let us know how your plant is doing!

  7. Wildecoll

    I very much agree with you on the fact that some particular tree have the power to help improve your meditation environment. I’ve been into meditation for quite a while but I don’t have tree in my house but most times, I enjoy the company of my quite garden as it’s always healthy for my need. I believe these trees have spiritual connection to that makes them help in the process of solitude and unification. Nice to read.

  8. JLM2

    Thanks for this interesting article; I really like your writing style.   My favorite is bamboo – so easy to care for and difficult to accidentally kill! I’ve always loved bonsais, but there’s no way I’d try to care for one of those! You are right about the benefit of mood enhancement. This is something I take for granted too often. 

  9. John

    It has been quite a while since I saw you up with some content. This one comes as a very useful tip for me because I have just started my meditation process and even though I have a garden, the plants are not always around me when I meditate. I think I will fish out some in. Do you think it is advisable that I bring in more than one plant?

    1. Virendra

      Hi John, you can decide on how much plants you’d like to have in your space, it’s best of course not to take more than you can handle.

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