I’ve been reviewing the past couple of months a couple of yoga and meditation subscriptions. I’ve already had Asana Rebel and Inner Dimension TV.  So now the time has arrived to tell you a bit more about Gaia TV! This one I actually tried this platform half a year ago already, so things might have changed. Although, as far as I can see, it’s still kind of the same as it used to be.

Is gaia tv worth it?

This is gonna be the question to ask when we are talking about Gaia TV. What I always have in mind are the pros and cons. But on top of that, I also look at pricing. Because you can have little content, but also have a low price. Meaning that it would actually be worth subscribing. But let’s just dive a bit deeper into the whole Gaia TV platform.

The pros of gaia tv

What I’ve always seen as the biggest bonus of Gaia TV was the fact that it’s not just about yoga. It has so much more to offer! It has meditations on it, it has films and it even has series on it. Of course, it’s not just a copy of Netflix. The content you’ll find on here is only to expand and enrichen your being.

Another pro that Gaia TV has, is the fact that they have a couple of the greatest teachers ever! I mean, Rodney Yee is a staple in the world of yoga and if you can’t travel, this way is amazing to have a class with someone you can’t physically be with!

The platform itself is also very easy to work with and for the times that I used it in the past years, it didn’t have any bugs or anything. The app, in the beginning, was a bit laggy and not the best, but they improved that over the years!

The cons of Gaia tv

Of course, whenever there are pros, mostly it means that there are also cons. And I have to be honest that the cons that I have aren’t that objective. So, the things that I didn’t like that much, might be something that works in your favor even! 

What I’m talking about now is the fact that their documentaries are very often controversial. There are a lot of conspiracy theorists on the platform. Making half of the content not watchable for me, as I’m not that much in favor of this kind of video. I was more looking forward to material about gurus and such, or the science behind meditation. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

This brings me further to the next step, which is the fact that the content doesn’t grow that much. I know, they are a niche, but when I was testing the platform, it didn’t show a lot of new video content that I liked when it came down to yoga.

But that said, I think that was most of the negatives that I had with Gaia TV. Let’s just have a quick resume on what my thoughts were exactly.



Of all the platforms that I’ve tested so far, this has been the best price for the quality/content you are getting. It’s 100 USD per year or 11.99 USD per month. This is actually a really decent price as a lot of yoga platforms are priced above 100 dollars yearly. Sometimes they even cost up to 20 dollars per month.


It might seem a bit harsh to give them a 4/5 star rating as I actually mentioned they are quite diverse in content. However, what I feel is lacking here is the fact that they are focusing more now on documentaries rather than yoga. In my case, I’d like to see a better balance here and then they would get a 5-star rating for sure!


You get a wide range of platforms to watch your content on. There’s an app, you can stream, watch it on your laptop and even download it for offline viewing. If I’m not mistaken I think they were also one of the first online platforms as I can remember I used to have an account like 6 years ago already! This of course means that they had a big headstart to get rid of the bugs in the system!

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